Poetry is like a never-ending waterfall

Hamline 6th graders made it through to their last of poetry this week. To celebrate we wrote group Ars Poetica poems. Ars Poetica is a poem about the art of writing poetry and what it means to the poet. We used similes to compare poetry to different things using the words “like” or “as.” Everyone in each group contributed two lines. Many groups had different opinions about poetry, some loved it, some hated it or thought it was boring, while others were somewhere in the middle. But poetry can be about anything, it’s about putting your thoughts and emotions on paper without judgement. We even had a few students share their group’s poems on my blue microphone I had brought.

I’m proud of Hamline 6th graders for finishing up their residency. I hope 6th graders enjoy the much-needed summer vacation.

Mr. Marroquin’s 6th Grade
Group 1

Un Poema Es Como
By Milagros B., Viviana G., Grecia P., Adriana S.

Un poema es bueno como amistad.
Un poema es hermoso como el mundo.
Un poema es como un gatito hermoso.
Un poema es como la luna.
Un poema profundo.
Un poema es triste
Un poema es como una leccion
Un poema es divertido cuando
estas con tus mejores amigas o

Poetry Is
By Jose F., Joel L., Adamari S., Ruby V.

A poem is not Sigma.
A poem is not a Rizzler.

The world is like a breeze.
because it is just a whoosh,
and a disaster can happen.

Poetry is like watching paint dry.
Poetry is not giga chand.

Poetry is as boring as a book.
Poetry is as annoying as a Karen.

Poetry Is as Boring as School
By Chito A., Antonio J., Miguel P., Jesus O.

A poem can be easy as nails in wood.
A poem can be as boring as school.

A Poem is like Fortnite.
Poetry is as hard as metal.

Poetry is as hateful as having hair in your food.
Poetry is as fun as spending time with friends.

A poem is like a dream; it is full of imagination.
A poem is like a smoothie, you can add different

Mr. Marroquin’s 6th Grade
Group 2

We Hate
By Jayden C., Juan F., Michelle G., Yamileth M., Jose P., Jesus S., Ruby S. Ashley V.

A poem is as annoying as a crying baby.
A poem is as dumb as Math.
A poem is like a fire that never goes out.
A poem is strong as a fly.
A poem is as blank as a piece of paper.
Poetry is like a broken stick.
Writing poetry is as hard as a rock.
A poem is like abuse.
Poetry is boring like a snail.
A poem is as confusing as a baby.
A poem is as dry as a desert.
A poem is like a never-ending waterfall.
A poem is as hard as caring for a fat baby.
A poem is as annoying as CNN10.
Poetry is as dark as a dark room.
A poem is as invisible as a ghost.
Poetry is ugly like a gorilla.

The Things We Love & Hate About Poetry
By Neveah F., Diego F., Yareni L.

Somethings we hate about poetry,
is that it can get insanely annoying,
and we have to write every single,
And after the poetry, which tired us,
we have more to do, and worsens
the tiredness.
Hands are sore.
But one thing that Poetry helps us
with is to relax myself and others.

Boredom and Hate
By Daniella C., Saniya H., Jurni P, Marcus T.

Poetry is like Ms. Lightfoot’s class.
I hate poetry like I hate Math class.
It’s like going to school.
Slow like a snail.
A poem is like a long test.
A poem is like doing homework.
A poem is like seeing someone
I hate.
Poetry reminds me of iReady,
boring and useless.

Ms. Torres 6th grade
Group 3

Poetry Is Like
by Aiden A
, Brendon H., Shamya J., Gerardo T., Yaritza O,

A poem is as funny as a jokester.
A poem is like a place where you can
write whatever you like.

A poem is as good as Dr. Pepper.
A poem is beautiful like OG Fortnite.

Poetry is fun like gym.
Poetry is like food, fun and delicious.
A poem is what you feel when you’re
having fun, like on a hot summer day.

A poem is like a little kid on Christmas morning.
Poetry is as boring as science class.

A poem is like a painting.
A poem is like an album cover.

A Poem
By Amy A, Bryan G., Angelica M., Bradley R., Juan Carlos S. Delani V., Dhylan V.,

Poetry is as special as a person.
Poetry is as amazing as watching a sunset.

A poem is like a Bulbear attacking
A poem is undefeatable creature.

Poetry is like a song.
Poetry is like a circus.

A poem is like me, sitting at home bored.
A poem is boring like Social Studies.

Un poems es tan Hermoso como la naturaleza.
Un poema es tan divertido como la clase de gym.

A poem is boring like Math.
A poem is like a book.

Un poema es como un atardecer en la playa.
Un poema ea fuerte como el hierro.

A Poem Is
By: Mariangel G.
, Aaron C., Isabella E., Isabella F., Andres N., Matt N., Ana O., Arlene O., Kevin P.

A poem is like a book.
A poem is like a window.

Poetry is as fun as Social Studes.
Poetry is sometimes as boring as science.

Poetry is like snow at night.
Poetry is beautiful as the night sky.

Poetry is beautiful as the sunrise.
Una poema puedo er tan profundo como
la fosa de las marinas.

Un poema es hermoso como un atardecer,
Un poema es como tranquilo como naturaleza.

A poem is as cool as going to Six Flags.
A poem is as messy as a silly string bottle.

Una poema es tan lindo con un poisaje o tu jugar favorito.
Un poema puedo ser tan aterrador Como un fantasma.

A poem is as boring as when you’re doing chores.
A poem is as boring as Math class.

A poem is like a painting.

A poem is like a cookie, it can soft or hard to bite.
A poem is like cutting a Turkey on Thanksgiving,
its either a hit or miss.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.