Springing into Action

The two elements we examined most closely for this week’s poem were imagery and line length. William Carlos Williams’ “Spring Storm” is intensely focused on its title event. I asked if we removed “spring” or “storm”—or if it was untitled—would it affect how we read the poem? Since imagery relies on all five senses, we also thought about how effectively each was utilized, as well as how Williams’ compact lines bring attention to the poem’s language while also narrowing its single stanza, making it flow downward like the rain that, the speaker says, “all day long . . . falls and falls.” Being Chicagoans, the scenario it describes seems very familiar, but the students also agreed that its lack of specificity makes the poem more universal, and thus, more relatable to a greater number of people.

In honor of the vernal equinox, Skinner poets wrote about spring, with an emphasis on imagery.

Ms. Kawa, 4th Grade

Spring Nothing
Lucia G.

In Spring
things come alive
flowers bloom
trees take back their leaves
new lives come into the world

When it rains
the water drips
off the trees
the buildings
hanging from the buildings
are the remains of winter

And I sit
watching down, down, down
my mind is open
and ready

Spring Colors
Jackson M.

for the sapling
in the soil

for the seeds
we grow

for the water
we use to grow plants

for the sun
that feeds the plants

for the love
we give the growing
miniature children.

Springy Feelings
Noah R.

I anticipated the warm weather
but I seldom see the signs of spring
snow to slush and green is grass
and rain drizzling, slowly falling

little specks of dirt and dust
stuck within the snow.
Mud piles up the sewer
and wet, damp and moist is the normal.

But then sun peeks out just a tiny bit
so I can see the people,
walking, jogging, running
enjoying the atmosphere.

Suddenly I have the thought
once I didn’t think I had,
spring is here,
and I’m already out the door.

Aidan S.

The open window,
wind comes through
the breeze in
the house

The open flower
feel the petals
like the floor opening
under you.

The open heart
the love of family,
loved ones.

The open everything
open flowers,
open windows,
open hearts,
open everything.

Ms. Nelson, 4th Grade

Springtime Sweetness
Grace A.

Flower saplings getting
watered by the sweet
fresh rain the grass
just barely breaking through
the snow revealing a bright
green masterpiece newborn
deer stumbling around
birds singing their sweet
song of joy

Ryan P.

Rainy days and cloudy skies
Flowers all around

Baskets filled
With chocolates
And sweets

Wacky Weather
Evieca S.

maybe it will be raining
who knows?
Nature controls
man that studies weather knows
do you know?
Is it a
yes or no?
Rain can
drip and
and drip.
Some days it
may snow.
Only mother nature knows.
She is nature.
Someplace it will
be hot just like
Summer or cold like Winter.

Francesca W.

Oh spring is here!
Could that be a flower?
The fresh green grass on my toes.

Oh something fluffy?
Well what could this be?
Oh my it’s a wonderful dandelion!

Okay now I’ll blow!
Because there is no snow!
Oh will my wish come true?

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Maxim F.

The flowers are blooming
the trees will grow leaves
the snow will melt, and the
plants will start growing.
This is spring and there is more
yet to come.

Spring the Season
Garvit K.

Spring is the season of blossom
rain trickles down
sometimes it snows
sometimes it is sunny

We love spring
baseball starts
basketball ends

It might snow
maybe rain
you never know

Winter wakes up
the smell of flowers

Spring can be happy
it can be sad
but it is rarely sad
so buckle up
spring is here!

Spring Weather
Riddhi S.

I wake up it’s quite cold outside

I feel like I’m forgetting something

Then it hits me. It’s finally here!

When I go outside I feel

The warmth on my face


I go out on the yard

There’s still some snow then

I remember maybe I’m not

Ready to let go of winter.

Spring Feeling
Lamont T.

I feel I get a little warmness
it’s spring I hear little kids
play out for hours my friends
are gone for a whole week
it looks like it’s spring break
my mom takes a break from
online college she chills all

Ms. Lyons, 4th Grade

Thano H.

Spring. The birds chirp and play. The trees
rustle in the wind.

The water crashing on the Florida beach.
The mild weather and breeze passes through you.

The silence and the sip of a nice drink.

Spring. The flowers bloom the trees
become green.

The kids at the park playing in the

Jordan M.

It is the spring time and we
go and have fun because it is the
spring time and we’re close with
my friends because it is spring
time time time time and I go
with my friends and I go and
have fun because it is
spring tiiiimmmmeeeeeeeee!

Chicago Spring
Eloise P.

I live in Chicago and the weather
is cold.
But spring is the beginning of
the warmth.
Spring is the beginning of the
hope of sweet fruit.
Spring is the end of coats
and the freezing weather.
Spring starts the beautiful
Spring is the beginning of a
girls birthday list (my list).
Spring is the start of the
chirping birds.
But my favorite season is

Winter Animals
Amber T.

In Antarctica it is so cold
rainstorms ice pandas penguins.

Ms. Makris, 4th Grade

The Swift Change
Aaliyah A.

The warmth hits my face
like a deep exhale.

The flowers smell like an expensive

I can finally leave my
windows wide like a yawning

The rain falls like I’m
taking a shower.

Spring blooms like a new

Taha K.

It has sprung,
the blossoms breaking their leaves.

Falling leaves,
like rain and snow.

A tree getting blossoms,
bursting into fireworks.

Waterlilies in Spring
Athena M.

Oh, how I
am an
endless object
in spring.

Oh, how
the season
of spring!

I am
floating away
on my
little pad
as I smell
the sweet, crisp
air of

hopped off
my little
to play
in the
and flower
with my
flower friends.

My Flowers
Ella R.

My flowers
sweet and nice
some smell like ice
some filled with color
some with all white.
They’re all pretty.
Good enough to write
about something amazing
during this rainy night.

A Fun in the Day
Ayushman S.

Welcome to the fun
I’m in spring
They are playing
The flowers are growing
It’s coming for the sun
Grass is coming
Nothing is freezing
Let’s play

Janiyah S.

Spring is my delight
I love you spring
even when it’s raining
and especially
when it’s sunny.

Spring Flowers
Starr W.

I see the flowers blooming
The pollen swirling up my nose
All the different colors I see
All the bees going on the flowers
All the people wearing short sleeve shirts
Everybody outside hanging out with their friends
It’s just me I have no friends
Goodbye goodbye goodbye



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.