Outstanding Odes

During my second week working virtually with Dubois students, we learned about odes. An ode is a poem that gives praise and celebrates a person, place, or object. Together we read Marcus Jackson’s poem “Ode to Kool-Aid.” Jackson creates unique similes to describe this beloved sugary drink, “Extra sugar whirlpooling to the pitcher-bottom like gypsum sand.” Students became tongue tied when they tried to read out loud Jackson’s lines of alliteration for Kool-Aid flavors, “Purplesaurus Rex, Roarin’ Rock-A-Red, Ice Blue Island Twist, Sharkleberry Finn.” They even laughed when the poet’s grandad took out his dentures to fully taste the Kool-Aid’s sweetness. Students discovered that Kool-Aid is not just an everyday drink, but is a symbol of childhood and innocence.

Inspired by Marcus Jackson, students wrote their own odes to celebrate the significant people, places, and objects in their lives. Enjoy this week’s published poems.



Ms. Dydo
8th Grade


Ode to Family
By Zakia C.

My family is me
My family is my guide when I can’t see
I am the lock and they are they key
Phenomenal family they love me
They can tell when I’m lying like
I’m glass and they can see right through me
My love for them goes as deep as the sea
My family can be frustrating, forgetful, and a friend
when I’m in need My family is me
Phenomenal family they love me


Ode to Cake
By Jaylen H.

Cake is sweet, Cake is salty
There are plenty of things it can be
But my favorite cake is vanilla
You gotta love the sweet savory sensation in your mouth
Then the creamy white frosting is fluffy as a cloud
There are plenty of different cakes
My second favorite cake is cheese cake
I love the smooth slick top of the cake
Then the sweet saggy strawberries on top
You would think the crust is hard but in reality it’s as soft as sand


Ode to Mocha
By Talia L.

Oh, marvelous, messy Mocha
Your eyes are light like a sun
You can be playful, peaceful, placid dog
There are days you can be happy
There are days you can get irritated
But do know you are a loving, loyal, laid-back dog
My life and your life, we are like brother and sister.



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade


Ode to X
By Mijzion F.

I cant tell you
That your dream
Successful the kids
You wanted to make happy and believe in you
Miss you
You was my favorite rapper why they kill you like that?
June 18 , 2018 that’s when you assassinated
Shot you inside of a car you was just tryna drive off ,
You had energy like a lion but thoughts like dr.king
You wanted to change the world and you wanted to make it
Like how madara , sasuke , and naruto wanted to change the world.. I look at you like the king the king of all humans
Now since the king gone I don’t trust the world no more
Trust takes a lot in a human to take out of
You never knew how to love or the meaning of love so let me tell you “When a man learns to love , they must also know the bare risk of hate” I wanna see your revenge I wanna see your power
I wanna see they true meaning of revenge the true meaning Of depression
I wanna know the true meaning of
Being the king , and learning how to focus on yourself
I wanna use my voice
To make your dream successful
The world is all about give me , give me , give me
But when they get it
They through it all away like a piece of trash
People use each other like tools
One day the wanna be friends
The next day they don’t
But , when you get there everyone wanna look
At the next person with revenge and hate
Now i want a answer for you jahseh tell me is that the right way?
I spoke to the devil on my journeys
He told me my time isn’t here June 18 , 2029 see you then…


Ode to Dreams
By Kaliah

Watching the moon appear as fast as an hummingbird
I opened the window and let the the night flood in
Filled with owling owls and howling wolves
The night occupied her bedroom
Till I was swimming in it
I woke up in mystic castle
Walls swallowing screams
Screams getting louder
Sounds like a horror show
Waking myself up screaming
Remembering it’s just a dream


Ode To Chips
By Jewel W.

Your nice salty sweet flavor
Lays in my mouth like sweet as day
Store from store you run around
Chips Oh Dear Chips
You give me freedom
Chips you may be hot like tamales
Chips or may be salty as pretzels
But dear chips
I wont stop eating you Chips Chips Chips Oh dear chips




Ms. Dydo
6th Grade


Ode to Dance 
By Aalyiha C.

I love to dance because it’s very fun,
but when I start dancing I’m never done.
Dancing makes me happy and dancing makes me glad
dancing even helps me get better when I am sad.
Sometimes dancing is like running a thousand miles
because it can make you very tired and can also make you proud.
Dancing can be hard and dancing can be easy but if you are proud.


Ode to Brisk Ice Tea
By Kimora L.

Oh Thee BRisk Ice tea
Oh how I love thee
You make me so happy
When I see thee brIsK ice teeaa
You make me excited as Kimora Simmons Lee
When she had her first baybee.
Oh brisk tea
When I drink you
I want to fly too Tennessee
Tea I am gonna buy three to take with me to Tennessee .
Oh how I love TTHEE bRisk Tea.


Ode to Sza, Jhene Aiko and Normani
By Trinity M.

We need a day , A day for Sza,
A day for Jhene Aiko, A day for Normani
Jhene will always keep it positive ,
Sza is like a vibe,
Normani is not to try ,
Purr as they should,Will be a day



Ms. Dydo
Grade 5th


Ode To My Little Gremlin Sister
By Lawryn C.

Oh to my little gremlin sister I love you but you’re irritating tho
like a buzzing bee and leaves falling off a tree.
If we were stuck on a boat together we wouldn’t’ last.
But God gave me a good girl gremlin sister.
Yet we’re still stuck on this boat
Like a baby bear cub cold and crinkly
Love you just because
from you biggest fan


Ode to Jet
By Carissa L.

Oh my sweet dog Jet
Your hair sheds like a thread
When we go on walks you know
The path to back to our house
Oh my sweet dog Jet I will never
Forget you as Joy as a bee as jumpy
As a bunny your actions are very funny
when you poop in my room the pressure
is near your such a silly puppy but
you will always be my dear.


Ode to Money
By Kayden S.

Money is good trading thing
Money is also for rappers who think that the can do the whole thing
Money is one of the best, for kings that is doing the rest
Money is like getting everything you wanted
He wanted to get as much he can , he wanted to join a band Money can change people lives
Like Biggie Smalls said mo money mo problems
Money is not worth robbing
Putting it in the bank , so it don´t be stank



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.