Queen Zee’s Poetic Adventures: Episode 1 Poems

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing poems written by G.B. Vico students in response to the five episodes of Queen Zee’s Poetic Adventures. In Episode 1, Queen Zee, played by Poet in Residence Leslie Reese, led students to write poems about their ideal worlds. In her own poem, Queen Zee shared that her world would include walking in nature and talking to animals. Henry, Queen Zee’s robotic friend, also shared a student poem by Agnes L., who wrote about a world where she would be president and where resources, such as money, potato chips, homeless shelters, swimming pools, and toys are abundant.

Please enjoy these poems from our 12- and 13-year-old friends from an English class in Tuscany!

My Imaginary World

Beatrice I.
In my world the countryside is everywhere
It is always sunny
There is always a rainbow in the sky.
In my world there are no insects.
In my world everyone can be
Wherever they want.
In my world every single day
Is a beautiful
Fun and happy day.


This is My World
Riccardo C.
In my world,
I want the people to feel relaxed and safe
And everyone help each other.
In my world the only thing you can hear
Are the birds singing in the morning
And in my world
You can see the warm sun on your bedroom window,
A kind wind that makes the leaves slowly fall.
Clouds made of sugar, where I can jump and play.
This is my world.


A World That Does Not Exist
Niccolò M.
In my world I sit in the garden
And I look at the stars
Inside me I feel peaceful.
In my world the people are on cloud 9
The air is filled with a heavy silence
My mind flies away and travels through the clear sky
In my world there is peace
In my world all my dreams come true.


In My World
Sofia F.
In my world I lie on the roof
Looking at the old staircase
That has now collapsed.
Inside me I feel safe,
As if any breath
Was a gulf of courage.
In my world, the people around me are safe
And in the night I can see
Angels in the sky.


Alice D. M.
In my world there is no violence or racism,
My world is a quiet garden full of flowers
Where you can breathe fresh air
And where the animals are free and happy.
If you can’t guess my world’s name,
Well it is easy, just call it “Happiness”.
We should all be happy,
We should stop all wars
We should stop global warming
Poor people should be helped,
We all should live a happy life.
What are you saying? This is only a “dream world”?
Well, I am sure my dream world will come true one day.


A World of My Own
Irene S.
I want a world where the birds can sing,
Where no-one ever, ever feels sick
Where the rainy days aren’t sad and
Share our feelings is not that bad
Where the good times never end
And where I can touch the clouds with my own hand.
I want a world where opinions are free
Full of colorful flowers and lots of green trees.


In My World…
Aurora S.
In my world I don’t want lies
I want loyal people with golden hearts
People who love you for just what you are
People who know how to love everyone.


I Want an Umbrella
Greta G.
I want an umbrella to cover me up from rain
I want an umbrella to cover everyone up from rain
I want a world full of umbrellas to cover up everyone
From hunger and guns.
I want to use my umbrella to feel safe
To feel warm
I want an umbrella big enough
To cover up the whole world from bad people and war.
I want unlimited food and water
I want to share love
I want everyone to have an umbrella
To cover up from
Racism and homophobia.
I want an umbrella.


A Better World
Alisea N.
In my world
The sea is not polluted
In my world
The animals are happy
In my world
I watch the children running among the flowers
Inside me
I want to be happy
Inside me
I want to have my lost brother
Inside me I want to learn more English words ,so I can tell you
About my world, a world that is going to be a better one.


No Limits
Arianna D. C.
In my world there are no limits:
Everyone can fly like a bird through the clouds,
Everyone can swim like a fish among the sea waves
And every dream can come true.
In my world there are no limits:
Everyone has a home
And we all have the right to be what we want.
In my world there are no limits:
We have the right to be free,
We have the right to be children forever,
We have the right to be wrong.
In my world there are no limits.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.