Sharing Day

This week we had our first Sharing Day. Every student selected one poem from their portfolio to read aloud. Students practiced giving specific feedback by writing down and sharing lines that they related to and complimenting their peers for their use of detailed, descriptive language.


Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 1


I Remember
Rama A.

I remember I wasn’t in the same school.

I remember I had a baby doll.

I remember Ramadan. It was pink and white.

I remember my bike.

I remember playing with my toys.

I remember I used to listen to music.

I remember smelling a red rose.

I remember I was going to buy strawberry ice cream!

I remember playing with my grandma.



Naphtali D.


I am a spring baby. I love football.

My favorite team in football history is

Kansas City Chiefs. I have 7 siblings. That is me.


I have 7 siblings. I am a spring baby. I love football.


7 siblings. I am a spring.


7 siblings, spring.


Naphtali, spring


$2 Bill

Tamia G.


$2 bill is a special memory

and it’s like a stuffed animal that he also gave me.


$2 bill

that comforts me, that

makes me think about my dad.


$2 bill

I love my $2 bill ‘cause

it’s rare and it’s a really special



$2 bill

I love my $2 bill,

I love my dad.


I Remember 

Tanya N.


I remember my whole family having fun at a Christmas party.

I remember making snowmen with my sister.

I remember playing hide and seek and I hid in the closet.

I remember going to my friend’s house.

I remember kids screaming “The ice cream truck is here!”

I remember being scared of the dark when I was small.


Ms. Wesson

5th Grade

Group 2


I Remember 

Amir B.


I remember my first friend, Veron!

I remember my favorite toy Ben 10.

I remember when I prayed for my family.

I remember always carrying my Disney baseball.

I remember Veron and me playing sports.

I remember the noises of pretend fart sounds.

I remember the smell of pleasant smoke.

I remember me and my dad having snowball fights.

I remember dancing to my favorite singer Lauren Hill.


And Now Nothing But Family

Jalen M.


And now nothing but family

The go outside and play family

The movie watching family

The upset family

The happy mom family

The having fun on Christmas family

The loving each other family

The running in the mall family

The fighting each other family

The wow family

The always yelling family

This is my family.


Nothing But Love

Ashanti P.


And now nothing but love

the love between the young love

the always sweets love

the always food love

the always Chris Brown’s hair love

the always mean love

the always lover love


Ms. Henry

6th Grade

Group 1


Cedar Point

Kai J.


The huge

fast, and fun

Cedar Point


The best

funnel cakes

Cedar Point


The hot

and sweaty

Cedar Point


The two

times as

big as

Six Flags

Cedar Point


The favorite

ride Maverick

Cedar Point


The laughs

and smiles

Cedar Point


The being

with family

having fun

with every


Cedar Point


Nothing But Night

Gabrielle R. 


And now nothing but night,

a busy night, the stay up for the full moon night,

nothing to do except wait night, worst sleep night,

going to father’s house for the night,

spending time on the phone night,

having a family reunion at night, spending

time listening to music at night,

looking for fireworks with family night.


Autobiography Poem

Dartel R.



Chicago. Born March 2007.

I dream of being an NBA basketball player.


I want it all.



Chicago. March 2007.

Dream of being a basketball player.




Dream. Basketball.



FAMILY. Dream. Basketball.


Dartel. Basketball.


I Remember 

Latrell S.


I remember Kindergarten being a new student.

I remember 1st grade being one of the tallest classmates in the class.

I remember 2nd grade fighting over the lunch line.

I remember 3rd grade hearing Mrs. Walker yelling at us.

I remember upstairs.


Ms. Henry

6th Grade

Group 2


I Remember 

Ladontae S.


I remember my fast speaking teacher, Ms. Merony.

I remember my Thomas train set.

I remember my birthday when I turned 4 and my mom blew out the candles pretending that I did.

I remember I had my soft red blankie.

I remember when me and Jason made a ton of funny jokes. A Skele-TON.

I remember the sound of a ringing noise echoing through my ears.

I remember the smell of disgusting baby food.

I remember me and my brothers playing in the cold water in the summer.


I remember going to Wisconsin Dells.


Stormy Cold Nights

Morgan S.


I like the stormy cold nights


winds blowing at the window

like waves hitting the sand


and rain hitting the ground like

falling petals


barely being able to sleep with

sounds so loud it almost sounds

similar to pebbles being thrown


and nights so cold it feels

similar to the arctic.


Nothing But Chicago

Je’Von S.


And now nothing but Chicago, the McDonald’s

Chicago, the corner store Chicago, the

ambulance siren Chicago, the not having

money for shoes Chicago, the movie theater

Chicago, the sounds of police sirens at night

Chicago, the morning news Chicago, the

love of food Chicago


And Now Nothing But Snacks

Jacques W.


The crunchy chip snacks

The sweet dessert snacks

The moist, soft snacks

The You better not eat it in your mom’s car snacks

The all-nighter snacks

The don’t touch my snacks

The trendy snacks

The I’m about to live stream snacks

The Stop smacking in my ear snacks

The I’ve just lost my appetite I’m done snacks

The I’m about to watch a live stream snacks

The We will fight for those snacks

The slow down nobody fittin’ to take it from you snacks

The watch out for me while I get this bread snacks




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.