‘Talking sky’ /’Talking about my life’: Calling Us… By Name

7th Grade students read Frank O’Hara’s A True Account of Talking to the Sun At Fire Island and then wrote their own lyric/personifictaion poems that showcased their feelings. The Freshman classes looked at Sandra Cisneros’ work, ‘My Name’ from her poetic novel, The House on Mango Street, then created their own ‘name’ poems.

Lesson Note: ‘If we go down into ourselves…we find that we possess exacly what we desire.’-Simone Weil, French philosopher, mystic & political activist.


Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period 1

Pierson S.

I go to grab my wallet to put in my bag
as I open it I look at my assessts
I sit there and stare, I have a $20 bill
‘More the merrier, ‘ I said ready to spend it.

Then, Andrew Jackson said, no that’s it?
You stare and spend, Ive seen you do
better. Better? Oh, yes, I’m wverywhere.
I’m in every $20 you will ever see.

Yes, sure, money talking to me.
Don’t understand me, I was
president you know. Anyway,
That’s not why I’m here.

So then, why? Well, you should
just listen to this one thing;
don’t waste me. ‘As I close
my wallet, I think, was he right?

No, I was talking to money.
Money is spent
And spend I will do.

Hannah A.

I stare at the clock
wishing time would speed up
and first, I hear a gentle whisper
as if it’s looking at me
the clock says, ‘waht do you need?’

I don’t need much, just more
sleep and never ending school to end
but I say ‘hello’
I couldn’t ask a clock for time
perhaps I was still dreaming

‘You’re quite right, I can’t grant time.
I really don’t mean much.
But your whole life revolves around
me. Since the time yoiu were born to
the time you die.

Do you hear it? Time, Time, TIME
There isn’t much of it. Every breath
could be your last and yet you forget.
Is it better to forget? Live in the
moment and watch the sun?

‘I’m sorry’ I say. ‘Should I pay more
attention?’ The clock, so oddly, seems sad
Like it’s scared of it’s fate. ‘I am going
to break. Just like every other clock in
this world. but time won’t wait, will it?’
‘No, I suppose not.’

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period 3

A Fluffy Friendship
Andrew A.

I woke up to the sound of a gentle whisper
‘Wake up,’ it said.
I woke up and walked outside.
Cloud was waiting for me.

‘Come on! Hurry up!’ said cloud.
I finally remembered and walked on a cloud, and I
fell into the soft fluff of the cloud.
‘Ah, cloud, you must be living the life, ‘ I said.
Cloud responded, ‘Are you kidding me? Maybe for
you, but there’s alot more to being a cloud.’
‘What do you mean? You always get to see a great
view and yoiu can relax.’

‘Being a cloud is HARD. yo uhave to wake up
everyday super early depending on the shift my
boss gives me. Also, you are one fat person.’
‘Hey,’ I said.
The cloud chuckled.
‘It’s true.
Not only that, but I block the sun’s heat to
turn a hot day into a nice cool day.’

That is true.” I said.
‘Wait, if being a cloud is hard, then why do you work for it?’
‘Becuase, you’re my friend. I got you when you need
help. Friends are very valuable.’
‘You’re a great friend cloud. Now, let’s go.’

A Dog’s Perspecive on Life
Andrew Z.

I see a dog
His intentness stands out.
He stands so still
and so whole hearted

Focused on helping
bringing joy to the world
‘Dog, why have you gotten yourself into this
Being kind to others has it’s positives
I get food and affection
I feel at home.

And you’re willing to do this
time after time?’
Of course!
It doesn’t hurt to be kind.
And making someone’s day
Is enough to make me happy

I never knew I could learn
so much about life
a dog.

The Elephant
Dalianna N.

Grass and
Clouds as far as the eye can see

Anything can happen
Anything can be
Life is short so be happy

Wise, wise and hopefully
me and the elephant
The elephant and me

Ms. Munoz, 9th Grade
Period 5

Name Poem
Natalia M.

My Dad chose my name
IDK where it comes from
I would keep my name

Name Poem
Hailey V.

Northern England
Shaggy % Aggy & Hay-Hay
They call me this because, they couln’t say my real name
My little siblings call me Shaggy
They usually yell at me by my full name.

Name Poem
Adam G.

It comes from my Mother’s maiden name
They didn’t, my Mom just decided last minute
They say ADAM, fast
Yeah, to hide myself.

Name Poem
Ryan B.

Ryan means ‘King’ in Irish and Celtic culture
It was an option of Farve, Fernando or Ryan
Use my full name and with an angry voice
No it was an option
Fernando or I don’t know.

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period 7

A Conversation with A Large Body of Water
Kinsey W.

‘Hey kid..yeah you.
Not th boy behind you,

‘Look up a the sky
look out at me
at the sand beneath your feet
the air you
‘Ocean,’ i said, ‘You don’t understand…
You are vast and deep and beautiful.’

” I am simple and small’

‘Ah,’ said the Ocean, “you feel alone
You feel
lost and afraid.’
‘maybey,’ I muttered

‘Fear not’ roared the sea,
‘You start simple
you grow, you learn, you change…

Breath in
Breath out
Even I started as 1 drop of water.

So I take a breath
Opened my eyes
and whispered.
‘i am okay.’

a spectacular light to learn on a hand
Sinead O.

as I wallowed in despair
I felt the ring tug at me.
I shook it off and it said to me.

Be original
Different views may paint
you in a different light
you are you
you are spectacular
you embrace this
and you grow into even better
from it.’

I wanted to shove it back
on to my finger
let it rest in despair
as I had
as I had learned to

Instead I insisted ‘you are spectacular
you are amazing
you are perfect in every light.’
Something I could only hope to be.

Jimmy S.

flying birds
flowinig water
tall mountains
talking sky
talking about my life

Ms. Munoz, 9th Grade
Period 8

Name Poem
Jaylin A.

Do people ever call you by a different name?
Everyone calls me ‘Jay’ a shorter version of my name.
It’s used from time to time.

What color is your name?
The color of my name is Burgandy.

What is your name made of?
My name is made of fire.

If you can rename yourself what would it be?
Emma Rose

Name Poem
Kahlid A.

What does your name mean?

Do people ever call you by different names?
Slim Jesus

What color is your name?

If you could rename yourself what would it be?
lil baby

Name Poem
Luis C.

What does your name mean?
According to my family and other poeple, my name means a brave, fierce, strong warrior

Where does your name come from?
My name is from Hispanos/Latinos

What color is your name?
Blue because it’s calm and cool

What is your name made of?
Water because it’s smooth



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.