Recipe for Spring

For our first sessions after spring break, Swift 2nd graders had to get physically and mentally warmed-up to return to poetry. In addition to stretching and jumping with their bodies, students also entertained some icebreakers for their imaginations. Students in Ms. Popovic’s class resumed working on Recipe Poems, while students in Ms. Amato’s class opted to write poems about Spring. Enjoy!

Ms Amato
2nd Grade

Recipe for Spring
Fejzo D.

grab a bunch of friends
mix them and make them
play tag. Next, get
one spoon of sunshine
plop the beach in there
make them hop in the water.
Stir and spin them
in the water. Make them swim
now you happily got
a spring cake.


Tamia T.

I love playing around in spring
it makes me happy, and I feel pretty
like flowers.


Ryan J.

Spring has blue skies
plants start to bloom and
birds sing alot. Kids
playing in the park
grass as green as limes and growing
very tall and no weather
to mess up your day. It smells
like roses and violets and tulips.
gotta go!


Hadley C.

In spring flowers bloom in every
size. The trees get their leaves
in spring. The sun comes out
The spring brings animals to come out
of their hiding and come out to
play. The flowers dance in the spring wing
everyday be patient
spring will come
and spring will bring all of
these wonderful things


Things that rhyme with Spring
Akira C.

I like to zing and bring &
when I hear a ding it’s
a good thing. In a
commercial it had a king &
I like to sing the sounds
kinda ching & my dad has
a lot of rings


Kai R.

When spring comes the
flowers grow. the leaves
sprout on trees. Leaves are as
green as earth. The sun
comes out and shines bright
on us. Our lives become
better like the world on
Earth Day. Our lives  become
better like having
chocolate pancakes in the
morning. Don’t get tired yet
summer is still to come. Life is much
better when it comes to spring.


Jethro A.

In spring it’s fun to play and
enjoy the sun it’s
bright and it is a nice
day to play. The cloud
is blue and the grass
is green and I play all day
in the sun and go back
into the house to learn and then
have lunch and dinner
the end.

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

How to Get Extra Minutes for Recess
a group poem

at least 10 “bulldog bucks” that you can get
by stirring a cupful of listening with 4 cups of
doing good in gym and poetry
add this to 4 pounds of following the rules and
paying attention and being respectful.
Whip it up with kindness and goodness,
sprinkle with sharing to run outside
and play with friends


How to Climb a Tree
Sonya E.

Take a bucket of strength. Stir in a
pinch of courage. Bake with a spoonful of
awesomeness! Add a heart full of good grip.
Mix in an armful of adventure! Finally, add some


How to get faster and cool

First, be awake and work.
Second, go and run.
Then drink a fast potion.
Next, run and go to the sun.
Then jump and run.


How to make yourself mastering in multiplication

get numbers 1 to 120 and get
half a box of the
symbol of multiplication. put the
numbers in the water and
boil then pour on your head.


How to be a dance teacher

Take a tablespoon of
energy and mix it with good
Indian music. Bake it with
practicing every day and learn
new dance steps.


How to make popsicles

First we need one fruit then we
need to grind the fruit and put
it in the popsicle stand and
then close the top of it then
we have to put it in the
freezer. When it freezes
we take it out from the
freezer and then the popsicles
are ready.


How to do gymnastics

First take two cups of cart
wheels. Pour one cup of
handstands and pour three
cups of back bends and
one cup of splits
then four cups of handstand walks.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.