Songs of Ourselves

My first week with Grissom’s middle school students could not have been more welcoming. Student poets did not hesitate introducing themselves and sharing what they already know about poetry. Together, we read “This Body II” by Renée Watson and discussed what we observed. After spending some time brainstorming, students wrote their own poems celebrating themselves. Check out some of the poems below:

6th Grade


by Devin S.

My body is imperfect and

strong and grizzly bear and

big pumpkin and

always hurt and

a farmer boy and

creative and


My body is not perfect and

I’m fine with it


by Rodrigo V.

I may not be able to fly

I may not be able to levitate

My dreams may be impossible to reach

But I’ll keep pursuing my dreams.

If I fall I’ll get back up.


by Samantha R.

I am healthy

I am tall

I am perfect

I am unique

I am smart

I am kind

I am fierce

I am strong

I am skinny

I am a dragonfruit

I am a spoon

I am a city

I am a lion

I am big eyed

I am a person with scars

I am hairy

I am tough

I am confident

I am protected

I am well respected

I am a queen

I am a dream

I am important

I am a person that matters

I am a person who belongs

7th Grade

Poetry About Myself

by Gia A.

my hair is wavy,

my eyes are brown,

my heart goes like a drum.

Im really quiet and

I’m all to myself.

I love the sound of peace.

And only one person brings the

real me out.


by Nathan C.

I am like a lion

because I

am strong
I am a knife

because I can

be sharp
I am a city

because I
like to talk to

lots of people
I am like a blueberry

I could be sweet

or sour
I am a good gamer

I beat all my friends

I Am

by Marianna S.
I am as sweet as a plum,

noisy as a city, brave and loud

like a lion, but thats okay

because that is what I am.
I am me. I am a lion, I am a plum, I am a city,

I am sweet, loud, brave, and noisy, I am me.

I Am

by Joseph F.

I am my body

my body is unique

my body is different

I am an apple

my mood gets red,

my mood gets green.

I am a spoon,

I am a bear,

My body is tired

My body is athletic.

I am excited

My mood is proud

I am a city

I am physical

my body is unique

my body is different

I am my body.

Unapologetically Me

by Malachi R.

My dreadlocks

My braces

I am me

My clothes I wear

My personality I show

I am me

unapologetically me and

nobody con change me

becuse I AM ME hard lite a watermelon

tough like a knife lazy like a bear

I am me

Loud like a big city but

Quiet at night

I am me it is my right and

nobody can take that from me even though they try I

am me until the day I die

What I Like About “I”

by Julian V.

I am nice but shy,

I hope it’s a while until I die, I don’t want to go I just wanna fly, I’m a person on this earth making choices not realizing it makes a difference, I want My Kids and their kids to have a better life, I am most definite they can be better than me, or thats what I hope…

I am on this earth will multiple bad things that might end, let me cook, we got water pollution, air pollution, climate change, plastics, viruses, extinction, and over population, a lot of things we have that, I didn’t list but I insist those things can go.

8th Grade


by Isabelle C.

I am like a watermelon

I give off that warm, summer feeling.

I am a spoon, I help and I won’t poke.

I have the body of a bear. I won’t do

anything and stay calm.

I am proud that my body knows how to do things

like draw, write, read, and try.

I am like a city, I like to go out and hang out with people.

I love my hair. I like to cut my hair and try new hairstyles.

I like to straighten and curl it.

My Body & I

by Platon B.

This body of mine, oh how I wish it could shine,

But despite the criticism I receive, I do believe one

day it will gleam.

My Greek roots, my blue eyes, the “muddy boots” that

are shoes in disguise.

The long arms, the tall, young man; forget the farms and

do something with your life, don’t let them keep you down.

I know you can, boy, so you better not frown!

So life is full of ups and downs, so don’t go acting like a clown,

for one day we will all get there, be patient, like the tortoise with the hare.

Calm Through the Storm

by Kylah S.

People might say

I’m quiet, or I don’t

talk a lot.

They don’t realize that

they can build up a storm

but it’s locked away

because there is calm

through the storm.

People might say

I don’t interact

that’s just because

I’m not

comfortable yet.

People don’t realize

that they could build up

a storm with words but luckily

I am the calm

through the storm.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.