Odes to What We Can’t Live Without

This week, we switched it up a bit by first visualizing a memory with something/someone we couldn’t live without. This exercise led us into our topic of the week, odes! Francisco X. Alarcón’s “Ode to My Shoes” provided inspiration as we also discussed lines and stanzas, and how they change the speed and momentum of a poem. Read on for a sample of odes that came from our sessions:


Miss Davis
Eighth Grade

Yellow Group


Ode to my hair been done
By Teddianna H.

My hair
wrap itself
up at night so it
can sleep

they unwrapped
and tighten
their braids

All over
they was everywhere
in my dreaming of
getting loose

They revisit
all the places
they get done by
during the day

and wake up
calm and
chill so tight.


[My Xbox]
By Alex R.

My Xbox
rests when
I don’t use

Tired from playing
the whole days
on the weekend

His favorite game
is GTA 5 because
it doesn’t make it feel pain

Playing every weekend with
my friend without feeling any


Miss Davis
Eighth Grade

Red Group


Ode to my phone
By Sarah K.

My phone is amazing
It carries my memories
of the fun times I had
I play on my phone as it laughs
What fun times we’ve had

It rings and buzzes with joyful singing
It does this all night long
My phone keeps me busy
and is there for hard times


[I can trust my bed]
By Alyssa R.

I can trust my bed
never to leave
never to shout
and never to talk
although I wish it did.

There it lays underneath me,
about being in a lazy river
above the glowing red water
while the moon shines
not too bright
not too dark.
The clear rain sinks in the mattress.


Ode to my little cousin
By Iraesly R.

Beautiful sunny day
“I want to go to the park,” she says
on our way to her happy place

Running to the park as she trips
the sound of her laughter after she falls
Her long hair flowing as she plays

I look back and off she goes
Running to the ice cream truck begging for
some just so she won’t even eat it

At night tired and falls asleep
dreaming of us going to the park
thinking of how fun her day was.


Family Time
By Mariana R.

Hanging out downstairs in the basement
Building a dirt house in Minecraft
Mom calls us upstairs for Little Caesar’s
We all sit together and watch Drake and Josh
When we were younger
I miss those times
Wish I could go back to those times
Laughing at farts in the summertime
Because we had nothing better to do
Time was better wasted


Miss Davis
Eighth Grade

Green Group


[Music playing through my ears]
By Itzayana B. 

Music playing through my ears
the rest of the world feels quiet
I can hear the light drizzling

As I am lying on my bed
I feel nothing but comfort
There I am along in my
favorite hoodie.

I’m there with a clear mind
Nothing to worry about.


An ode to baseball
By Alex G.

My baseball equipment
stays in a bag
I chew on some seeds
and grab my glove

I run onto the field
I play second base
I warm up
and get ready

The balls hit
fast towards me
I get ready
and make the play

It’s my turn to bat
I step in the box
He throws the ball
I smack it up the middle


Dr. P
By Natalia M. and Noemi S.

Dr. P
super sus
all day
in my hand

nice and cooling
on a hot summer day

super crispy
my favorite

gulping it up
one by one
it’s all gone

Dr. P




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.