This week found us looking at Martín Espada’s “I Apologize for Giving You Poison Ivy by Smacking You in the Eye with the Crayfish at the End of My Fishing Line.” I love that title because this situation is so specific that there is really nothing else he could compare it to in an image – it is only like exactly what it is like. This workshop had the 8th graders looking at their regrets and apologizing – earnestly and otherwise – for the things they wish didn’t happen.


Mrs. Taylor
8th Grade, 1st Period

I’m Sorry That I Regret Nothing (a sorry/not sorry story)
Maura H.

I’m sorry that I don’t feel bad,
for anything that I’ve ever done,
because you probably deserved it.
I’m sorry that regret isn’t part of my vocabulary.
It just isn’t exactly something I do,
so don’t take it personally.

I’m sorry that I don’t exactly care,
since I only do things with reason,
therefore I’m not at fault.
I’m sorry that I regret nothing,
because I do not care,
and I do not feel anything.

I am really, truly, very sorry.

I wish I had not killed a squirrel with an airsoft gun
Steve Y.

I am so terribly sorry that I killed a squirrel with an airsoft gun
I am so terribly sorry that I did not tell anyone
I am so terribly sorry it stunk for days
I am so terribly sorry the neighbor’s dog ate it
I am so terribly sorry the dog died from eating that rotten flesh
I am so terribly sorry I killed a squirrel.

Mia W.

I am sorry for leaving that door wide open,
letting the cold air escape into our home.
The porch light was broken, the darkness taking over.
It enveloped me into its inky blackness,
how was I supposed to know of the nesting birds above,
It wasn’t until I saw a flash of brown soar into my house,
I am sorry that you were confused as to where you should fly,
and therefore hopped right into my rusty toaster
your wings folding over one another as you struggled to escape.
I am sorry that I contemplated toasting you,
and chased you around with a yellow plastic baseball bat.
Your high-pitched calls for help were left ignored,
as my mother’s shrieks echoed and frightened you.
I am sorry you almost died,
Mr. Unknown Bird that
possibly still lives in my


Mrs. Dollear
8th Grade, 3rd Period

I’m sorry Mr. Bee for lighting you on Fire – you scared me
Devin C.

I’m sorry for getting the lighter & hairspray
You came out of no where & attacked me.
What else was I supposed to do?
You were too fast to bee killed by a shoe
and too dumb to go back through the open door.

I’m sorry for lighting you on fire
I had to do something, I didn’t
want to bee stung, it hurts
TBH, if you didn’t attack me,
I wouldn’t have lit you on fire.

Poem #1
Keiden B.

I’m sorry that I beat you up
But then again not really,
I just wanted to get a point across,
not to leave you reeling.

I’m sorry that I beat you up
But then again not really,
I just wanted to talk to you,
not leave you without feeling.

I’m sorry that I beat you up
But then again not really,
I just wanted you to listen,
not kick you till you’re kneeling.

I’m sorry that I beat you up
But then again not really.
You were acting like a total jerk,
and I didn’t feel like dealing.

I’m sorry that I beat you up
But then again not really,
I’m honestly not sorry at all,
but have fun while you’re healing.

To Dad
Matthew H.

I apologize for making you buy all my toys.
But I appreciate what you did when I was a little boy.
I regret all the money you had to spent.
When you was paying for bills and rent.
I feel as it could have been used for something better.
I hope you feel what I’m tryna say in this letter.


Mrs. Taylor
8th Grade, 6th Period

Get Off the Ground
George W.

What the hell are you doing?
Get off the floor
Stop being such a pansy
Quit your cryin’
Dont’ get down
or you’ll get kicked.
Life isn’t perfect
get over it,
This was only a year ago
Look at me now
not perfect
but better than 7th grade
look at me sitting in the corner
dreading life’s backhand
My parents raised me better
Now they’re splitting up
Damn, keep those feelings to yourself
close up that stab wound
don’t take it out
on those that don’t deserve it.
Why did you let loose?
Why were you like that?
Don’t let your anger gush out
I turn around
To my peers,
Sorry for my behavior
My worst wounds are only scratches.

Dropped the Cake

I apologize for the look on your face
When I ruined so much joy
You said it was no big deal
But I couldn’t rest that night.

I apologized for your new carpet
You liked the old one so much
I wish we had a backup
So you wouldn’t feel so bad.

I apologize for the wall stains
that just won’t come out.
Next year think twice
about inviting me to the party.

Sally K.

Hey you’re ugly
Bonjour tu es moche
I’m so sorry
To myself
that I ever met you
Your eyes
Are like dark holes
That suck your soul out of you
I hate the smile
so fake
Oh my god
Oh mon dieu
Your voice
Is about as interesting
as looking at a small dot in a white piece of paper
The times I’ve spent with you
Is trash
Our memories
Belong in a landfill
Ça va?
Ça va tres tres mal! Don’t begin with bonjour
Now it’s time
to say


Mrs. Taylor
8th Grade, 7th Period

I’m Sorry for Ruining Your Life
Joshua G.

I’m sorry for ruining your life
I’m sorry for causing you pain.
I’m sorry for everything.
I regret it all.
I’m sorry it’s all my fault.
I knew this would happen,
From that very first kiss.
You’ve been my best friend,
my human diary,
and my other half.
You’ve given me an infinity in the numbered days
And for that I am forever grateful.
Even while everything else
is collapsing, walls closing in,
I’m not sorry for loving you
I’m sorry for everything I’ve caused.

The fault, dear, is not in our stars,
but in ourselves.
I’m sorry for loving you,
but that is out of my control.

I am deeply sorry for slapping you across the face
Hope S.

for Person I Slapped in 3rd Grade

I am deeply sorry for sitting next to you
I never knew someone could be so rude
how was I supposed to know you’re a *BEEP*

I am deeply sorry for not knowing my own strength
how does ones face get so red,
from being just tapped on the cheek?
I swear I did not know how close you were to me.

I am deeply sorry for getting your parents involved
I did not expect them to react the way they did
since when is slapping someone a big deal?

and I’m sorry but you deserved it!

a girl who will never like you.

Claudia B.

Well, I do admit it was a stupid idea.
I am very sorry that I wasted
about 7 hours of your time.
I swear, I never thought that would happen.

I am sorry for giving the computer a virus.
“Free Microsoft Office” should have
been my first clue it was fake.
The computer was worse than bad traffic.

I apologize for the 3 million pop-ads.
Every click of the mouse just made
another appear and the computer more backed up.
I promise, exiting the ads didn’t work.

Lo siento para la computadora problema.
I just wanted to do my homework and
the file would not open in Google Drive.
You said it was okay if I downloaded it,
but on the other hand, you were half asleep.

I promise I will make it up to you.
Whether it is chores or calling the
computer company… on the phone for hours,
I am so very sorry, and I apologize
for giving the computer the computer a virus.
But, keep in mind, Charlotte broke the
laptop just four months ago.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.