Sound + Sun = Fun!

“Does the sun make noise?” was the first question I asked this week, after reading George Bradley‘s “The Sound of the Sun.” While a majority of students answered no, some were quick to say yes. “What would it sound like, then?” I asked, which led to how Bradley describes such sound(s) in his poem. For each classroom, the conversation flowed and shifted, depending on what aspects of the poem were most intriguing, but eventually I brought it around to another specific question: what letter sound is repeated throughout the poem, appearing in every line, and why? Once the letter “S” was identified, I re-read part of the poem, accenting all the “S” sounds, and asked for some reasons why Bradley might have chosen that particular letter to repeat? I defined this as sibilance, adding another word to our growing poetry vocabulary.

The prompt this time was to write a poem about sound. Check these out!

Ms. Carlson
Room 316

The Sounds of Music
Payton B.

Verses, Chorus, Choir
La la la la la
Do, Re, Mi, Fa
So, La, Ti, Do
Singing High
Singing low
Bach, Beethoven, Beatles, Bon Jovi

Sound of the Night
Alexander E.

While in the country,
on a quiet night,
you’ll hear this sound
a new, yet familiar one.
You’ll hear a hum
a few cricket chirps.
The quiet makes a noise in your mind.
You’ll go crazy deciphering it
for it cannot be deciphered.
It is a chirp, a hum, and
is silent.

The Sound of Summer
Ian F.

The sound of summer is hot,
It burns, it heats
It brings people to the hot beach.
Houses have their

Air-conditioning on. People are hoping
For some rain or snow. Happy
Children are off, having fun in the
Sun. And relaxing at home.

It sounds like air-conditioning,
Kids screaming, people splashing
On the beach, and sometimes
Nothing at all. This is the sound

Of summer.

The Sound of the House
Kennedy F.

The water drips through the faucet.
It drops on the
sink. The clock strikes 12 with a
loud Gong! The sounds of
my parents snoring in a deep

The knocks of the wind
pounding against the windows.
The creaks of the stairs
as you walk up and down.
The click of the lamp
as the light shines in.

Sound of Eating
Jadon J.

Crunch munch munch crunch
the sound of eating is annoying
you can’t think straight at
all. You think everyone is eating
you can’t even talk when you’re
chewing. The sound is so boring
it makes me go crazy
made nuts but I hear it
every day, because I eat

The Sound of Neighbors
Jalen P.

I nearly sleep, close to it
all of a sudden, I hear thuds
the neighbors upstairs
are jumping. But I think
it is burglars. So I cover myself
until morning. I could
barely sleep. Long night and
a big day ahead.

The Sound of a Sound
Richard T.

A sound is something you hear.
With your ear.
It could be a sound of crickets
when someone tells a bad joke,
or the sound of pizza,
which probably has no sound.
It could be the sound of you
reading this poem,
or a sound of you eating sloppy,
and the crumbs of your treat fall on the
A sound is a sound,
which is something you hear,
and not something you eat like
that pizza.

The Sound of Friendship
Asata Y.

The sound of loving, caring, and conflict.
A sound of sharing, glaring, and fun.
What do you think of when you hear this sound?
Do you think of a world with no ups and downs?
Well friendship is way more than that
You have times that are good
You also have times that are bad.
Friendship is definitely no secret
It’s for everyone to hear.

Mr. Chau
Room 220

The Sound of the Playground
Sofia A.

It sounds like having fun
It sounds like kids yelling YOU’RE
IT!      It sounds like
I will race you
It sounds like
kids getting sleepy
It sounds like kids
going. It sounds
like driving
Bye Park

That Tap
Christi B.

have you ever
heard the sound
the sound of the
quiet tapping when
you’re alone and
all’s on your mind
is that good memory
the faint noise of
something you never
heard before but
reminds you of
the greatest moment
the moment you
never lived but
always imagined
the sound of the thing
that you always seem
to hear when you’re
alone that makes you
feel like you’re soaring
across the clouds
with your ears open
but your eyes closed
that sound.

The Sound of Snow
Mehr C.

Flushy slushy snow
the mud making a
mushy sound.
The drizzling sound
turning into water
the water makes
a rustling sound
like paper.
The splash again
and again. Without
water or snow
we will not survive.

The Sound of the Beach
Romell F.

Splish-splash has the sun rise
the beach lights up like a big smile.
The beach goes splash has a boy
or girl. Jumps in the beach yells
yeah has people come, wow the
beach can make some noise.

The Sound of Hockey
Connor H.

As I listen playing
hockey fans cheering I
Connor have a breakaway
3 on 0 I pass to my brother
he passes it to Jackson.
I’m banging on my stick
boom boom I get the puck
I slap it off the post
ding. I start celebrating
yeah so do the fans.
It was the champion-
ship we are on the bench.
They are reviewing it.
It is nailbiting the
ref goes to center
ice. He is about to
make the call when
he and the other
officials have 1
more thing to base
the goal on. The fans
eagerly wait to know

Marcus S.

Sound sound all around
it makes my ears go
down. The sound it sounds
like wolves howl. Everything
is great with sound sound

The Sound of Water and Light
Colette V.

She yelled.
Sound traveled through the air.
I hear thoughts.
I know they’re mine.
Nor do I notice;
the sound repeats.
I close my eyes.
It’s just me and
my thoughts.
I feel like water
drips on me, I feel
I hear the sound,
the sound of water.
It travels fast so I
cannot see it.
I open my eyes only to realize
the sound that has traveled,
through the air, has transported me
with the light.

Mr. Cox
Room 312

The Sound of a Bike
Alexis A.

Creak goes the wheels,
VVVVV goes the chains,
Squeak goes the seat,
Ku, ku, ku goes the wheels,
this is the sound of a

The Sound of Room 312
Olivia C.

When will it stop
My ears are going to pop
All in their conversation
While teachers are giving a demonstration
They have the gift of gab
Talking in the hall
When we go to the science lab
The teacher says, “Now that is all.”

The Sound of the Bat
Joseph E.

I could hear the crack of the bat
The pitcher take off his hat,
The ball was hit so hard
I was so glad that I got the hitter’s card,

The ball was hit so deep
The person who caught did not want to keep,
It was so fun
The runner had known it was a Home Run,

The ball was hit so hard you could
Hear it across the city,
But for the other team
it was such a pity.

The Sound of Words
Nell H.

When I read the words speak to me.
Sounding like a faint voice whispering
to me. It sounds like
a crackle of fire,
a cold winter breeze,
feels so real,
but only typed words scattered
across the parchment.

The Sound of Time
Charlie H.

The sound of time. The sound of every clock
like a mouse running. The sound of time as fast
as gravity pulls you down.

The Sound of the Countryside
Rebekkah J.

The nighttime countryside so silent
The crickets chirping all night
Animals so loud, still making noise
Through our farm in Idaho well, Boise
The rain dropping on the tapping leaves
So pleasant more than weaving
The life of living on a farm
Still peaces my life

The Sound of a Freezer
Isabel T.

While I sleep,
weird sound,
makes it sound like a monster.

It’s just scary,
like a ghost in your house weeping,
like hmmm….

Just by thinking of it,
makes me get goosebumps!

The Sound of Water
Parker W.

According to me,
as you will soon see,
that water wants to be free.

It splashes,
it crashes,
nothing stands in its way.

It cooks,
lines hook,
the fish that want to play.

But water lets them go,
water lets them flow,
through a life of despair,
and no care.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.