The poets from Logandale used personification to give human-like qualities to non-humans. Enjoy!


Room 306



By Karianey Garcia 


Bees drink the nectar from the flower,

Like drinking soup out of a bowl


Sunflowers watch the sun on a hot day,

As the flowers bathe in their rays


Squirrels hug the tree like greeting an old friend.


Birds plan their winter vacations

as the leaves dance in the cold breeze.


Butterflies fly away for the winter, only to return



Heidi H.                 


The sun smiles at the world

Oceans waves crashing in the pacific coast

lightning jumps from one place to another

the wind whistling in someone’s ear

as the flowers wave at the bees



By Roger V.


My blanket was hugging me nice and warm

I get out of my bed and the trees are waving at me

I see the bird saying good morning

The sun was giving out free heat to everyone

The pancake was looking at me mad


Room 302


My Nightmare

By Luis S.


I walk past a cemetery on my way to my house, and I see my friend standing at a grave,

I go up to him.

“I thought you were gone”, I told him.

He disappears, the gates close, the gates can smell my fear.

The old and broken trees have touched us both and left one.

The ravens taste my presence and realize it’s me.

Screams and yells I hear too

The grave of my friend yells “For what you did to me, and what I’ll do to you.”

This cemetery saw things that one should never know.


Deadly waves

By Giana E.


The great ocean breeze can smell the fear from four-year-old me like smelling gas from a busy street.

The ocean spoke to me, trying to lure me in, claiming to be nice like that man in the van.

When I stepped in, it was then I realized that the ocean had lied, I’ve been fooled just like that child that entered the van hoping to find candy.

The ocean started crushing my lungs, I was gasping desperately for air. “What a peaceful place like the ocean” they said.

The ocean was pulling me down, drowning me so easily for my small body, nowhere to run, like a mouse caught in a trap.


Room 315


A guy buying a cable at a yard sale

By John B.


I once saw a singing phone, that was on top of a falling cone.

Next to the cone there were fighting keys, they were hanging from a hairy tree.

Up above there were crying clouds, the teardrops fell over the staring house.

In the yard there was a yard sale with a moving chair.

A guy came and he had a lot of dancing hairs.

But in the grass there was a rolling pear, and along with it a sleeping bear.

But the guy had come for the slithering cable that was on top of the paralyzed table.

Then he went inside of his energetic car that was striped like a jaguar.

The car’s trunk was open wide, and inside there were migrating cards.

But a deep hole was on the ground and it made the tires bounce.

With all the bouncing the cards had all fallen out.

But the cable was in the front, where it couldn’t be touched.

And the guy didn’t really care; he just ate his frozen lunch.


A Day on the Field

By Luis D.


Being together and united as one family. Going along and achieving as one, loving each other and give a nice face to one another.

The wind hitting my face, sun shining all over the world.

Tear drops falling as the rain comes down.

The soccer ball calling me to kick it and run.


The Dancing Sky

By Selena F.


During the daytime the sun beams at me,

The sun smiles so bright I almost turn blind.

I’m being loved by the trees surrounding me,

They’re giving me oxygen to breathe and live.

The breeze dances around me,

Whispering in my ear,

Playing with my hair.

The sun begins to close its’ weary eyes,

And goes into a slumber.

The moon jumps up and starts shining just like a diamond.

The stars dance across the night having a party.

The clouds sometimes go in front of the stars,

Covering the stars dance moves.

Sometimes lightning dances across the sky as well.

There is thunder that screams and scares people.

The sky loves me and I love the sky.


In a future

 By Tania L.


In the future we will see each other again

I will sing to you with my guitar, to you and

only you, my beautiful moon

the stars will shine brighter than ever for your presence

and the flowers will dance and jump.



By Melissa M


There are stars dancing in the sky at night.

The comets racing each other to see who gets to earth first.

The planets are just staring at the other’s having fun, meanwhile they are forced to go slowly around the sun for the rest of their life.


Come out to Play

By Michael R.   


the wind whispering for me with its calm voice to go outside

The clouds clearing, forming a path calling me outside

The rain weeping for me to leave the dungeon I call my room

The itchy grass telling me to walk on it

The sun yearning to turn my appearance to orange


My experiences in and out of home

By Melissa T.


The trees dancing back and forth in the wind, like they’re at a dance party.

The delicious smell of brownies pulled me to the kitchen, as if it was telling me to come for them.

The sky turned dark as the glum clouds enveloped it, as if it was being ignored.

The sun smiles at us today, during this wonderful summer season.

I look into the sky blue clouds, they look like blueberry cotton candy.

My homework looks at me with anger, as if it’s getting my attention to finish its work.


Nature’s  Friendships

By Aileen Z.


At twelve o’clock, my alarm sings a tune.

Like a pop star

The sun is very happy

As a person would be receiving a wonderful gift

The thunder screams at people

As if it’s mad

The sun says good morning to me

Like the good friend it is




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.