Odes at Darwin

As poets, we write about a breadth of experiences and our stories. Poetry, like all art, helps us notice things around us–in particular, the things we can celebrate. That’s where the form of Odes come in. We wrote odes this week at Darwin, sharing the things that we celebrate.

Here are this week’s featured poets!

Ms. Garcia, Spanish, 2nd Grade



1. They are arachnids
2. They are smart
3. They are strong
4. They build amazing webs
5. They’re interesting
6. They’re one of a kind
7. They come in different shapes and sizes
8. They have different purposes
9. They have 8 legs
10/ They look like aliens

Ode to Roblox

Roblox is my favorite
Roblox makes me happy when my stressed
I remember what I have to do when I mess up
I play Roblox all day

Ode to Karen

Karen is kind – and sweet to me
She’s like a sister to me
She’s in the top of my heart
She’s really good –
I share my stuff with Her
Me and Karen love being really thankful for each other
She’s a smarty pant like me
She loves the things that I gave her <3

Mi Madrina

Mi madrina es bueno conmigo
Mi madrina compra lo que quiero
Mi madrina es un estrella y flor
Mi madrina es muy brilliante y bonite
Ella es muy cariñosa con migo
Ella a veses me lleva a IHOP
Ella la gusta las Flores amaniyas
Ella me deja salir a donde yo quiero
Mi madrina es muy fabilosa

My godmother is good to me
My godmother buys what I want
My godmother is a star and flower
My godmother is very bright and beautiful
She is very affectionate with me
She sometimes takes me to IHOP
She likes the amaniyas flowers
She lets me go where I want to go
My godmother is very fabulous


Ms. Garcia, English, 2nd grade

Janaya & Alyssa
Ode to Sharks

1. Sharks are cool and like to eat people
2. Sharks can breathe under water
3. Sharks go really fast under water
4. Sharks jump really high
5. sharks have different colors – blue, grey, sometimes black
6. How sharks catch food
7. How they dive deep under water
8. How they drink water
9. How they do risks
10. Baby sharks, how they’re born
11. How baby sharks live by themselves

Ode to Bats

I have a bat. He is cute.
He has big eyes that are black.
He has big eyes with brown.
He has a little tail.
He is so cute, you will cry

Nathanial D.

Ode to Dragon
Dragon fly
Dragon blow fire
Dragon scare people
Dragon ROOOOORRrrrrrrrrrrr

Ode to Sushi

My mom made me sushi because I LOVE sushi
I want some more
I love sushi because my mom made the best sushi
I always love Sushi
I love sushi, becaues it is so best
I like sushi, because it is delish
I like sushi, because they have different taste
I like sushi, because they are yummy
I like sushi, because they smell good



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.