Poems Are Like Burgers

Sayre’s 8th grade students had a lot to say about poetry. After reading Jamila Woods’ “Blk Girl Art,” we spent time crafting our own works about what poetry means to us. Check out some of our poems below:


by Khloe C.

Poems are like burgers. Without the

meat, they are pointless. Burgers are

supposed to have a multitude of things

in them for them to be good. Burgers

have to be grilled by a dedicated chef

for them to be good. When you taste

a burger, you might get a different taste than

others. People like onions and tomatoes

on their burger but others do not.

You put the fries in the pot, everyone

likes different. It’s okay if you do not.


by Geniyah E.

Poetry… a thing people do

for fun, or to make them feel calm.

Poetry helps people cope.

Sometimes poetry makes me feel like a warm spring

day. The feeling reminds me of being with my friends,

warmth, happiness, and a sense of relief, a good day.

But sometimes, poetry makes me feel annoyed, like a

boy buzzing in my ear. This feeling reminds me of annoyedness.

irritated, like a baby crying all day with no rest.

A Feeling…

by Jaslene L.

Poems remind me of closure.

Closure is me being okay with myself.

Being okay with myself is a feeling.

I forever want to feel.

A feeling I feel now.

I’m okay.

I’m alive.

I’m heard.

I’m relieved.

Poems make me feel a way I’ve never felt before.

Itzel R.

Poetry Freedom

Poetry makes me feel free,

like hitting a punching bag,

one by one,

poetry makes me feel peaceful,

like a good morning run,

while the sunset is shining bright,

poetry makes me feel quiet,

when going to the gym each time.

Poetry makes me feel inspired,

When hearing other boxers fight,

poetry makes me feel happy,

like winning a boxing match,

poetry is amazing,

and I enjoy poetry.

Poetry To Me…

by Jake T.

Poetry is like a beginning,

Without it, the things you do are louder.

The words would be a lie if you do it after,

Speak the truth, and at that moment to let change be known.

Poetry is your mind written

Most people won’t give you multiple chances,

If you write your poet what is truly from your mind,

If they bypass everything and focus on the bad,

They are truly ignorant,

So find someone who is not fake in this world.

Poetry is like a flower,

Most of the time it doesn’t bloom in a good way,

But if you find the right environment,

It will bloom all day.

Poetry Makes Me Feel

by Benjamin T.

Poetry makes me feel stuck.

Like logging with 1000 ping in Fortnite.

Poetry can make me feel like I am gliding

off the battle bus. Feeling the relaxing air

between my fingers. Free and relaxed.

The feeling of landing on the map with

no loot. Vulnerable. But at the end of the day,

it is who you get the victory royale with,

no matter who tries to knock you during your victory.

Blk Boy Art

by Lamine D.

Poetry is like soda. If you shake them hard enough, they bubble

UP, line, POP. Poetry is like being bold, invisible, cuz people

don’t look at the you they look for the words. Poetry is like an

old song, you’re looking for the nostalgia. Poetry is like the

night because I am batman and I am here to give it Justice.

Poetry is like the ocean. The deeper you go the harder it

gets to breathe.


by Dylan

Poetry makes me feel


Mad like when I stutter when talking


Sad like when I lost a friend


Happy like when I learned about poetry



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.