Poetry Is Truth

For our final virtual poetry lesson, Dubois students experimented with collaborative poems. A collaborative poem is when a group of poets contribute individual lines to create a unified poem. Together we read a poem called, “The Truth Is Kids,” written by students  Annalise, Sara, Michelle, Yasmine, and Abby. These five young girls performed their poem at the Lincolnwood Library in Pratt, IL. In their poem the girls describe what they believe is true about kids today.  The truth is kids are the future/ The truth is I am you and you are me/ We are one/  The kids are the glue that holds a family together. In a collaboration poem, poets have to work together as a team and respect each others ideas.

Inspired by the poem, “The Truth Is Kids,” each class wrote poems together describing what they believe is true about poetry. I’m excited to publish these fabulous poems to close out our residency. To the 8th graders I wish you the very best on your new journey to high school. As for the 7th, 6th, and 5th graders have a safe and wonderful summer. Keep writing!


Ms. Dydo ’s
8th Grade


8th Graders’ Final Poem
By Lakisha C, Jayla J, and Elijah R

Poetry is Wonderful.
Poetry is like the snow.
Poetry is cats fighting over food
Poetry is dogs in one cage

Poetry is like a cat
Poetry is bumpy like a road
Poetry is chaotic like a lion
Poetry is an energetic dog

Poetry is love at first sight
Poetry is the comfort you feel when your cuddled up at night
Poetry is like a sharp pain you feel when you get a paper cut
Poetry is like a squirrel struggling to get its nut
Poetry is like the many seasons that make up a year
Poetry is like many fan getting ready to cheer
Even though I have fun and love
Poetry is a love hate relationship



Ms. Dydo ’s
7th Grade


Poetry Is
By Deshawn J.

Poetry is pain
Poetry is lame
Poetry is like its made from trash on the highway
Poetry is as my body is being bit by mosquitoes and fire ants non stop


Ms. Dydo’s
6th Grade


Forever Poetry
By Justin H, Jamyla L, Deniyah L, Jayliah L, Maya R

Poetry is a glass of lemonade
Poems are a splinter in your foot
Poetry is as hard as gold
Poems are like finding gold coins at the end of a rainbow

Poetry is flamin ‘hot with cheese .
Poems are like a baby eating his/her food
Poetry is like a kid waiting to get home after a long day at school.
Poetry is like a hummingbird trying to be heard .

Poetry is like a living breathing person
Poetry is the bee’s knees
Poetry is like two peas in a pod
Poems is what makes you, you

Poetry is easy as work
Poetry is busy as bees
A Poem is a story but waiting to be read
A Poem is neat as a bookshelf
Poems are serious and mysterious

Poetry is wild and free
Poetry is bold and extra
Poetry is different like you and me
Poetry is like fire to much to handle



Ms. Dydo’s
5th Grade


Kings and Queens, Poetry Dreams
By Lawryn C, Luis G, Tyshan L, Carissa L, Janiya P, and Ema R

A poem is a nest full of words and writers
Poetry a bluebird of letters and sentences.
Poems are Busy birds chirping to be free
Poetry is a lyrical, loving, lingering sound.
That is poetry to me

Poetry is a beautiful rose starting to bloom
Poems are like a bird in a bird cage waiting to be freed
poetry is like a message in a bottle
Poems are as amazing as an authentic sunset

poetry is like a heartbeat
poems can be filled with love or hate
poetry is a dazzling star
poetry is like a sinking ship ready for battle

Poems can be as big as a titan or small as an ant
Poetry is like a piece of melting chocolate
Poems are a cake on your birthday
Poetry is a book with very little pages

Poetry is falling stars.
Poetry is falling paper hearts
Poems are like a sunset
Poetry is joyful as a book

Poetry is a rollercoaster of words
Poems are works of art
Poetry is as beautiful as an ocean
Poetry is like an idea in the back of your mind



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.