Queen Zee’s Poetic Adventures: Episode 3 Poems

At the end of last year, we shared poems written by G.B. Vico students in response to the second episode of Queen Zee’s Poetic Adventures. This time, we are sharing poems written by these same students as they watched the third episode of Queen’s Zee’s Poetic Adventures. In Episode 3, Queen Zee, played by Poet in Residence Leslie Reese, guided students in creating poems about different monsters (not all of them scary!), the way these monsters make them feel, and the voices that these monsters have. In her own poem, Queen Zee wrote about a child-eating monster who encounters a child who does not fear them and actually eats monsters! Henry, Queen Zee’s robotic friend, also shared a student poem by Ivan H., who wrote about a Santa monster who steals presents, eats reindeer, and drinks elves—certainly a different take on the Santa we all know!

Please enjoy more poems from our 12- and 13-year-old friends from an English class in Tuscany!

The Hungry Black Monster

Salvatore T.
He is the cutest monster in the whole world
Its black fur covers all his body.
He looks like something scary
But he is really lovely and shy
He lives in a houseboat
And he wonders why
Everybody is scared of him.


Are You My Monster?

Camilla T.
Where is my monster?
Where is my very scary monster?
Where is my angry monster?
Where is my Hungry monster?
Where is my Monster?


Ginevra C.
Looking around
In a dark place
But then I saw them
And everything changed

They were just poor children
Alone and wounded
They weren’t crying
Just staring at me.

I couldn’t trust them
They couldn’t trust me
We just stayed there
Staring at each other.

But, for some reasons,
They took my hand.
We are the monsters
That’s what they said.


The Kindness Monster
Niccolò M.
He is small
But his heart is giant
He wants to help people
But nobody wants him
He is alone in his house by the lake
He is the kindness Monster


The Big Black Monster
Klevis D.
A big monster
A big mouth and black hair
A scary monster that frightens people
A slime hand that is going to catch you!


Giulia B.
The Dancer Monster is slimy
He has two big esmerald eyes
And purple spiky hair.
The Dancer Monster
Is a kind monster
He loves music
And dances with the people.


My Monster
Pietro G.
I’m a monster, and I’m John
I eat tall people,
I like to run in the night

And I eat people that are overweight
I like my cute voice,
I like my smelly skin,
But I don’t like my monkey walk.


The Lonely Monster
Elisabetta I.
There once was a monster who was
Big and strong.
But he was lonely overall.
He had no one to play hide-and-seek
He would hide but no one would seek
And when he sought there was no one
To be found.
His hunger made him angry most of
The time
But there was no food passing by.
So one day he decided to go to the
And that made him very proud.
He ate and ate and his tummy grew
And the next day he ate a pig.


My Monster
Rebecca M.
I’m a monster!
I’m a horrible monster!
I’m a slimy horrible monster!
I’m a short slimy horrible monster!
I live under the beds
and when I’m hungry I eat
I’m a slimy horrible monster!


My Monster
Dario S.
My monster’s name is Mark
He eats meat,
He has ten tentacles,
He doesn’t have a nose ,
He has green eyes and four legs.
Mark, the horrible, awful monster!


Enormous thanks to our launch partner for Queen Zee’s Poetic Adventures, the Ralla Klepak Foundation for Education in the Performing Arts.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.