Nature’s Voice

This week at Shoesmith students explored ideas about nature. Does nature have a voice? How does it communicate with us? Students believe that nature reveals its personality and emotions through the changing seasons and weather. Nature’s anger can appear in the form of tornados, earthquakes, or hurricanes. If nature is in a joyful mood the sun is shining and the skies are a clear blue. Nature is also connected to powerful gods and goddesses in many myths and folktales from around the world. Students discussed how humans often take nature for granted. By destroying animals and plants through pollution, humans won’t have the food, medicine, or oxygen we need to survive. Nature deserves our protection and respect.

Together students read the poem “Some Effects of Global Warming in Lackawanna County,” by Jay Parini. In the poem all the seasons are out of sync, the speaker observes how these changes in the weather have affected the wildlife near an elementary school. Parini incorporates personification, giving human qualities to the animals, plants, and trees. Birds who didn’t check their clocks or calendars are looking for seeds in the frost, roots and tubers sob, as a groggy bear wakes up too early from his hibernation. Students noticed Parini’s use of metaphors, comparing his heart to a deer, that tries to escape this strange weather by skipping on barely frozen water, that threatens to bend and splinter. This image shows how by harming nature, humans also cause harm to themselves. Inspired by Parini, students wrote their own poems, sharing their special relationships with nature and giving insight into how mankind can protect it. Enjoy this week’s published poems.



                                               Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                               Group 1


Spring or Winter
Christyn B.

The bees mourn the winter
that came too soon. Trees
awake in bright light. The
butterflies haven’t arrived
yet, not checking their clocks.

The bears lay down to rest.
The kids freeze in their spring,
clothes, unaware of the season.

I’m a cat at home, snuggled up
watching Neflix in a spring dress.
drinking a caramel brulee latte.


Jaylen I.

The trees are just standing there
with pretty leaves.

In the winter, the trees shed their
leaves. They get haircuts and grow
new leaves.

When the wind blows, they say hello.
Trees are skyscrapers planted in the park.


The Calm Neighborhood
Iyanna W.

Mothers and kids walking their dogs
down 31st street.
The clouds smile down on me as I skip
down the sidewalk. The birds fly through
the blue sky.

The trees fly on their magic carpets
The sun is shining bright.

It’s so hot in Florida that the houses catch
fire, but I spotted a lemonade stand. The
lemonade cost a dollar, so I gave the owner
my money.

I gulped down the sweet lemonade. It was
very refreshing. I really like this neighborhood.




                                           Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                          Group 2


Downtown Chicago
Kai E.

Squirrels look for food to eat with their families.
Pigeons steel hotdogs like robbers at a bank.
Golden Retrievers and Huskies walk tall and proud.

Pieces of grass and vines sneak onto buildings like a
ninja stealing a diamond.

Me? I’m just looking at the town, an angel under an
apple tree on a hill. Wondering dang why is downtown
so fun and I’m sitting here? COME ON!


Shoesmith Park
Nigel M.

I am the rabbit changing my fur in winter.
I am the caterpillar wrapped in my warm
cozy cocoon. It is wintertime in Shoesmith
Park. Trees have no leaves, the wind blew
them away. I’m like an excited dolphin about
to put on a show. I am the dog running
the wind, chasing a Frisbee.


Changes During the Winter in the Wind
Dalylah O.

Foxes go hunting for a snack until dinner time.
Birds fly South for their vacation. Bears wake
up to go fishing. The grass drinks water to
grow up. The deer’s’ big toes pushes the sand
into the ground. I am the horse running with
the herd. The wild dogs running WoW! I think
they’re racing.



                                              Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                             Group 1


The Lazy River
Christina A.

The water sleeps with slow movement
as the fish lurk around for food. The hot
sun makes the river a blanket for the
yawning animals ready to sleep.

The seaweed is a dancing dancer.
I am calm as the swaying river.
While the puffer fish doesn’t want
to get up; it’s like a lazy human in bed.

When morning is near, everyone
is still in bed. The river is glistening
from the reflection of the sun,
who is awake, making the fish
swim with joy.


The Woody Woods
Kalil H.

The fierce black bear with a thousand
layers of emotions, chases a helpless

The deer has power in his legs, but not
much power in his mouth like the bear.
The plants sweat with fear, they don’t
have legs. They hope the bear doesn’t
see them.


Jungle Animals Going to Work
Jade T.

Lions leave their cubs with a babysitter
while they hunt. Cheetahs running track
races, but it’s always a tie when they reach
the finish line. Tigers stalk zebras. Black
Panthers move to a new house because
they don’t like the area. While bats never
want to wake up for school in the morning.



                                               Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                               Group 2


The Happy Forest
Justin B.

The sun has a radiant smile.
The birds are taking choir lessons.
The monkeys are practicing their
acrobatics. The bears fish for salmon,
while a tiger is hunting with his dad.
Butterflies glide in the wind.


Bright as The Sun
Jalen M.

I am bright like the sun, shining down
on all the people. When I come out the
flowers smile. When I come out tree roots
jump with joy. When I come out the tears
from the clouds dry up. When I come out
everyone is happy.


Gerald S.

I am the lion, protecting my pride.
I’m quick like a cheetah.
I’m fierce as a tree, so sturdy.
I am sleepy as rain sleeping in the clouds.
I am the monkey doing his acrobatics.
I’m like a snake hunting down his prey.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.