Remember Who You Are

For their 10th and final day of poetry, Twain 6th graders explored ideas about memories. We discussed the importance of remembering. Whether its remembering happy memories such as birthday parties, family vacations, and first crushes or sad memories such as a friend moving away, losing a childhood toy, and the passing of a loved one. Our past memories shape the people we grow up to be.

Together we watched a video clip of U.S. Poet Laurate Joy Harjo reading her poem “Remember.” Harjo uses repetition combined with aspects of her Muscogee-Creek heritage to paint beautiful images of things she wants readers to remember. Remember the sky that you were born under/Know each of the star’s stories/Remember the earth whose skin you are: red earth, yellow earth, white earth, brown earth, we are earth/ Remember you are all people and all people are you. Harjo words not only give encouragement but allows readers to understand that we are all connected and are a part of the earth, universe, and each other.

Inspired by Joy Harjo’s beautiful poem, 6th graders wrote poems about the people, places, and things they wish to remember. Below are my own memories of Twain Elementary. Earlier in our residency, their art teacher, Ms. Lehmann reached out to me about having 6th graders design a tapestry, weaving art and poem together to create a wonderful masterpiece. I also received a gift from 6th graders, who created a poster board which included their signatures, drawings, and words of thanks. I will truly cherish this gift and memories of our time together.



Mr. Burford’s 6th Grade 

Group 1



 Remember Yourself
By: Stephany G. 

Remember when you first came to life.
Remember your first friend, your first crush.
Remember you are not alone
You have a voice.
Remember that you are loved.
Remember the worst and darkest moments
Remember all the best time that you have
Remember to live your best life because you only live once.



Remember the wonderful memories
By Isabel M.

Remember you woke up at 8:00 a.m. lazy as a sloth

Remember you went to trips that you lost count

Remember you got your first puppy that you jumped up and down

Remember you went to your friends house everyday

Remember you went to the water park once in a while

Remember you were excited to see your grandma after 2 years

Remember you were happy to see your friends at school

Remember you saw a beautiful sunset rising from the sun



By Jayleen P.

Remember all your memories

Remember even the bad ones

Remember the first breath you take

To your last

Remember your first everything




Remember Poem
By: Daisy S.

Remember their voices those who past away
Remember Mark Twain
Remember that you are Mexican
Remember that you like stars
Remember that you like flowers
Remember you like purple
Remember you loves cats
Remember your friends






Mr. Burford’s 6th Grade 

Group 2 



I wish to remember
By Angel C.

I wish to remember when I first got a dog.
I wish to remember my family.
I wish to remember to do my homework.
I wish to remember when I made a promise.
I wish to remember my friends.
I wish to remember where the first place I lived
I wish to remember a name.
I wish to remember my first friend.
I wish to remember who my great-grandparents were.
I wish to remember the best place I’ve been.



By Xsenia B.

Remember how life is messed up
Remember the sound of the waves
Remember the beautiful sun shining on your eyes
I wish I could forget the bad days
I wish I can forgive and forget people
Remember you’re a powerful and dangerous girl
Remember your parents who cares about you
Remember the dark full moon
Remember the shooting stars



Remember life
By: Romeo H. 

Remember the life you had full of memories.
Remember your family and your relationships with them.
Like your mother, who made you come to this world.
Remember your history full of memories.
Remember the positive you felt.
Remember the fear you wish to forget.
To remember how much you changed.
Remember the courage you have in yourself
Remember the accomplishments you had.
Remember the good, the bad, and the ugly.
To remember who you are.



By Joaquin M.

I remembered that I went to Disneyland
I remembered that I ate Wendy’s Yesterday
I remembered that I lost my turtle
I remembered that I was happy the day I got my dog.
I remembered that I got free Hot dogs outside the liquor store on 4th of July



Peanut Gallery
By Abigail R.

Sometimes I feel as though
My brain is like a peanut gallery
And my memories the size of a peanut
But then I remember
That I remember a lot more than I think

I remember that my family loves me
Even if it doesn’t feel like that sometimes
I remember all the great friends I’ve made
I remember how much I’ve grown
As a person since last year
I remember the first time
I saw my dogs

I remember how happy I am
When I talk to my sisters
I’ll remember 6/4/23
I remember the chalkboard poster
Natalia used to have
I remember falling asleep
During Finding Dory

So, while sometimes, yes,
My brain is a peanut gallery
And my memories the size of a peanut
It’s not all the times
I remember a lot more
Than I think




Remember when…
By Ella S.

Remember when I went to Lake Michigan,
Remember when the drive was so long
Remember when the hot was burning my poor skin cells
Remember when I booked a big hotel
Remember when I was going to the beach
Remember when I was renting a boat
Remember when I was driving that boat
Remember when I went tubing and flew off
Remember when I climbed that big steepy sand mountain
Remember me being so exhausted
Remember me drying up with a warm snuggly towel
And I especially remember the peaceful drive home.




Mr. Barr’s 6th Grade 

Group 1 



by Xavy H.

Do you remember him?
Do you remember yourself?
Who you used to be, He is not fully
Gone. Just partially.
He is still there. He is still there.
He is still there .

Remember him, he isn’t going away
For long. He will always come back.
He does not care, all he wants
Is to be in control.
But you can still think about it
You can still remember,
The good times.

The times where living was enough.
A time without having to worry
About your future or anything.
A time where you
Just had to relax all day.

Just take time to remember that.
You only live one life.
So, make it worth it. Please



Remember Them”
By: Fernanda M. 

Remember the people who were there,
when no one else was.
Remember the people who made you the happiest,
even when you were at your lowest.
They made you laugh, smile,
they made you happy again.
Remember him,
how he made you happy.
How he was always there when you needed someone.
Remember her,
how she was there for you at your lowest.
Remember that friend,
the one who cared, the one who helped you when you cried.
Remember how they made you feel,
Happy, joyful, grateful, accepted.
Remember the memories,
When they helped you
when they made you laugh the hardest.
Remember them.



Guadalupe N.

Remember happiness from your childhood
Remember us staying up all night calling each other
Remember that feeling when he confessed his love to you
Remember all those signs he gave to you as an expression of “I love you”
Remember how warm he was when he was close towards you
Remember you being so happy around him
Remember you were not feeling more stress
Remember you were actually smiling for the first time
Remember you just being you
Remember that exciting feeling
Remember when we locked eyes
Remember when we sat next to each other
Remember that special feeling.



By: Mia R.

Remember you came from a strong woman,
Remember to be brave and never give up on what you want,
Remember when you used to be in love,
You need to remember who you are
Remember our silly memories with family
Remember how strong you are
Remember that you aren’t alone




Mr. Barr’s 6th Grade 

Group 2



By Elisa B.

I remember a vacation I took during
spring break.
I remember the hotel on that chilly, humid day,
When we slept in those big,
fluffy double beds.
Remember the hidden mini fridge.
that we went to
I remember when we had
to leave, when we were busy getting ready
and packing our stuff in
bags and luggage’s.
The thing I loved most about
the hotel was that in the bedroom we slept
in, there were white window
glass doors that led to
the bedroom.
I know I will remember this
great trip.


Remember her
By Laila M.

Remember the stories she told you.
Remember the way she looks,
Remember the way she talks.
Remember the way she played with you.
Remember when she yelled at you for eating salt.
Remember the way she brushed your hair and put it in a braid.
Remember her house.
Remember her, before she is gone.



Remember MJ Is the GOAT
By Joesph R.

Remember who won 6 rings
And won A ring with the flu.

Remember who won 5 Mvp’s.

Remember who didn’t have to push 40
Just to win 4 rings.

Remember who’s shoe brand is more

Remember who played more all-star games.

Remember that MJ takes everything

Remember who Didn’t betrayed their team
For Miami.

Remember that Bron is not the goat

Remember who the GOAT really is.



Don’t Forget
By Aydan S.

Remember when you first saw the sky.
Don’t forget the time you first walked.
Remember when you didn’t learn to walk, you learned to run.
Don’t forget the first time you saw PBS Kids.
Remember when you got your first dinosaur toy.
Don’t forget when you were inseparable with your cousins.
Remember when you got your Xbox
Don’t forget the friends you met and the friends that left.
Remember your cousin made you happy, but you lost him.
Don’t forget when your grandma held you when you were born,
but you lost her.
Remember the first time you saw your dog.
Don’t forget when you first ran with him.
Remember when you first had a cheeseburger, it became your,
new favorite food.
Don’t forget the time when you first learned to swim.
Remember when you opened a Christmas present and it was an
xbox, you were so young you didn’t want it at first, little did you know that
that xbox would be one of your favorite things.



By Zoe S.

Remember how hard my mother works for my siblings
and I, what she had to sacrifice.
Remember the compliments people have given to me.
Remember my first ever friend named Matthew. The
only one who would talk and listen to me.
Remember the fun grade 6 was. The real friends that
cared for me. The people who made me laugh. The
teachers that were fun and boring.
Remember the books I read. How they were an
escape from reality.
Remember the video games that raised you, how they
let you get away from the drama people hold inside
of them.
Remember to treat people how you want to be treated.
Don’t treat people with pity.
Remember the place you were born and raised.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.