Talking Objects

In “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath, a mirror speaks up about its experiences. Each student chose an inanimate object that can be found at their own home, then wrote a poem in the persona of this object.

Room 322

Randy C.

I am black and likable
I am lonely in the morning
but in the afternoon I have fun.
On the weekends I stay up all the
way to the midnight. You can connect
me to the TV. You can put DVDs on
me and you can watch me.
Sometimes I get put away for no reason
at all.


Soccer Ball
Giovanni G.

I am a round and bouncy ball I like to get
kicked and hit the walls I come in all kinds
of sizes I come in small to a big bouncy ball
I have not been able to talk and now that I
can this is the story that I have to tell
I once was born and I was a size 1 ball when
I got older I became a size 5 ball and now
people can play with me all day long.

I am a dirty ball because I get used in all
kinds of seasons and weather conditions I get
played in snow, mud, rain, and others but I
like best when I go home clean I
usually am used in the game of
Fifa ‘14 and I am a soccer ball


Adrian V.

I am what helps you everyday to get
a job done. I can help you in tough times,
but make you have fun. I can make
you laugh, make you cry, even tell
you a lullaby.

You always talk to me at night and
always ask me for a light.
You ask me lots of questions
and I mostly respond.


Room 320

Ashley H.

I’m white and fluffy.
I have a green polka-dotted coat.
Every night I have warmth of the people who love me.
I am loved and hated.
I get hit when I’m not comfortable.
I sit on a young girl’s bed all day until she brings
me around.

I can see all around the room.
I see other pillows! I have friends!
A little elephant stares at me all day.
It moves when the girl comes back.
Now I have another friend stacked on me.
Why is it so heavy?


My Couch
Pedro H.

I’m black
I’m so fluffy that I’m gonna die
I wake up
And the first thing I did was

Then I woke up
And I saw the most
Beautiful thing in the world
It was watermelon!
Inside of watermelon!
So I ate it all

Then I saw something else
And it was my amigos
His name was Fluff
Her name was Stuff
And his name was Buff

Then we saw the best thing ever
It was jellymelon!
Inside of puddingmelon!
Then we all
Went to sleep


My Necklace

I am long and shiny.
I have been to four countries.
I have been to lots of adventures
and there is more to come!
When the sun shines on me I start
sparkling like diamonds shining.
I have one special friend who
has been on adventures too. I have so
many memories with her. I have been through
ups and downs with her. I’m part of
this family, I will always be and I
will always know I will be with them.
When there were problems I saw everything
that I never wanted to see. I have
been in the daylight and in the darkness.


Room 314

Soccer Shoes

I am soccer shoes I really like to kick
the ball, the ball says kick me and I say
A-OK, I can run, and I can block, I can
block in the sky
I can fly.


Jose B.

I am round and metallic. I tell this boy
Wake up Wake up Get your lazy bones
moving and shaking.
He looks at me to catch his favorite show.
He counts on me to go to sleep.
He looks at me desperately ’til dinnertime.
I am used all day, every day.


Carlos L.

I am a lamp. A child
bends near me. He is not afraid
of the dark. Day rises and I’m
off and he’s not afraid.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.