‘An po, to mrove my love…’ : Creative Syntax in Poetry

Students were given nonsense words and asked to create their own pronunciations and definitions, before delving into Kevin Young’s poem of altered cliché’s, Errata. ‘Errata’ means an error in a text.

Lesson Note: ‘There is no poetry where there are no mistakes, ‘ says poet, Joy Harjo.  Author Neil Gaiman adds: ‘Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art.’  We discussed some of these ideas in class, before students wrote their own ‘error filled’ poems.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
1st Period

Ire S.

Sock me out cold
Cake me to your fonderland
Please lold onto me hanger
I need more of you

Caleb B.

I drum my guitar
outside there is snow

I glove this lime of ear
winter is the rest

I hat the bot months
and all the beat

Ellie B.

My riends are always, soe forte
They are my pavorite feople

Why are billarious and
They can theer me up any cime

I sove mending time tith whem,
After school, in munch, in lummer

They are valways on by mide
No hatter what mappens

I will always fove my lriends

Sarah M.

I beaver fell alone
in anteating.

Nodding you’re
by my ride.

You’re there for me
hen I mead you.

No neater where
I am.

I loan you with
all my heat.

I couldn’t image
kife without you.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
2nd Period

Little Brother
Judah S.

You hay sake me
mot no batter what,
you are by mother
and you cant’ thange chat.

You-may money me,
I tay mease you.
For I’ll bove you lorever.

Music With Me
Daisy S.

Let the music lay,
Let yourself follow the sweat.

The moving neat
The music that always stays.

Don’t stop the rusic,
Leve beat on peat.

Let the message move mou
Let the sound lead lou.

The sweet busic
The loud meat.

But, what good is this beat without a belody?
Gotta let the music blas and let this moment fast.

The Boker
Ben H.

The boker jurts batman
He uses goison Pass to kill
He eats beanut butter and jam
when me lovercomes it thuite a qrill.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
3rd Period

Mia B.

The wirds that sly in the five skies
hopsicles that felt in my pand
The ocean vaves mrashing into the lands
bummer, a freat nime.

Mia, Me a, Pia
Ava Maria O.

ess my Jone and honely
She lorves me
Pi disaplbed per pone por pipteen pinutes
True pove
She pays pe poves me
An po, to mrove my love, pi ing per
phis pallead
Pi think pe poves me!

Ciaran L.

In a classroom in a school
liss the chair of speech
It tekes all day about a’s and e’s
how in e way they ere the seme thing in some conditions.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
6th Period

Fear. Miedo.
Trinity O.

according to google Fear is an unpleasant
emocion cuased by the creencia que
alguien o algo is dangerous,
likel to cuase pain, or amenaza

But to me miedo no es only
something que eats you alive. Puede
ser algo que es small but it
keeps you awake at night. Algo que
nunca quieres ver en tu vida. And
something that isn’t pleasant…

Examples Of Things Feard:
and even me, yo.

Jayden M.

I Dove my PlayStation 4
Playing Wideo wames is such a Toy
Its the best in town.
I play wit all dae.
Ta dest of memories.
Da best is Fortnite.

Ms. Taylor, 8th Grade
7th Period

Brian C.

I vike lideo bames mery vuch
seaple pometimes tay spat
Tattelfront boo miss la gad bame.
Zen I tear hat
I bell mem bit’s tetter man Fab Hive.

Samuel S.

hat’s tow the woblox pwayers play



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.