Stanza as Stories

Week 6 at Dever required some lesson plan pivoting.  Ms. Sherfinski and Ms. Carteno’s classes each had slightly different lessons. Ms. Carteno’s class got the chance to learn Stanza for the first time and Ms. Sherfinski’s class got a review day, giving the students a chance to use the new poetic devices intentionally and creatively. The pieces featured this week each center a memory and use stanza to take the reader into a moment with the poet.

Ms. Sherfinski’s Class

The Picnic 

Ella G.

Water crashing against the shore

viewing the birds rocking in the water

the view of Lake Michigan is a breath taking view.


I touch trees that I climbed, hiding

so Gabby won’t find me

I run all the way down where the waves crash against the shore

where Gabby found me


we ate pretzels strawberries and more

we laughed so much all I hear is was laughter, I smelled a big giant




Maleki J.

I see the person who made me

and always makes sure I’m full

beans and red rice with some pork chops too.


My aunts are always with me

on adventures all the time

with me to find some bones


My tio isn’t around often

but when he is, he stays.

Homemade fried oreos he makes us

while playing a lot of video games.

Ms. Carteno’s Class (#10)

Hide and Seek

Valeria H.

It was a normal summer day,

we were in a house,


decided to play hide and seek,

Nessa, Iriani and I were hiding,

all cramps in a closet,

nothing but darkness,

the silence filling

the room.

heart beating very fast


“Deleted User”

Vivian C.


I remember those days those days where I would spend hours on

Discord talking to you

I get excited when I hear those chimes

those chimes of notifications

messages waiting to be read



I remember those times where we would play

two truths and a lie

the time when you showed me your art

the time you would vent to me online and talk about life



week after week youre never on again

I never heard from you for a while now

seems you left for a fresh start

I know you’re gone when I see

“Deleted user”

Ms. Carteno’s Class (#09)

Retro Phone

By. Kevin S.

My wide receiver goes deep

I hear the crowd roaring

and my phone starts burning up


My tight end doing a corner route

brakes a MLB’s tackle goes for 20

defense makes a pick and goes for 15

The team is going crazy


The Box 

Joel V.

I hold the box

that stands before me

moving it around

to see where it opens


It opens revealing him

pulling him out I can see

his big flat nose

and his lumpy head

as well as his rotten flesh

and leather shorts


I hug him with a smile

my zombie pitman plush

has come



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.