Reportage Poems

Ms. Widman

High School Creative Writing 

This week the students at Amundsen were just as excited for poetry as spring break. We explored reportage poems or poems that acted as journalistic reflection of the author’s life. We read Muriel Rukeyser’s “Poem (I lived in the first century of world wars)” and “Groundswell” by Mark Jarman and discussed how both poets use facts and personal/collective history to tell a story. We then did a fun brainstorm of researching interesting things that happened locally and globally on one’s birthday. They were then tasked with writing a poem about their life in relation to current events/history. I am so proud of the poets I’m publishing below!








I wish I was born on 9/11

by Thalia K.


I wish I was born on 9/11

my bday sucks

it rained

someone apparently got married

but who cares honestly about that?

I was born!

and I think everyone needs me honestly

so happy bday to me!

I still wish I was born on 9/11 though, nothing historical happened on June 22,

because you wouldn’t forget me.










A Nobody

by Anonymous


a child who walks on earth in a 21st century

used to Hippy Hop around my room when birthday

was the day


Wishes to hear nor see them one last time

before going up toward the cloud


Even though I was just a no one

with want to run around a kid used to have full energy

nearly lost a brother who I deeply care about


A man offers a bag  of something

but asks for help in a van


Tries to, observer of how the world currently works here









November 29, 2005

by Anonymous


I am born in a country about to re-elect its’ 43rd President

while present day the 45th just got indicted in a hush

money case.


I am born in a country dealing with Hurricane Katrina, now

with floods in California.


months before I was born, Minnesota was dealing with the Red Lake

shootings which resulted in 10 deaths.


A few days ago in Nashville a shooting occurred

at a Catholic school which resulted in 6 deaths,

including three 9 year olds.


While children are sent off to school and killed,

senators are only worried about restricting Black

History from school books


because Black History isn’t American History,

but the 2nd Amendment will always be guaranteed

“But dead kids can’t read.”







An Untold Story

by Koraima A.


14 years old

unimaginable age for a love story

You don’t know what you want

You don’t know what you’ll get

You tell me I’m crazy,

but not as crazy as Frederick Fennell

He died at age 90

He lived his life and accomplished a lot;

I hope I’ll get to 90 with the love of my life.

But as kids right now, school shootings is what’s happening

I say it’s strange

like the streak that imaged in Australia

4 years and counting

crazy to think

if you can die in a shooting,

why can’t you be in love?




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.