Taking on a new Identity

For their sixth virtual poetry lesson, Dubois students explored personas. The word “persona” comes from the Greek word for mask. Actors in ancient Greece wore masks on stage to represent different characters. Some students mentioned superheroes in movies and TV shows that put on masks to hide their true Identities like Batman, Spiderman, or the Deadpool. Persona poetry is like slipping on a costume to become someone else, taking on a new identity.

Together students read the poem “Jaguar,” by Francisco X. Alarcón. In his poem Alarcón takes on the persona of a jaguar, painting a image of a majestic creature who lives in a park. That by hearing the rumbling of the waterfalls / they’re listening to my ancestors’ great roar / that by observing the constellations of the night sky / they’re gazing at the star spots on my fur. In the poem. the jaguar explains how its species is almost extinct, yet still has a deep spiritual connection to nature. By using the voice of a jaguar, Alarcón reveals its mystical beauty, so humans can learn to understand and appreciate this species of cats, and find ways to ensure their survival.

Inspired by Francisco X. Alarcón, students wrote their own persona poems, taking on the identities of various people, places, and objects. Please enjoy this week’s published poems.




Ms. Dydo
8th Grade


By Jayla J.

I give comfort
I smell like peppermint
If I get the chance I’m running away in a sprint
I’m always full
I need to be cleaned
My owner is strange
It always sings
I hate being a pillow
I’m tossed around
Always on the ground
My life as a pillow is annoying
I end up on the floor in the morning
When I signed up for this I wish I got a warning


By Kiazia L.

I am beautiful
I am very big
I’m a sight to see
But people take advantage of me
I’m welcoming I’m loving
But I have a dark side
I’m not bad it the people close to me
I hate their behavior
I love myself though
I’ll always be happy to share my home
I cant keep people safe
But I can give people a home
I’ll always be here, so your never alone



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade



Air Jordan 1’s
By Glenn B.

I’m your favorite pair of shoes right?
Doesn’t seem like I am
Because every time I feel like you’re trying to scuff me on purpose!
And when I’m dirty you don’t clean me you leave stains all on me.
Also when you’re outside you hit every single edge of concrete and that hurts!
But I’m your favorite pair of shoes right ?


By Kamaya B.

I am a character in the movie SHREK. You might recognize me I am everybody’s favorite character. I am funny, I’m in love with a dragon and we have 6 tiring little donkeys . I love being a father and a uncle. I am donkey I can be a bit annoying but I like being that way my best buddy is Shrek and Fiona. I’m tired of all the animals in our business and never leaving the forest. I am donkey who likes to talk and can talk on and on and on and on and sometimes never stop which I guess is another one of my annoying qualities. I am donkey.


By Tanasia L.

I am a minty sweet candy that you can eat
What other people describe me as a nice one
I am not a mistake who other people can trust
Who am I?
What am I doing?
Not a single person picked me up
Why do people don’t see me?
Am I invisible or am I the only one in a bowl?
I hope people will pick me up one day
Not a single kid or any kinds of people came in this store yet I hate being alone in the dark
And any kind person don’t wanna get their feelings hurt
Hopes and Dreams will come true
I’m not the only who’s cool
And that’s come for all of you.


Snow Globe
By Shiala

Imagine being me.
And all these wretched people keep coming and shaking me around
My snows above, its below, and then I’m on the ground
It’s like a mini earthquake and its frightening
They begin to shake me more violently
And then my snow all comes crashing down.
So here I am
In this endless store
Round and round I’m shaken
Stared at like an alien probe
The snow is overwhelming
Defeating every sound
Please, giant human, can you not drop me
And smash me to the ground?



Ms. Dydo
6th Grade



The Ant Bully
By Justin H.

Hi, my name is Lucas Nickle and I am here to tell
You why you shouldn’t bully but it’ll be a little humorous
I was being bullied by a snotty kid that was bigger than me
So I decided to stump on a tiny ant hill like a giant
So when it was bedtime they snuck in my house and put
A potion in my ear…and I turned SMALL they took me to their hill
And almost ate me but a good ant saved me and taught me their ways
That was the only way I could go back home I was a rookie at first
But start getting the hang of it but I forgot I called the exterminator
So we had help from the flies the ants nemesis and they helped us
The ants also turned him small but not as small as me and then…
The flies chased him off they turned me big and took care of the bully.


My Parents
By Jamyla L.

I know my parents want to get rid of me.
I am bored and then get on their nerves if you know how it be..
She is so irritating where can I take her..
She is making my job so hard …
God why did this have to happen to me.
I’m a good person you gave me a duplicate of a clumsy me..
I can’t deal with her because she has too much on my hands …
Things like her would really have me on my strands.


Maya’s Phone
By: Maya R.

Hi I’m Maya’s iPhone
I am an iPhone 7
I have a clear case with flowers on it
For my free time, I love to irritate Maya I disconnect from
the WiFi for no reason I delete apps out of nowhere
I also have been
wanting to TAKE OVER THE INTERNET I will not take over the world
Because I refuse to travel
I want to be the ultimate phone
With all the regular Phones



Ms. Dydo’s
5th Grade



By Luis G.

I come home from school to grade assignments
Then I walk my dogs then back inside
Then lay on the couch to watch some Mandalorian
Then I eat my favorite chocolate
Then continue back to Mando
I sit to wait to see baby Yoda
Then I smile and laugh at how cute he is
Then I make dinner after
I watch some scary thrillers
If I’m in a bad mood ill have some chocolate
Then watch Mandalorian
Then go to bed and wake up for a good morning
Then get ready for remote/person learning
After I’m up and running for a good day
When it’s lunch ill eat my secret stash of treats.


The TV’s POV
By Carissa L.

I go On and OFF everyday.
I feel odd in a type of way.
My screen is here and there.
Lots of people like to stare , as they Turn the channels up and down
With a frown. I am easily replaced Faster as a race.
I can be loud as a parade or
As silent as a mouse, sneaking
In your house while on your very couch.


By: Ema Esperanza R.G.

You continue to
Swallow me
And pollute me with trash,
The more you
Hurt my silky skin
I might be getting a rash.
You swim in me,
And pee in me
Yet you never see the real me.
Open your eyes,
I’m right there
Oh right, you can’t see me,
I’m just too clear.
From plastic to paper
You just throw it in me
All the fun you have,
Yet I can’t be there,
Because I’m stuck in rivers,
Lakes, fountains, and homes,
While you’re out there thinking of
Ways to hurt me with
Your sticks and stones,
Just so I can quiver.
I’m always around you,
Yet you never notice
I’m always here, just to get you focused.

– Sincerely, the misunderstood, Water ♥



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.