Sorry/Soory/I’m not sorry

Moos – Week 7


The students this week took a look at Martin Espada’s poem “I Apologize for Giving You Poison Ivy by Smacking You in the Eye with the Crayfish at the End of My Fishing Line.”  It’s a funny story about something that you should apologize for, even if it was completely unintentional (the title is pretty descriptive).  We then wrote poems apologizing (or not apologizing) for the things we shoudl feel sorry for and in the process we learned that the concept of regret is a slippery fish indeed.


Mrs. Ramirez – 4th grade.


“I apologize”

Yarelix D.


I apologize.

I love you, Puerto Rico

but I will come back

and I am going to play with you


Please don’t get mad at me.

“I Apologize for Hitting Emily”

Anna J.


I apologize for hitting you,

I apologize for hitting you on purpose

in front of everyone.

I apologize for hitting you

in the gym with a ball.

I will hit myself to apologize

I will jump from a hill,

or get hurt by a rattle snake.

I am soo sorry for getting you hurt

I would do anything to apologize.

“I apologize”

Daisy S.


I apologize that I made

my brother cry a lot at home.


I apologize that my sister

is sick of her feet.


I apologize

that I need to grow up.


I apologize for myself,

what I did.

Mrs. Morales – 6th grade


Louis B.


I apologize for being Canadian

I apologize that I am sorry.

I apologize for closing your gate when you left it open

I apologize for finding your gloves in the snow

and returning them

I apologize for apologizing.


To make it up to you

I will not apologize. I won’t apologize

for saying sorry.

I will keep your gate open

I will keep your gloves.

“Sorry Squirrel”

Rosy M.


I apologize for pepper spraying a squirrel

‘cause it was crying while I was smiling. I apologize

for kicking the squirrel. It was in pain so I kicked it

to see if he was okay. I’ll make it up by respecting animals

and feeding your cousin with nuts.

Next time, if I find pepper spray

I’ll test it on a hobo.

“I apologize”

Yiormani P.


I apologize for eating your fries

in the house there is no food for me to eat. I can’t

help it when it comes to Popeyes –

Popeyes fries, I can’t help it, so good.


I apologize for forgetting

that you were going to eat the fries,

so I will let you eat me food,

but if it’s Chinese food

I’m eating it.

Mrs. Moss – 4th grade


“The Day I Dropped my Baby Sister”

Lexany M.


One day I was playing with my baby sister

then I dropped her

head first to the floor. Then she was crying.

I tried asking her if she wants candy

then she said “yeah,”

so I gave her candy.


“I Don’t Apologize”



When I was 7

I went fishing with my uncle.

We caught a catfish, he jumped

in my hands,

I put him in a headlock.

I don’t want to apologize to the fish

because he tasted delicious in my stomach,

and besides,

he can’t hear me because he’s dead.

I’m mad at you because you took hours to cook.

I could tell you didn’t eat much

your stomach had a little meat inside of you.

If you want,

I eat your wife and kids

to make you happy.

“I’m Not Sorry for Chasing you with a Shotgun”



I’m not sorry for chasing you with a shot gun

because you think you can walk

into Dunkin Donuts and cut through the line

just because you are a cop.

So when you got in front of me, I grabbed your shotgun

and faced it to the ceiling and boom! Some of the ceiling

came crashing down

so the cop looked at me

and try to grab his shotgun

but I had it, took it, and I said to the cop

“Who the cop now, cop?”



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.