Some Aren’t So Shy

I got to meet with Twain 5th graders twice this week! On Monday, we worked on poems inspired by “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks. I started losing my voice Monday evening, and had no voice on Tuesday. Wednesday I arrived with “cue cards” I’d made to help facilitate the day’s workshops – thank you to the teachers for filling in the gaps! Wednesday, we talked about gardening, the importance of having someone who believes in you, and wondered if angels are real; before reading “Abuelo’s Garden” by Joaquin Zihuatanejo. We also watched a video of the poet performing his poem and discussed his dramatic performance style. Next week we will write poems inspired by “Abuelo’s Garden.”
Rodolfo brought out his sunglasses to accompany the reading of “We Real Cool.”

Ms. Fernandez
5th Grade

Karyme V.

We real cool. We
Sing to express. We

think to do. We
ask to know. We

talk to be. We
asks for answers. We

Know a lot. We
do not act to change. We

like gossip. We
like drama. We

hear Mexican singers. We
sleep early. We

are so smart. We
get good grades. We

study all day. We
laugh and play. We

like to talk. We
try to be ourselves. We

are best friends. We
try our best. We

go to school. We
know what to do. We

learn from our mistakes. We
complete our homework. We

We Real Cool and Chill
by Delilah O.

We’re thoughtful. We’re peaceful.
When we come in time we shine
We’re helpful and cheerful for others
in need.
We make good braids
We get good grades
in the same classes.
We are all calm and chill.
We know each other so well in the
back of our palms.
We act like each others’ moms.
We fly high in the sky.
We always do all the work
and do our best in everything.

Jesus L.

We real cool. We have lots of fun. We
play lots of games. We listen to cool music. We
pray to God. We all respect each other. We
cheer each other on. We all have different perspectives. We
love music. We do not fight. We
think to do. We sing together. We
play video games together. We are honest. We
love our teacher. We are helpful. We
treat each other equally. We
help each other like siblings. We
are trustworthy although we’re witty.
We are kind and loving
We treat each other like family.

Ms. Bell
5th Grade

(class collaboration)
Some are so shy
I wonder why
Some say goodbye
Instead of saying hi
Some are so shy.

But some are bold
They shine like gold
They aren’t cold
They smell like mold
yes, some are bold.

But some are in the middle
Their lives can be riddles
They might want an audience while playing the fiddle
Others may want to eat a McGriddle
yeah, some are in the middle.

Mr. Maciasz
5the Grade

We adults
by Leonardo O.

We sky dive, we adults
We drive by
We get older every second, we adults
We get money
We get a house to party, we adults
We go to the pool
We climb trees, we adults
We walk alone
We be careful, we adults.

We read cool, dog!
by Samantha M.

We real cool, I love spending time with my family
We real cool, I love cats and dogs!
We real cool, I love the cherry blossom trees growing outside!
We real cool, I love picking sunflowers for my mom!

We’re not that cool
by Jesus O.

We’re not that cool,
We don’t play pool.

We don’t lurk late,
frosted Flakes are great.

We don’t sing sin,
some things are made of tin.

We don’t Jazz June
My friends aren’t buffoons.

Mrs. Respress
5th Grade

Izzy G.

I’m not cool
I tolerate school

people think I’m weird
I push my friends away

It is now May
all my friends left me
I sit and cry with my girlfriend
beneath a tree.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.