Origin Myths

For my fourth virtual lesson with Dubois students, we explored myths. A myth is an ancient story or legend explaining the early history of a group of people or about a natural phenomenon. Myths involve Gods and Goddesses and supernatural creatures. Myths are usually passed down from one generation to the next. Every culture around world has their their own unique myths. A few students even mentioned some mythical creatures from their own culture such as La llorona (the weeping woman) and the Chupacabra, who drinks the blood of livestock, especially goats.

Together we read the poem, “My People,” by Pam Thompson. In her poem Thomas explores the origins of various animals. And those who lived near the canal grew scales/and those who lived on the tops /grew fur to keep out biting winds/and some sprouted wings to hunt for food. The speaker of the poem is a child being told this story by her mother, explaining how animals were once humans, before they underwent supernatural transformation.

Inspired by Pam Thompson, students wrote their own origin myths, spinning stories about how certain people, creatures, and objects  came into existence. Please enjoy these mythical poems.


Ms. Dydo
8th Grade


The Creation Of Zakia
By: Zakia C.

Once a baby was born they called her Zakia
She was bald head for a long time they thought she had alopecia
When she started to grow so did her hair
She had inches all everybody could do was stare
When she got older she really was confident
She would take a compliment but what they said she already knew
She became more conceited the more she grew.


Vampire into Bat
By Kiazia L.

Long ago humans were created
Some were a little different
By different, I mean zombie like
Not dead, not bloody and broken
These beings were bloodthirsty
They gave themselves the name vampire
Stalking the night in the shadows
Longing for human flesh
These beings were heartless and cruel
They were very known about by civilians
They needed to get blood without being caught
They decided to go to a witch for help
The witch gave them wings
And made them smaller
She called this mutation bats
Vamps were able to make this form on and off
Eventually they became permanent in this state
Being bats forever and adapting to the new
body and world


By Talia L.

In the beginning, Zombies, rising from the undead,
Eating human flesh
And bones.
They are mythical creatures like witches and vampires, While their eyes are creepy
And their skin turning into zombie skin.
Blood on their face as they keep eating humans
And humans and humans.
Dead men and women are walking and talking,
And are chasing humans fast to eat them.
Zombies can be myth too, and it will
Happen in the real world someday.



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade


How Vampires Came Along
By Nevaeh B.

Long ago the world was normal no vampires just humans. This is how it started. The moon was always half but one day the moon became overgrown because of the evil gods. This happens every 100 years. so whoever gets hit by the moon light they will turn. They turn back as soon as the sun comes out. People are still on the look out between the 100 years because the evil gods try to be slick and make the moon full at night, but the good gods stop them. But this happens on Halloween even when the son is out, so therefore no one goes trick or treating anymore.


The Signal Tower
By Shiala M.

we start off with “What is The signal tower”?
Its structure has the ability to manipulate the minds of blank.
It does this from the use of the televisions and appears to corrupt those
who glare into it for long.
This is so powerful it distorts the faces of the viewer until they are gone.
Their bodies get absorbed into The signal tower.
Masses of flesh break through the walls of the tower,
causing it to start collapsing and breaking through its walls.
The closer we get to saving those people , the more we see blobs of flesh.
This creature is the remains of the people consumed by this signal tower.
Getting bigger and bigger
as it consumes more and more.
how vampires came along


By Amari Y.

Were created like some things in this world
Some good, some evil, or some can be both
Some died as heroes like Itachi
And some rose to be heroes like Naruto
Some betrayed the village for power like Sasuke
But at the end they still had a place to call home this home
Was called the the village hidden in the leaf they had a teacher named Kakashi
He was a good teacher you may know him as the
Copy cat ninja
This anime is one of the anime everyone has heard of and the anime is about
a boy who wanted to become hokaga a protect everyone around him and
He set his mind to it and did it.
His name is Naruto Uzumaik BELIEVE IT


Snow Ice
By Jamonte

Long ago
ice falls on me
as i cry
snow is laying next to me
they say you choke on ice
you die
don’t know what to say
maybe hey rip von
that’s a different subject
love life
hate life
what do we say
i cry white
because snow ice
slipping down



Ms. Dydo
6th Grade



How Ursula Became Evil
Jaliyah M.

When Ursula and Triton’s Father died
The pair were given equal share to the sea
plus 2 magical items
When Ursula received the magic Nautilus shell
Though the two were meant to be rulers
as Ursula’s greed and use of the dark magic usurped
it, lead to her being banished.
Ever since she banished herself
she became very evil


Why Mother Nature Cries
By: Maya R.G

There is this beautiful woman who lives in the clouds
She gets sad and she cries
Even on happy days
Sometimes she cries very lightly, and beautifully
And sometimes hard, dark, and ugly cries
Sometimes after she cries she leaves a nice rainbow
She cries because our world pollutes day by day
She wishes our world was beautiful like it used to be
She cries and cries so our plants will grow.
This is why Mother Nature cries


The Evil Coco Man
By Rod S.

The coco man
a shapeless figure
sometimes a hairy monster
Hides in closets or under beds
Eats children that misbehave
Now go to bed



Ms. Dydo
5th Grade


La Llorona
By Luis G.

La Llorona the ghost of fear
The women that feeds on fear
The ghost that leads children into her trap… your hear crying … then RUN! Or she’ll drown you too
Lock your doors, protect your children and watch out for LA LLORONA!! If you have a bathtub
full of water hold you child’s hand or shell take your child And drown her/him
She’ll try to separate you from your children and lead them to the attic
If that happens run to the attic
Then say a prayer for your children to be ok if your children are gone
Go to your pool And find her drowning your children
If you have a cross then let the Good spirits handle that
Send her back to where she came from.


Dog’s Way
By Carissa L.

Dogs are like fog they go fast
And come small, I wish I could have them all
But soon I would fall but they have a secret
That’s true, dogs are animals guards, eyes
Deep like the sea ,they give warnings, then they
Bite when in danger. They chase you like a fly and
As the times go by, on their break, they take their
Naps as they fall on their backs.


Brox King Of The Galaxy
By Kayden S.

Brox, he was made from a mad man that was tired of losing wars. Brox became my pet, I wanted him to have water power but he did not. He turned on me, went behind my back flew away. Brox had the opposite of water power, he had fire power. The madman was actually a scientist. Brox had the force of ten thousand bulls , the bite force of 50 t-rex bites in one , can fly faster than a cheetah can run. Brox took over the world. I could communicate with brox, but when asked why did you takeover the world brox said “Would you rather be someone’s pet or be the king of the galaxy.” I couldn’t help it so I joined brox . We took more than just the galaxy we took everything existing. After we did that, God made a planet with nothing but Vikings. We decided to come over and take it, but they were ready. Shot us out of the air, but we did not die. We put up a war. We won. God got tired of it, so God came down to earth and slain us with his mighty sword . The end



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.