Speak Up

For their third week of poetry, Twain 6th graders learned the importance of speaking up. We discussed how using our voices can help us communicate our feelings, thoughts, and opinions with others. Which is very empowering.

Together we read Janet S. Wong’s two voice poem “Speak Up.” Two voice poems are poems that sound like dialogue between two people, that express contrasting views. In her poem Wong creates dialogue between two students. One student is Asian and the other is white. There are misconceptions from the white student who believes that since the other student has family from Korea that they aren’t truly American. The Korean student tries to defend their cultural identity and makes the other student question their own family origins. At the end of this conversation, they both come to understand that despite their different races, they both shared something in common, they were both born in America.

Inspired by Janet S. Wong 6th graders wrote two voice poems with interesting conversations between people, animals, and objects.


Mr. Burford’s 6th grade
Group 1


The Book Cover
By David A. 

I want to be like Finn Wolfhard! I bet he is living
the life right now!                                                                                     You shouldn’t really be saying that.

Why? He is literally rich and famous so
I bet he is so happy!

                                          Just because someone is famous and wealthy,
                                                                                                            doesn’t mean they are happy.

Every rich and famous person must
be happy. I don’t know what you are
talking about.

                                        Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

No? Why?

                       It means to not assume someone just because of their looks and how they act.

Oh. I will still think that celebrities will
Always be happy! Just because


Sun and Moon
By Nadira G.

I make the day                                                            I make the night

I’m heat and light                                                     I’m cold and only exist overnight
I’m a star                                                                    Earth’s Satellite

Earth turns towards me                                         I’m only bright when I reflect
Night fades away                                                    your distant light

I light the day                                                           I charm the night



Don’t Speak
By: Stephany G.


What’s up my n- Stop.                                                                                 Don’t say that

Why?                                                                                                        It’s bad and it can hurt someone.

Oh I’m sorry but why is bad?

                              It can hurt someone and just because their black doesn’t mean that they will                                     like it.

Okay, well I’m sorry, can I still say it?

                                                                   No, you can’t because since you white, people will say that                                                                      you’re racist.

Well, I won’t say the word again.

                                                                                      Can I ask you a question?

Sure.                                                                            Where did you learn the word?

From an app called Tik Tok 

they say that if you say 

it people will think that you are cool.

                                                            Oh, okay well I think that you shouldn’t say the thing that you                                                                   see on the internet because it is not cool.

Oh well thank you for telling me that they n-word
is bad. I won’t use it again.

Let it Out
Lelani T.

Hey, how have you been since the last time I saw you?             
I am doing better but there is this thing that has been on my mind.

What is that thing on your mind but have you been taking your pills?
I have been taking my pills, but I feel so stressed-out school and everything is on me.

Why do you feel that way and what do you think it could be?

Well first it is school, with the homework and my little sister and brother depending on me everything, i feel unhappy in the house with my parents always arguing. It’s too much and I should not be hearing, I don’t know what the whole point of them being together if they keep arguing.

Everything is so mess up at this time and the only people that i count to make me happy and that makes be alive and not kill myself is my two aunts and my siblings, If I was gone my siblings would be at home and would think it was their faults which it is not, I have to put on a smile just for them to thin everything is okay so they don’t worry.

Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Yea there’s more, I feel like my mom wants me to be perfect because if I miss one assignment she gets all mad then tells me if I don’t do it then I will be grounded and my grades have to be A’s and B’s but she sometimes let me get away with a c but if I don’t have A’s and A’s then I have punished.

I don’t need to be perfect, I just need to be me and my parents don’t see their stuck in their world back in the day and I have to be like them. I am just a child but they don’t get it because they never want to hear me say anything.

I am sorry you feel that way, but your parents need to understand that you feel that.




Mr. Burford’s 6th grade
Group 2


When Is Work
By Ahmed A.

When is work?                                                                                   I don’t know

What do you mean
you always know what time work is.                                            Well I don’t know

Stop playing one of your jokes and tell me
we are going to be late!                                                               I don’t know when the Krusty Krab opens.

Well we are going to be late                                                 We can’t be late Mr. Krabs is going to be mad!!

Stop yelling!

                                                                                                          Hurry, let’s run to work now!

                                                                                                           We are here!


                                               We are one hour early





Mean Girls
By Ella S.

Look at her dress hehe                                                                    stop don’t be mean

I am just saying the truth                                                                be a buddy not a bully

You cant lie her outfit don’t match hehe                                     she looks like a highlighter

SEE I told you she look like a box                                                stop hehe we are being mean

..its ok                                                                                                 I guess..

OMG Her HEAD                                                                              STOP

YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE                                                                JUST A LITTLE.

AW SHE LEFT                                                                                GOOD.. I feel kinda bad

Me too… oh well                                                                            oh well! Let’s go play games



Pens vs Pencils
by Jocelyn U.

I can erase my mistakes.
Mines permanent
I could have cool wrappers
I Can have many different colors
You can do cursive in pen
Well you can do the same with pencil
mine is prettier
But I can always redo it if I mess up
There is multiple ways you can write with both pencil and pen
You can probably prove that but I can draw
ok but you can’t shade
WELL mine is still BETTER EVEN if I can’t do ALL that STUFF
I think mine is cooler
ok fine



Mr. Barr’s 6th grade
Group 1



Look at Yourself
Mia R.

You know you’re ugly why to try making yourself pretty?

                           Why are you being so mean I just wanna look good.

Because you need to realize how ugly you are.

                                       Leave me alone please let me feel pretty!!

Never… Your face is ugly, your teeth are messed up, and you are fat.

                                                 I know, I’m ugly stop trying to remind me I just wanna
live my life finally trying to be pretty.

I will never let you be.

                                                                Yes, you are.



Dancing, Cheer, Gymnastics are sports
By Nikola T.


Person 1                                                                                                           Person 2


Dancing, cheerleading, Gymnastics are not

                                                                                                     Yes, they are sports.

No because they are so easy, all you do  jump around an do nothing

                                        That is not true, These sports are very risky and people have to be fit and                                             and flexible. It takes very hard work to get into these sports.

Still they aren’t even that risky, in soccer, basketball and more you get an injury.

                         In dancing, cheerleading, and can break a leg or get an injury.                                                                                                     Gymnastics you can also break a leg and get an injury.

So? It’s their fault for falling from
jumping up and down.

                                  It’s not their fault. They have to leap and do flips every time.

If they are that dramatic then why
Then why are they still doing
Gymnastics, Dance or Cheerleading?

                      First of all they are not dramatic and Second of all they are doing this                                                                             because it’s their passion.

That’s just dumb

                       It‘s not because let’s say you do basketball and someone might ask why do you                                                          do basketball.

Because I want to and I’m good at it.  It’s like part of me


See What?

You want to do Basketball because you want to So same with Gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. They do it  because they want to It’s like a part of them


Gymnasts use both their arms and legs, putting them at a risk for injury to almost any joint in  the body. Some gymnastic injuries such as such as Bruises and scrapes, are inevitable                   Cheerleading, the repetitive tumbling routines place a great deal of pressure on the spine and    can result in stress fractures. Dance, dancing for too long or overuse too often can lead to a wide range of overuse injuries Shin splints and stress fractures in the feet are common dance-related overuse injuries.





Rock and Scissors
Miguel V.


How do you beat me                                                                                      Because I’m the best

No you’re not, you lose to paper and
I beat paper                                                                                                     but how a rock can rip paper

wait you do have a point                                                                               see

But still how can you beat me                                                                    If a rock continues to beat scissors the                                                                                                                                 scissors will break.

No, it doesn’t                                                                                                Yes it does

You still lose to paper                                                                                 bro stop with that

Nope I will never stop                                                                                I’m still the best

In your dreams                                                                                            You wish




Mr. Barr’s 6th grade
Group 2



Where’s your work?
By Elisa B.

Here is the math assignment.                            Where is the work for it?

I wrote it there.                                                     No, you just wrote the answers. How did you get those answers?

But I wrote the problem there
and I solved it. It’s there.                                    Look, you just wrote a bunch of numbers on each problem.

That is the work that is shown.                         But you weren’t supposed to write it your own way
This is my own way to solve it.                          You had to write the way we did it in class.

But you didn’t say that yesterday!                     I did. I’m sorry but I can’t take this.
                                                                                  I need proof that you did the work like we did in class.

But I did do the work.                                          Go. I am not taking it.
Why. I did what I had to do.

Nope, I am setting it down here!




I Still Love Her
Madison C. 


Are you guys friends?

                                                                                                No, we’re sisters.

Oh.                                                                                         Yea! My parents adopted her when I was 2!

I can tell…

Excuse me?

Oh nothing it’s just you guys don’t look
Like sisters. I don’t see any similarities.

Maybe because your looking on the Outside and not inside… 

                                                      Just because she is a different color than me doesn’t mean                                                                        anything!  I still love her.
Well, how about we get your parents,
Did this girl hurt you?                                                              I already said… she is my sister! And no, she                                                                                                     didn’t hurt me!
Well, where are your parents?         
                                                                  You know what ma’am I am going to leave. Have a                                                                                          nice day. Don’t talk to me again. If you can’t fix                                                                                                 your attitude, then at least fix your heart.

Well little girl, just know I wasn’t trying to be rude 🙂




Who is the Favorite?
By: Jaylanie F.

(dog)                                                                                                  (cat)

I’m the favorite.

                                                                                                    No you’re not.

I am because I get the most treats.

                                                                                          Just because you get more treats don’t
                                                                                          mean anything because I get more toys than you.
That’s a lie.
                                                                            You’re just saying that because you’re mad.
No, I am saying that because I get more
stuff than you. I even have a bed and you don’t.
All you do is sleep in boxes.

                                                                           I think boxes are more comfortable. I have a tower that                                                                                              is bigger than your bed.

I’m the favorite because I go on more walks
And I play outside more.

Well guess what… I get more belly rubs.


Well guess what…
I don’t care. 

Wait, do you hear that?

Yea I think our owner is home.

No, I’m talking about the chirps.

Oh yea I hear it.

                                                                                              Let’s see who is the favorite right now.



(The owner comes in with a box and a lot of bags and opens the box. The cat and dog see a bird come out of the box. The dog and cat got mad and went to their bed.).




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.