Students answer the question, “If life is a game, are we wining or losing?”

If life is a game, are we winning or losing? Read some of the student’s response to the prompt below.

Jesus B.

Life is like a game.
Are we winning when we have more people
in jail
than any other country in the world?
When we run prisons
that make money off of people
who need help not
A system that makes you
loose even when you want to
do the best you can?
And the board? Why do you
even need that when someone
or something is right behind you
controlling your life? Your every step
is controlled and watched
because in someone’s eyes you
are not a person.
You are a series
of numbers.

Lisa A.

Everyone will tell you that life is a game.
You either succeed or lose the will to continue.
Winning, losing – it’s up to you
but is that really accurate?
What does it matter who wins or loses
if we all end up dead anyways?
Life is a game and you are the board, right?
What if life is the board and you are the game.
So what are the challenges?
You grow up in a neighborhood where there’s
a dealer on every corner and people
still continue to preach that drugs aren’t
the answer.
So tell me how am I suppose to
win if the board is set up for you
to lose.

Braulio Cruz

Life is a game.
These kids is not what they claim.
They claim that all this shit is true.
But really they bluffin’
they don’t got a clue
what they saying
or the game they playing.

Life is a game
and I play to win.
Many will do anything to win.
Others not so much because that kind of stuff
is considered sin.

Life is a game
but it is the type where you can cheat.
There have been people that have cheated death
but still never won.
Because death always comes back for what is left.

Even though we all play differently
rough or diligently
we all end up dead.
And do you think anyone will remember anything you said?
That’s why we play.
To see the outcome.
And once you have that
you decide
whether you’ve lost or won.
And in case you’re one of those people
who like to stare death in the face
because you believe everybody ends up
in the same place

you’re losing.

Because once you don’t give a damn
about anything in this world
you lose.
So be careful of the choices
you’re choosing.

Elizabeth C.

Sometimes I see life.
The glow that captivates your beauty.
The twinkle in your eyes.
Your laugh that makes anyone smile.
You are life.
My life.
You keep me going.
Then the spark started to disappear
like a ghost fading in and out.
As though you are not here.
But your body is in my arms.
The bright orbs went dark.
The crinkles by your eyes don’t show.
You let others walk all over you.
You don’t care.
At least not anymore.
But darling think just for a second.
When you were yourself.
You did not lose our game.
You are lost within it.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.