Stop Saying Beautiful (pt. 2)

Also for this workshop I made a rule that they can’t write about people they know as being ugly. I find that it’s too easy for them to just talk about someone they don’t like in their class. They were then able to write more about Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. They had a lot of opinions.

Mrs. Asvos
7th Grade, 6th Period

Andrew G.

Bulldogs have smushed face.
Big noses, it’s a disgrace.
Or is it? Bulldogs are dogs
with primary missions,
protect their land and that isn’t
a decision. So thank a
bulldog for the fight,
but don’t feel its bite.


Death is beautiful
some may cry
because someone died
I still think it’s beautiful.

Death can suck
it can punch you in the gut
but with any luck
you will make it through

so elegant
so gentle
so strong
so tough
I still think death is beautiful.

Darlene B.

Caught by the tail in a trap
A disgusting rat.
It looks like it has tears in its eyes
Sighing softly with no where to go
Its eyes are big and wide
It’s looking at me as if it’s saying
“Am I going to be trapped here and die?”
I look at it and let out a sigh
What if I was trapped
I took out its tail from the trap
I let the rat free
The same way as if it were me.

Mrs. Asvos
7th Grade, 7th Period

“Gramma’s Christmas Sweaters”
Danilo V.

You don’t return ugly Christmas sweaters.
That would hurt your Gramma’s feelings.

When you get ’em, you wear ’em.
And the next day, they are found
outside, in the snow.
“The dog did it,” “My friends were jealous.”

But why do your Grammas make ’em?
Don’t they know you’ll hate ’em?
No, because they made them,
and they’re proud.
To them, it’s beautiful,
Cheaper, too.

Maybe they’re practicing.
Just wait one more year,
Because next year, the
sweaters will look like
the ones in stores.

Victor C.

Suicide is ugly
It’s cold and selfish
Taking yourself
away from people who love you.
Unless the pain is no longer bearable
and you have less than a week
then maybe just maybe it’s not so bad.

by Matthew Cho

Blood. It’s something that is in you. You need it. If you lose it then you can die. It travels. All around you. It uses your body as a bottle. If you punch a hole in it you lose it. Blood is red. Red as a rose or a ruby but can turn black and lifeless. Blood is like your heart it is clean at first but can turn lifeless if you lose it.

Mrs. Asvos
7th Grade, 8th Period

Kashif C.

Bunnies are super duper ugly,
not to mention very fugly.
Bunnies are useless and eat your crops,
and plants and ants, and don’t wear tops.
They’re butt naked – naked to the butt.
If you put your hand near one, you get cut.
Why do girls think that they’re cute?
If one was in my house, I’d give it the boot.
By that I mean beating it on the head with a boot.
The boot would cause it to be dead.
Like you’d kill a spider, if you saw one in your house.
I’d kill a bunny, or a lizard, or a puppy, or a mouse.
This poem is done.

(Kashif ends all of his poems with “This poem is done”.)

Bipin G.

Slimy Small Jumpy
Their graceful jumps
override any ugliness seen

Michael K.

I am walking down the street
And a woman and her pug cross by me.
I look down at the pug, he looks at
me. I sit down and cry because my
eyes can’t take it.

I’m invited to a party at this house
I go with a present expecting, I walk
in and see the pug. I start feeling
queasy. It’s time for cake, oh no, one
of the flames from the candles is
loose. The house is on fire. I faint.

I wake up alive and the family
tells me that the pug saved everyone
and died trying. I start crying but
not because my eyes can’t take it
but of sadness. I will cherish and
love that dog forever.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.