Re: Place

This week, I introduced to concept of simile to the students, who had the option of using it (or not) in their poems. Then we read and discussed “One Home” by William Stafford. We talked a bit about how different it looked from last week’s poem, in terms of line lengths and stanzas, and I asked if anyone could find any similes in the poem? The line, “The sun was over our town; it was like a blade” was mentioned, and students offered suggestions of how the sun could be compared to a blade. There was quite a variety of answers!

Before starting to write, I asked the 2nd graders to close their eyes and picture where they live. The prompt, then, was to write a poem about their home—either as a whole, how they feel about it, or a particular favorite room or space in their home.

Ms. Thiel, 2nd Grade

My Room
Austin C.

My poem is my room that is mine
I never clean it up and my
mom and dad don’t care.

The Weird Book
Moses N.

I was in my house
my book
it doesn’t have
a title on
it. I don’t know
why it just
on there
and you
know what
it is
it means
my house
is in danger.

My Dad’s Dad’s Dad’s Home
Spencer R.

He woke up feeling the
morning breeze,
feeding the animals.
Making the morning work to
god riding the hours to
get to
far place that cracks the
eggs and follows the butterflies
to the midnight sky
praying god every night for
every thing he did
with him for being shepherd
for the night and for he gives
thanks for the flower blooming
like a butterfly flying in the
sky. Like a nut that fell from
a roof flows horn to the nose.

Andres R.

I am in my room there are 10 tarantulas
2 Komodo dragons I feed them chicken

Mitra S.

Read a story before you
go to sleep. Wake
up in the morning jump. So
have fun when you go to sleep.
Open and close the closets.

Close your eyes and
go to sleep read
some stories
and good-night.

The House
Destiny S.

My living room is hard
as rock. You will hurt you
will cry hurt yourself if
you try welcome to living.
My kitchen eat such if you
try come up
the counter you
will fall and you
will cry. What so fun
come up to upstairs. My room
is like jump up and fun
come into my
parents’ room if
you try candy
candy everywhere
OK that’s the story
of my

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

One Home That’s Mine
Elle C.

My home is my home. Your home is
your home. And we all live happily!
You eat and drink and sleep and play and
even work a
little you say.
And if we all do everything
we all live happily!

Alistair G.

When I go home I feel good
My bedroom makes me feel good

When I go to the living room

It makes me feel nice

When I go to my desk I feel as
calm as a turtle.

Maxwell M.

My home has a cat even one time
she ate all the food. I have
Pokemon cards. And a telescope in
the living room. And a pool by
me. And a village.

Tristen N.

My room has so much
football stuff I have a
football night stand
my football jersey is
on my wall I have a football

My House
Isis O.

My house is fun

My bedroom is fun

toy box with toys

house with food.

My bedroom has

my mom’s bed is big

my room has walls

A big house a great house

One Home
Lucie R.

There is only one home
that is exactly like mine.
That one is mine.

There are thousands of homes out
there and only one is mine.

I love my home! I love my home
so much! I never want to leave
my home.

I love my home so much I
never want
to leave. I love everything I have!
I love my family and everything

I have!

I love my friends and every-
thing I know!

Arjun S.

My dining room is so
nice that when people come
they compliment us. We do
and eat
in the dining room.

My Room
Ashlyne W.

My room is very green!

It has very nice bed!

My room is so awesome too.

And black shoes go with

black leggings! My

room is so clean and

messy at the same


Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

Ilani A.

My house is different
but my house is nice
I like my bedroom
where I close my
eyes. I like my
living room, where
I can sit and
I like my mom’s
room where nobody
has a fit.
I will tell
you no more
but if you want
more, knock on my door.

My Room
Alex E.

The light in my room.

Light as the sun, glaring at

My bed, soft as a feather
Comfy like a pillow

Staring at the desk, full

as a dumpster in the world

of trash, is staring at

The bookshelf, heavy as 100

Elephants, the top filled

with junk. Facing my closet

filled with clothes

Some on my rug. Always clean.

With my broken iPad on the floor.

Never to be touched.

Ever… anyway. My Nintendo

on my desk, awaiting, to be played

Surrounded with junk. My room

is awesome…

Ray H.

Home sweet home my home
is cozy my back yard
is warm in the summer
and cold in the winter.

My bedroom is nice for

The living room is nice
for electronics.

Home sweet home the home
is cozy.

I do not like living
in other people’s houses.

My house is cozy
as hot chocolate.

Home is sweet like

My home’s air conditioning
is nice.
Do you like your house?

Xibao Q.

I like the bedroom
I like to sleep on the bed
I am sleepy right now.

My House
Sai S.

My house is
a place
I do everything
I live
do everything

My house


Ranya S.

Here’s a room there’s a room

everywhere is a room

I am writing in a room

My house has rooms one room

has a television one is

scratchy one is cozy one is the

kitchen one with a couch

rooms are everywhere and

there is always an exit out of

each one.

John S.

I like the TV in my
house. I don’t like
my dog she is a mean

I love the candy
in my house.

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

My Playroom the Basement
Courtney B.

One day
was in the house and I was
playing in the
basement playing
was playing with my kitchen set.
And then
I went
And got a snack

I got
it from the pantry.
was Lay’s chips.
I love
a lot of dress up clothes.

My House
Kyndall F.

My House I love
to sleep in my
on my fluffy
I also like
the kitchen I eat
the food we have
but don’t say
I don’t like my
basement it’s so
big my toys
are everywhere that’s
the best place.
My House.

At My House
Cameron M.

My favorite place in my house is
the kitchen. The kitchen because all
the food is there and there is a
candy cabinet. I love it. There are
plates too.

Tlaloc R.

It makes me feel like
I’m so
good and really wanting
my mom.
I never want to move.

My Room
Leila S.

I love my room. It is a blast. I play
with my Shopkins and Shopkins doll.
But what I love the most is snuggling
in my bed and watching videos.

Keenan V.

In my garage I see
my car

I see all
of the junk in my garage

now I’m in my house
on my first floor

on my first floor there

a big couch a TV and
lots of

on the second

floor there is a couch
a TV

the kitten is on the floor
and some toys

My House
Thomas Y.

I’m a kitchen people use me to cook

I love to get a shower

and have a hot tub

when people use me I’m hot.

When it’s Halloween I get decorated

I hate to get hit

I love to relax

when people buy me

I get used

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

My Own Home
Jeremy C.

My favorite room is the
living room on Sunday
it is lazy Sunday. The
only time I get up is at
night. I lay on the couch.
Me and my brother watch
Netflix. Then we take
the dog out his
name is Trump. He
smells like two arm pits.

Preston L.

I make pancakes
with my dad I like
my dad’s pancakes

I Love My Home
Alex M.

I have a room
I have teacher stuff
and I have a clipboard
I love it.

Aarav M.

My house is big it is full
of food it will never
run out of food I
will never be leaving
this building never
never never I love my
room full of Lego and
education I love my
homework I love the
TVs my parents own
I love the guest
room my mom’s and
dad’s room it’s the
best I love my house
in my building.

Ketan N.

My bedroom
is comfy

Rhiannon S.

At my house there’s a
room I like. It’s
an awesome room.
My room is big it’s
a room with fun time.
It is a room where
I can do whatever
I want.

It smells like rose
petals. It is where
I do my work. My house
is a piece of cake.

I love when I can
lay in my bed on the
weekends and watch my mom’s

I like to watch
my favorite movie or
show. My house is
amazing as a new

Jamen W.

I love my bed
I love my house
I love my paints
I love my TV
I love my grill
I love my couch
I love my football
I love my food
I love my lunch
I love my breakfast
I love my dinner
I love my parents’ cooking
I love my room
I love my mom and dad’s TV
I love my mom and dad’s bed



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.