Of Similes and Metaphors

Similes and metaphors are a couple of the most used literary devices in writing. The poets from Mrs. Gonzalez’s class at Avondale-Logandale created several lines of similes and metaphors mostly using nature as their muse. Enjoy!





Luis S.

Your eyes are shiny as jewels glowing all day.

The house smells like the flowers blowing through the air.

You’re as slow as a sloth when walking.

Your hands are cold like the caves at night.

His hair is wet like a river.

You’re a wild fox trying to chase a deer.

You’re as green as the tree leaves outside.

She is a sneaky tiger trying to catch its prey.

She is energetic like all the animals in the woods.

Her eyes are like a dark deep hole with nothing to see.



Jocelyn C.

Mom you’re as pretty as a butterfly

The dog is as cute as a flower

She’s brave like a lion

She’s crazy as a fox

As blind as a bat

Life is a box

Her lovely voice was music to his ears

Laughter is the music of the soul

The kids room is a disaster area

Life is a rollercoaster

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

Watching the show is like watching grass grow

They fought like cats and dogs



Violeta H.

She is beautiful like the sunset.

Her eyes shine like the stars.

Eyes blue like the sky.

Hair flowing like the ocean.

Smells like flowers.

Wild as a bull.

Fast like a car.

Tall as a building.

Loud like a siren.





Jessica S.

His eyes looked like the ocean.

Her smile was like a monster.

She is free as a bird.

The sky was like a painting.

The house is clean as a whistle

They are as slow as a snail.

The teacher was busy as a bee.

The boy’s heart was black as coal.

Her face was pale as death.

The girl swim like a fish



The boy’s room was a battle field.

The kids were a bunch of crybabies.

The kids were like trains.

The girl was as sweet as a fruit.

All people are puppets.

The world is a stage.

Marco’s heart was a heart of gold.

Jean has a horse face.

The walls are huge giants



Karianey G.

You shine like a star in the night sky

You are as beautiful as a flower

Your smile is as bright as the sun

You are as warm as a bunny

Your strong like a mountain

Your eyes are like shooting stars in the sky

Beautiful as a moon in the dark

Your eyes as blue as the sky

You are stunning like a sunset in the nice sunny afternoon

You shine like the skyline in the night sky



Heidi H.

The birds sing like angels in the sky

You shine like a star after nightfall

Pancakes are fluffy like clouds

The giraffe is as tall as my house

You’re cold like ice

Your skin is a white as snow

your as fast as leopard

she’s slow like a sloth

that’s small like a humming bird

her hair as yellow as a sunflower.




John B.

The sky is as blue as water.

The frog was as green as money.

My mom is a rock.

The gum was sticky like honey.

He is tall like a tree.

He was mad like a goat.

His hair is soft like a wolf’s fur.

His teeth are like a bunny’s.

the eclipse was like smoke from a train.

Today was hot as an oven.



Melissa T.

You’re as sweet as an apple from the apple tree.

Your smile is as bright as the sun, which makes you into my sunshine.

Dreams can come true because you are one of them.

The grass is as bright as a delicious apple.

My cat is cute like a doll, but she snores as loud as a trumpet.




Luis D.

My bed looks like a trampoline. My dad was as brave as a lion. I was scared like a cat. My rug feels like a pillow. My dog is just like a brother to me. I looked as depressed as a dead tree. My cousin cries like a siren. I’m smart like Albert Einstein. When I wake up, I look like a monster. Day was as cold as the inside of the refrigerator. My dad’s car is a spaceship when it runs. I look like a king when I use a crown. My dad is a superman when he is saving the world. My dog is flash when he runs. I’m a turtle when I do my homework. My cousin is like a healthy flower. My friend plays as good as Lionel Messi. My mom cooks well like a master chef. I’m like an airplane when I pop my head out of the window.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.