Name Poems

Our names can tell a story. About our family, culture, and history. And maybe even about our parent’s favorite telenovela or movie star! This week we read “Alejandro” a poem by a former CPC participant and students got to tell their own stories about their names.


8th Grade-Group 1



Gael G.

Born in Chicago

named Gael with the

Irish definition of a race

Joyful and full of grace

The sound of the guitar

and fresh smell of fall and leaves


My Name Means

Damaris M.

Comes from Guatemala

Means gentle and a little woman

My dad named me

Born one pound

People say it wrong

People call me beautiful

My name is a Panda

If Damaris was an instrument, it would be drums


My Name

Brayan F.

My name “Brayan” comes from Ireland and

it means, noble, strong, and virtuous

I got my name from my parents, (well mostly

my mom) My Mom got my name when

I was born. She just got it out of

nowhere. People don’t make comments

about my name but they spell it

wrong so many times. If my name was

a season, color, sound, place, animal and instrument

It would be winter, blue, quiet, California,

eagle and winter.


My Name Is

Giovanni F.

My name is Giovanni.

Meaning “God is gracious”

But I don’t see graciousness in me.

I see my name as something else.

To me my name is cold like winter.

My name has color, I see dark blue for a cold winter

My name like the “snap, crackle, and pop” of

a bowl of cereal.

I see my name in a bank for my urge for money,

My name is something sneaky like a cat,

and if it was an instrument, it’d be a chair

because I sit and wait.


8th Grade – Group 2

Fatima Marlene

Fatima P.

Se llamara Fatima Marlene

Los ojos de mi papa

Lo boca de mi mama

Se llamara como la virgen de Fatima

Su segundo nombre sera Marlene

Como la actress de las novels

Otra nueva luz en la familia De Leon

Mar, corto para Marlene

Ella va ser como el mar tan bonito

Que nombre tan bonito “Fatima Marlene”

y no lo cambiaria para nada

Para mi, mi nombre us un nombre de un angel

Fatima Marlene


My name is

Itzel H.

My name is Itzel

I love my name because it’s unique

I love my name because if someone knows me

and hears that name they’ll

probably think of me since

no one really has it and I like that.

I love my name because

my sister and my mom named me

I love my name because it’s a Mexican name

I love my name because it fits who I am

as a persons and if I could choose

another one I would choose




Melissa G.


When people think of that name

they always refer to the princess of Crete

A strong fighter

loving, kind

smart person

In truth,

it’s who I am.

I am a fighter, who would fight for her family and friends.

I am kind, people may even say too kind,

But I would always help those in need.

I am someone who is love, making sure

to care for my friends.

Because it’s who I am

A smart


loving and

strong fighter.


7th Grade 



Nallely M.

Nailely is my name

it means “I love you”

if it was a season it would be spring

a place would be a flower garden

an animal would be a Capybara

my name is rare like gold.



Jaden H.

“Jaden?” never thought

that’ll be my name

I was gonna be called Jade

but that would be lame

Jaden means “God has heard”

but what does that mean?

The beautiful sound of the morning bird?

Or my screams of rage when I lose to a

video game. But overall I love my name.



Leslie Z.

Think of joy in the name

bringing happiness

winter, the snowflakes

falling to the ground

think of a place

like the sounds of


imagine driving

seeing mountains

it’s all joy


My Name

Giovanni M.

Giovanni is my name

“God is gracious”

That’s the definition of my name

It originated from Brazil, Italy

and was handed to me because

my parents saw me as a

grateful, nice person.

My name comes from

the sound of the basketball

going through the hoop

with a “swoosh” sound.


Name Poem

Jovanni N.

Jovanni, yes that’s my name my

name is from my dad’s uncle

God is gracious, that’s what it

means, my dad gave me this

name because when I was born my dad’s

uncle died.

When I think of my name I think it’s

a very nice name.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.