For our last weeks at Waters, and to welcome the summer, homerooms 302 and 303 wrote poems about what summertime looks and feelings like in their own neighborhoods. Our example poem was about the opposite, “Frost” by Valerie Bloom, where she describes the snow with vivid imagery and figurative language.


by Kylie B.

I wake up, sun shines through like happiness.
She has kids playing, birds chirping, dogs running.
She has flowers blooming like colorful candy.
She has a pool as fresh as the ocean.
At night, she has no sun, no kids playing,
No birds chirping,
No dogs running,
No flowers blooming.


Signs of Arrival
by Sara B.

First a beautiful purple flower sprouts
“O, O,” it’s here, it’s here!
Before I know it everything is green
Green trees and very green grass
Almost popping out like using colors to help one another

Everyone happy, excited
Not everyone’s happy about the weather
The urge to put up your pool
Makes it feel impossible to even put it up
But you know that it makes kids happy
You put it up
Then the pool is filled with playful children
Waves splashing, kids living their life in the 95 degree weather

You get out of the pool
And go into the house
You go in your bed
Then fall asleep
You wake up
You see everything disappeared
“That happened fast,” you say
Where did the flower go?


Forest in a City
by Aadit D.

The trees are like nature’s umbrella.
Streets are just flat train tracks.
The grass like brand new rugs.
Buildings like mountains
And the people are just like wild animals,
Playing and talking with everything.


by Alice F.

My neighborhood has many things. Like slabs
of concrete sidewalk that go besides the roads
for miles like a winding river of silver paint.
It has many alleyways that cross through
houses like shortcuts through worlds.
We have dumpsters placed through the alleys
like storage bins filled with forgotten things.


by Georgia N.

The trees in my neighborhood look like green spikes.
The sidewalks look like roads to happiness.
The people look like ants.
The dogs look like amazing creatures.
The carrots look like little orange spots.


by Joaquin N.

The green grass is shimmering like
a beautiful plump diamond.
Right above are some lilies that are
as purple as stars.
Standing near is a giant oak tree with its
branches swaying like someone is doing the
Finally a cat as black as the sky sits
on top.


Summer in the neighborhood
by Colette R.

Growing flowers in the garden
The sun beaming bright
Sweat dripping down our neighbors’ foreheads
Young kids doing lemonade stands
Which tastes either like plain lemon juice
or just sugar water
Grass growing green and straight

Small businesses with kind owners
Grabbing an ice cream from an ice cream cart
Having a picnic in the park
As hot as if you were standing on the sun
Attractive flowers that draw you in by their color
Playing on the playground nearby like we are 5 again


by Lucy R.

My neighborhood has tall trees
towering over everything else

My neighborhood has pools
cold like Antartica

My neighborhood has apartments
tall like a giraffe

My neighborhood has dogs
soft like a blanket

My neighborhood has sunshine
a blanket that wraps me in warmth



by Sofia B.

I go out for a walk
Parents talk
Kids yelling
A typical summer day
Walking around seeing buildings getting
built as tall as skyscrapers
knowing it will be the tallest in the

Walking around
Seeing trees sway from side to side
like the middle of a grandfather clock
They have shade that can create
a black hole
Sitting there and feeling like I’m falling
into it
I’m glad it’s summer
I can enjoy my days, happy as I can be


by Ainsley D.

It’s almost impossible to not notice the difference
the warm glow you feel on your arm,
the cotton that’s as fluffy as the clouds above you,
everything changes

the flowers that look like confetti
the sky that’s like the ocean’s rolling waves
the trees’ leaves that are like maps to new worlds
everything resets
just like last year,
and the year before.


by Harper D.

like they are putting on jewelry

like the world is dancing

like a warm blanket on my skin

like tears flowing down my face

like a 3 month celebration of freedom

like paradise


So Divine
by Pareezeh D.

The flowers so beautiful and divine of smell I
may fall into deep sleep.

The fresh air and sky scented with the pretty
flower’s perfume drift me into a dream.

The homes so clean in appearance I want to
go back and clean my own as I dream…

Rabbits hopping and playing in the grass
and beautiful flowers that lay upon us.

Making me want to hop and lay in the
grass with them for what we have left for


The Sun
by Lucy F.

The summer is filled with
sun that warms my skin
and the sun that kids play in.
The sun brings flowers to bloom.
And the water turns a bright blue.

The trees are filled with leaves
like emeralds,
they shimmer like stars in the
bright yellow sun.

The sun brings life and energy back
from the cold winters in the past.


by Zoe M.

Swaying trees
Swimming kids
Buzzing bees and boring twigs
The sun as bright as a lightbulb
The school work going from lots to none
Seeing friends 1000’s of times
Sulking about when it goes goodbye


My summer
by Addison O.

The grass
The trees
The sky
The sun
The grass, as bright as a lightbulb
colorful, green, and tall
The grass
The trees
The sky
The sun
The trees, as tall as the buildings in Chicago
beautiful, green, and tall
The grass
The trees
The sky
The sun
The sky, as blue as the ocean
blue, clear, and pretty
The grass
The trees
The sky
The sun
The sun, as hot as an oven
bright, yellow, and pretty
The grass
The trees
The sky
The sun
And, my summer


by Maxwell S.

The grass green like the trees
above painted against the wavy blue
sky and the bright lightbulb we
call sun it’s quiet where we
are no one in sight I like it
that way.


by Emin V.

  1. Suspiciously snow-like seeds of
    the cottonwood tree
    These annoyingly over-abundant little seeds
    soft as cotton and white as snow are to
    be expected in my neighborhood over summer.
  2. Likable leaves
    Naturally, the resurrection of these
    once-dead is to happen over the summer.
    An expected, but welcome readdition of flora.
  3. Insufferable insects
    Harbingers of great annoyment. I will say
    no more.
  4. Loud Lawnmowers
    These are also great harbingers of annoyment.
    Prepare to hear their continuous droning.
  5. Sunny days
    Gorgeous, yet they drench the
    whole land with blasts of heat.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.