Ode to Odes

Moos Elementary – Week 5

Today we were reading Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to Thanks” and writing our own thankful odes.  I told the kids that if they couldn’t think of anything they were thankful for to write poems for what they wished they had.  What we got sometimes were odes to the things we don’t have – which is a new form that I credit to the 4th and 6th graders of Moos.
Mrs. Ramirez – 4th Grade
Room 214
“I wish they gave me a cow”
by Chris
I will be thankful if my parents
got me a cow because I wont go
to the store and get milk and
then the cow can be my friend
until we’re old.
(here’s a picture of the illustrated poem)
Ode to Puerto Rico
by Yarelix D.
I like Puerto Rico because it is
hot there and it never snows
there when it is x-mas i love
because it stays hot there.
And in Puerto Rico the trees
have cocos on them.
Ode to my family
by Daisy S.
I’m thankful for my family
because I have a sister
that she is sick of her
feet and I don’t know what to do
for her to be like me. Like I am
normal and she is not
normal.  Only my mom, dad
brother and me are normal.
That’s why I’m sad today for
all the days you see me
sad.  It means that I am
sad for my sister.
When Daisy finished writing it, she asked me to read it and she started to cry.  The kids were all immediately concerned, one got up and hugged her right away, and someone else grabbed tissues and shoved them in her face.  After she cried a little while, she asked if I could read this poem to the class so I did.  I told the class that poetry can sometimes scare up in us emotions that are very big, but at least we get to try and give them shape with our words.  Then I told Daisy that I’m sad that she cried but that it’s also sort of good to cry sometimes, because it means we have a lot of love inside us and I’m glad to know someone with as much love as she has.  She smiled and asked if I could put this poem on the blog, so here we are.  Carry on.
Mrs. Morales – 6th Grade
Room 307
Ode to Dezmon
by Shatara B.
Dezman Dezman Dezman
he makes me laugh and hit
him.  He’s my best friend and
he helps me when I’m weak
and builds my confidence so
I help you and you help
me.  You’re my happy friend
thanks thanks and
a triple thanks for being
my friend.
I’m going to make her a song.
Ode to Scaryness
by Helena S.
(Helena gets extra credit because she said she was thankful for “Robie” in her prewriting)
Ahh! Oh it’s just
the coat hangerhoooowh. Ahh!
it’s just the keysclink clink
Oh scaryness you always
make me scream my head
When you show a
scary movie BAM!!
Can’t sleep can’t
sleep CAN’T SLEEP!
(then she drew a TV saying Ahh! and box of popcorn with eyes that is saying “My popcorn just popped again!”)
Ode to thanks I could see my dad
I’m thankful I could still see my
dad but I miss him, still I’m sad
I would live with him but my mom says no,
that makes me mad that I can’t live
with my dad, so I scream and cry until
I lie about, my life with my dad, I’m
still thankful for that.  I see my dad but
then it starts all over again.
Ms. Moss – 4th Grade
Room 212
Ode to Sugar
by Valeria
Sugar you make me
happy.  I love your sweetness
without you I can’t be
happy oh I love you
whenever I’m out in
the wild I want a
lifetime supply of you
you’re so hotter than
hot chips they are not
sweet like you oh
shugar I love you
I just want to eat
you.  Sugar says NOOOO!
“Crunch crunch!” Shugar
(then there’s a drawing of a tombstone that says “RIP Shugar.  So sweet.  Gender?”)
Ode to my pet hot dog
by Dominic
Dear pet hot dog if
it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t
have nobody to fart
on, I wouldn’t have nobody
to try to eat.  If it
wasn’t for you I wouldn’t
have nobody to lick the ketchup
off of.  And I call you
my pet because you’re the
most funniest looking hot
Ode to Mom
by Delila L.
Oh mom you are cool you’re
the best that’s why you’re
cool.  I love when you
buy me candy.  I love the
candy you buy for me.
I love the pizza you buy
for me, that’s why I like
you buy me things that’s
why you’re cool and you
are the best and you clean
my toys up and you
are kind and you get
me the toys I want
I love when you buy me
toys.  When I am good.  I love
you’re cooking.
Love, Delila



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.