Last week, Grissom students got to learn about the lovely art of revision. While many students had previous experience with revising papers, we talked about what it feels like to work on poems until they feel right. After watching me edit my own poem, students tried their hand at a revision exercise to remix their poems. Check out a few poems below:

6th Grade

CaseOh The Remix

by Maite O.

I don’t know what to do

I’m going to sue

No food

Makes my tummy ache

No food will be wasted

My tongue might be twisted

I am food

When People Are Cringy

by Ethan G.

Cringy alarm that keeps going off

When people are, heart suddenly turns black

Like acid seeping into my soul

Like my that keeps asking me the same question

That keeps poking me

Like someone I step on a million legos

Like a cactus


Like my heart turns black

Like my body crushes inside when people are

Our People Remix

My people play sports

My people are teachers

My people are writers

My people play soccer

We dribble the ball

We shoot goals

My people play baseball

Me and my people

hit dingers

My people hit home runs

My people play basketball

My people are PG, SG, CSFs

My people win and lose

My people are competitive

My people play football

My people can throw

My people can catch

My people love to eat!!

My people watch sports

My people play games

What do your people do x2

Love my people

People My

by Joel O.


Board games

Going to the park with friends

Laughing I love that

What the sigma, I don’t know

smarts, good

sports, fun

math, work

recruiters, get people jobs

nurses that help people

steel workers, the smell

I Am Remix

by Rebecca H.



I am

I’m a ladybug

always polka-dotted

flap, flap

I am a flower,

always smelling good

just like food


I am a bald eagle


As strong as a snake

But always took a break

I’m also a star

I always shine

Which is totally fine

Twinkle Twinkle!

I am me


by Alex M.

Poetry is like school

It lets you learn a lot of things

Poetry is like reading a national geographic article

It makes you wonder

Poetry is like opening a present

You never know what you will get

Poetry is like missing an episode of a TV show

It makes you confused

by Bronx D.

7th Grade

My People

by Diego Q.

My people are hilarious

My people are athletic

My people love many sports

My people are intelligent

My Pillow Revised

by Delilah F.

My Cousins

by Eliana C.

Playing together

texting each other

Laughing together

Some are lawyers, defending people’s lives

some teach, growing kids’ minds

Some are nurses, saving people’s lives

Makeup and hair loving cousins

Athletic cousins

Artistic cousins.

What I Like

by Jonathan R.

Chomp, Chomp

i’m sweet and I like a good treat

I’m a piece of chocolate

bounce, bounce

I bounce all around my house

I’m a ball

whoosh, shh, shh

I move in the wind

as my leaves fall

They are pinned

I’m a tree

Chewing Reversed

by Ruby R.

Can you please chew quietly I kindly asked

So this loud sounds leaves my brain

I want you to be quiet

like bugs crawling all over me

my body tingles

Ew! Yuck!

With food moving around in it

Open and closes

the way their mouth slowly

smack smack smacks

All I hear is someone munching in my ear.

The Screech

by Ashton B.

I Can’t stand

Old paper book

When I hear

the annoying


It feels

like taking

1 inch



scratching them across

a chalk board or the fragile,

old paper pages

of an old book

it’s so annoying

when I hear this its like when the tip of your pencil snaps

The goosebumps raise from my legs to my hands

it’s so annoying

I feel like having to curl up

and cover my ears

When i hear the annoying

Screeech! Of an old paper book.

8th Grade


by Dylan S.

Poetry makes me feel good about myself

Like I’m listening to a J. Cole song

Poetry makes me feel calm

Poetry sometimes makes me bored

Sometimes it makes me feel like a Sunday.

Sleepy or mad.


by Carlos C.

Yum Yum Yum

A Eater

They never

get enough



bzzz is all I



yapping yapping


a sleeper


by Alexis R.

I Am Spiderman

My power is web

strong, I help

people for a living

and swinging around

the air looking for

the bad ones



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.