Cats jumping on us from out of nowhere, dandelions, bottle caps, and more are some of the things that the speaker in Dean Young’s “Quiet Grass, Green Stone” describes, confessing, “Me who wants to be surprised by everything.” While surprise is the ostensible focus here, the speaker also talks about waiting “for the part of the myth / where everyone turns into a different bird,” deepening our read of the poem to include ancient myths and not merely our more modern day existence of unpredictable domestic cats, cities, and bottle caps. Young’s language is so vivid we examined his employment of imagery to enhance the sensory details in this mysterious poem, concluding with the striking simile, “I’m satisfied with partial explanations / like a fly with one wing, walking.” Wow!

Prepare to be surprised by this week’s student poems on that very feeling.

Ms. Kawa
4th Grade

Mabel G.

What's the thing some people hate?

Surprise! Or jump scares.
I think surprises are great!

Why you ask?

When you get scared your heart
skips a breath.

And I love that feeling! Plus
the only reason people don't like
is because they are scared and

that's OK. I guess.

Sky H.

I have a fear of bugs. When I'm
sitting down, listening to the teacher, I
feel something under my hand when
it settles down onto the table, unnoticed.


Is it a bug???!!! I swing around,
only to find that it is either the table
or a piece of paper.

That caught me by surprise.

Surprise Gift
Sota M.

I wake up on my birthday.
I climb down the ladder and read
some books.
After I finish
I go to the living room
and see a box.
I open it with
my family and it is
my own laptop.
I thank them in joy
and eat breakfast
and then I just play games.

The Skunk
Maggie P.

The skunk is
back. It
will come
for me.
will not
stop until
it surprises you.
It will make
you stink
and say
come after
you and not
stop until
it reaches

My Surprise
Justin S.

I like surprises
but I like it more
with surprising someone

Surprising my brother
makes me feel great
amazing and happy
I love surprising
most people
because some
are rude and don't
like the surprises

The people I
love to surprise the most
are my family

Horatio W.

The End

Ms. Makris
4th Grade

Sascha G.

When I jump I feel surprised.
I get jump scared because I'm not
wide eyed. You jump higher
then the sky. If you just
get surprised. So feel uncomfort-
able feel pride. Do anything
if you are surprised.

Surprise! Where Is Your Hat?
Elodie L.

I hate the way my mom
yells at me to do my

My sister Bree cannot even
solve her math homework.

She takes my hat before
she peeks she hides my 
hat I am shocked.

My hat was gone
now I do not know
what to do.

My sister gives me my
hat and says surprise here's
your hat. I groan and say
that's not funny.

Noah M.

I wake up and get my clothes
on. I check the calendar. It's 
my birthday. I open my door and
balloons fall in my room.
And my door entry is wrapped in
paper. I run down the hall
then confetti cannons get shot
at me. I open my eyes and
I see presents and my family.
They sing happy birthday to

Clark M.

Surprise wake up in the day light
moving moving have a treat nice warm
weather go down stairs then you know
it's my birthday chilling on the floor
in a lot of money going to the 
store buying who knows.

Living a life OK.

Marissa R.

When I went to my grandma's house I walked in
and she surprised me with her confetti launcher.
I was so surprised that when I walked in I slipped
and fell on the floor. My grandma was laughing
so crazy that she flipped and fell too.

Harper W.

It was Christmas
morning. I and my

open our presents. Then
we went somewhere. My parents
never told us.

We went back home. Then
I changed and they

there's something
for me
and Luca so

we opened it at
a place I don't know.
Nothing was in the box. Then

people popped out
and said

Mr. O’Brien
4th Grade

Lincoln A.


ahh what th—

come on don't do that


ahh not now it's
3 am

I see you

OK that's it
I'm stopping this

Layla M.

I was surprised when
I got 40 bucks
for Christmas.

I saved it up
and walked to Target with
my brother
and bought a $130
gaming keyboard.

Now I don't use a bad
Microsoft keyboard.

I was also surprised
when my dad let me
get donuts
or when a show got
filmed at my house.

Did It Shine?
Jada T.

Roses are red violets are blue
I am surprised how about you?

I have a flower I watch it for days
I set up in surprise my flower
did it shine?

Tristan T.

On my birthday this year (Feb 10)
I wanted a card but I also wanted
a Lego. I got surprised and got both.
It was the best day of my

Surprise Poem
Dream W.

Roses are red—violets 
are blue. I surprise myself with
a pool party. Then I played
when the water's so blue.
I just wanted to treat myself
with a party for to welcome
spring break. More my friends
came. Bye.

Ms. Nelson
4th Grade

Grant B.

Surprise you
got those Jordan 11's

		Surprise you got your

Surprise you got
a phone

			Surprise you got
			that bull mastiff

Surprise you got
straights A's

		Surprise I'm lying
		you're actually mad and

Victoria F.

I challenge my brother to a race.
We run across the street.
He trips on the road
I make it to the sidewalk.

“I finally won!” I said out loud.
I turn around, expecting my brother to come as well.
But I get the surprise of my life.

He got run over by a c-c-car!
My mom calls an ambulance.
We go to the hospital.

I hope he survives.
Until I hear the BEEEEEP!
I cry in dismay.

Well brother, I'm at your grave now.
It's been 10 years.
I'm missing on the news.

I miss you...

Jace M.

When it's your
birthday there is so much
surprise because you don't
know what your gift
is going to be
it could be a watch
or a phone
you never know.

Kaleb M.

When I was 9 my dad gave
me a phone. I was so happy
I yelled so loud, I jumped so high.

Confetti, Whoosh, Surprise!
Dylan R.

All eyes are
on me.
Happy birthday!
I know that
everything will be okay
cause I am turning
10 and it is my birthday!

I get my watch, it says...
May 9th and then confetti
on the screen.

“Happy birthday Dylan!”
it repeats. “Well, this is a big
surprise for me!”

The Big Surprise
Hudson R.

On Christmas my big surprise awaits.
This year's Christmas presents will be
a surprise
a big one.
In the 
the big surprise
was a



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.