We read “homage to my hair” by Lucille Clifton. I encouraged the students to choose something they loved about themselves and write a poem in praise of that.
4th period

praise for my speed and my drawing
Dontrell B.

I am like lightning
I am like a paintbrush or
a pencil
When I run it feels like
I am in another dimension
When I paint it feels
like I am an artist
praise for my mind
Kiwon W.

I am smart
I am a hard thinker
I always think about things
I have a good view of a lot of things
I can almost see a problem before it happen sometimes
I know that I will go a long way in life
Sometimes when things get hard my mind find
a way to help me for a good way to solve it
praise for my hair
Jonathan T.

praise for my hair oh! it is so rare
it goes with me everywhere and everyone
loves to stare I love the way it moves
I love when I put my hand through it
and it is so smooth I love the smell
of my hair because I take so much good

5th period

Praise for my Heritage/Skin!
Laquasia B.

You are so brown
You are so smooth
You are the sympathy behind the groove
You have changed but still maintained!
You are everywhere with me
There are secrets about you!
You are judged
Sometimes abused
You are criticized against your rule
praise for my looks!

praise 4 my looks that’s
as pretty as the new fresh
Jordans but can
have mean ways just like
a bear over its honey!

praise to my hazel
eyes that
lights up when the beautiful
sun shines on them!
praise to my body that
has the shape of a small
Coke bottle, not gone say
big ’cause you see I’m kind
of on the short side
but you know me
Praise for My Style
Kelley W.

The cloth on my back
classic not trashy
original yet trendy
slim and sleek
nice and serene
My style speaks
even when my mouth is closed
The way I express how I’m feeling
This is praise for my style
My style is me
Praise for My Americans
Karon E.

I give praise to them
and not only the cops
Give praise to those who
didn’t drop stop or pop
I praise those who came
before me
Those are my role models
They are my past
And I’m their future
Praise for my Americans

7th period

Praise for my Hair
Kiaralyn R.

My hair
My hair is all black
My hair is long
My hair is everything
My hair real curly
Everybody see my hair as pride

You’re everything I worship
You’re what’s my pride
You’re what everybody touches
You’re soft long and curly
Your nickname now it’s
Terrance S.

Praise the money the power
and the respect Praise the
life Praise the light outside
of your house Praise the
people who care for you
Praise the clothes you got
on your back Praise the
past and to-be-soon future
Praise the lost and dead
people who fought for
our rights Praise the man
who made all this Praise
yourself. PRAISE me.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.