Recipe For Identity @ Peterson 6th Grade

This week at Peterson Elementary we explored the concept of identity. What main characteristics make up someone’s identity? Are these accurate representations? Students defined identity as a mixture of gender, race, religion, culture, talents, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses. We also discussed stereotypes, labels placed on groups of people, that might be untrue and harmful. An example we used to describe stereotypes included the movie Mean Girls, where high school students were separated into cliques such as the jocks, the plastics, the band geeks, and the wannabes. Students realized that a person can’t just be categorized as one thing. We constantly grow and change, through our memories, actions, and relationships with other people.

This week I shared my own poetry with students. In my poem “From Scratch,” I described my own heritage written in the form of a recipe. I utilized cooking ingredients and measurements, such as a tablespoon of Irish mixed with a cup of African American from my mother and Scottish spices added by my father. Students identified various symbols in my poem, such as an oven to represent my birth (nine months of baking) and the image of divided kitchens to express the rift between members of my family due to race. One student pointed out how genetics are like recipes passed down through generations, which is another form of storytelling. Inspired by my poem, students wrote their own recipe poems examining not only their individual identities, but those of siblings, friends, pets, and fictional characters. Enjoy reading this week’s published poems.



                                         Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                      Group 1


Recipe For Emmanuel
Ana A.

When the first recipe was made, 1 pound of
talent was added by Uncle Josue and Jaza.

1 quart of good looks was added by father.
1/8 teaspoon of sensitivity was added by

2 gallons of self-confidence was added
by grandfather.

The ingredients were placed in the oven.
Months passed and out came the first
recipe, name unknown. It was broken.

The family left it out for the night.
The next morning, they looked at the
recipe and named it Emmanuel. The
recipe was now fixed.

5 more new recipes will come,
but that’s a different poem.


Recipe for Jyn Erso
Dax K.

1 cup of the empire from my father,
who was an engineer. 1 cup of
farming came from my mother.

1/2 half cup of bravery from Saw.
1/2 of strength from Cassian.

The last ingredient was intelligence
from K2-SO.

I came out of the bunker with
just a lantern and necklace.

But Saw was so disappointed,
that he left me.


Recipe for Myself
Angelina T.

One cup eggs and determination
was added by my mother. 1/4 of a
cup of style was added. Then 3/4
of joyfulness along with baking

Father tossed me in the air and
spun me around and around. He
spread some trustworthiness on
me and sprinkled in a bit of humor.

I was left to cook alone, while
everyone, including Aunt Aling
and Cousin Lilly were playing

When I was taken out, everyone
ran to see me.

I was cut into fourths and Mother
said, “You all should be blessed by
my cooking.”

Lilly replied, “We are. She isn’t
undercooked or overcooked,
just perfect.”



                                             Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                          Group 2


Recipe For Leo, My Pet Bird
Sura A.

1 tablespoon of blue
1/8 teaspoon of white
3 pounds of green
1/12 teaspoon of black
The colors come from
his parents.

2 pounds of aggressiveness
2 teaspoons of kindness
1 pound of hatred I have towards
him and 16 gallons of cuteness.

A very unique cupcake has been
made. With a little bit of sugar
and a little bit of spice. The cupcake
was made really mean and nice.

He was glad to find a home.
But still feels alone, now
that humans live with him.


Recipe For Archie
Zola B.

1 cup of danger from Mr. Lodge.
1 gallon of love from Veronica.
1 jug of friendship from Jughead.
and Betty.

10 cups of thankfulness from
Mr. Andrews and 3 teaspoons
of empathy from Mrs. Andrews.
1 piece of talent from Josie.
1 quart of fashion from Cheryl.

Veronica thinks he’s just right.
Ms. Andrews says he’s just like
his dad. Betty thinks they’ll
be BFF’s forever. While Cheryl
thinks he could have a better
sense of style.

They all love him. They made
the perfect red velvet cupcake.


Recipe For Me
Citlali C.

I was made from my loving
family recipe. Tons of Mexican
spices from my whole family!

My dark eyes were added by
my mom. My long dark hair was
added by my father to match
my eyes.

1 tablespoon of humor were
added by my grandpa. 10 pints
of love came from my grandma.

1 quarter of my love for chocolate
also came from my mother. 100
gallons of fashion sense were added
by my Aunt.

1 tablespoon of annoyance
was added from my brother.

Now that these ingredients are
combined. The recipe has created
a unique me!



                                            Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                         Group 3


Recipe For My Sissy 
Shanzah A.

A bucket load of sass followed
by a dash of common sense.
Covered by 10 tablespoons
of hair.

1 pound of fat, then punched
by a gallon of beauty. A pinch
of commitment, iced with a
huge sweet tooth.

Baked, with a quart of chocolate
milk, she came out not too dark
not to light, but just right. Though
sassy, she was poured with love!

My sister, bitter sweet, was topped
with a sprinkle of fashion sense.
Perfect as can be.


Recipe For Santa
Aliyah R.

Saint Nick adds a bowl full of joy.
Mrs. Klaus adds splash of love.

Next, a pound of cookies and milk.
One big white beard. 13 cups of
children’s happiness with a 1/2
cup of sugar plums.

The elves decide to add
12 cups of presents. The
reindeers add one sleigh.

A pinch of coal and
one giant red coat.

Finally out comes the most joyful
person of all. Santa Claus!


Recipe For Dudley, My Dog
Sylvia S.

1 gallon of fluffy, curly fur
torched until golden-brown
with dark soulful eyes.

1/2 cup of Golden Retriever,
1/2 cup of Poodle, and 2 cups
of loveable dog.

1 quart of brattiness. Stir
in a gallon of self-absorbed,
and a pinch of pettiness.

Then a pinch of intelligence,
a sprinkle of special awareness,
and a truckload of love.

Whisked together to perfection.
Baked on and off for 1 year.
Finally ready to be sliced
and enjoyed.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.