“My World🌎🌍🌏” Poems: Virtual Poetry Lesson #3

Gwendolyn Brooks’s “A Little Girl’s Poem” starts with:
“Life is for me and it is shining!
Inside me I
feel stars and sun and bells and singing.
and so begins this little girl’s vision for how she feels the world should be for children.

For our 3rd Virtual Poetry Lesson I asked Swift Elementary School 2nd graders to close their eyes and imagine their vision for the world and how things would be if they were in charge.  Students made brainstorm lists of things they would want and would NOT want in their worlds. Then we wrote our “My World 🌎🌍🌏” poems, beginning our first two lines with “In my world….” and “Inside me I feel….” which we borrowed from Gwendolyn Brooks’s poem.

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Agnes’s Wonderful World
Agnes L.

In my world, I am president and kids can be squirrelly.
Inside me I feel free.
Everyone has enough money.

Kids without glasses get fake ones.
Everybody has 100 packets of potato chips in their house, including Cheetos.

There are 1,000 homeless shelters with lots of rooms and swimming pools, classes, money, and helpers.
Everybody has toys to play with.

There are no chores for kids.
There is no bedtime for kids, but bedtime for parents.
There is only one hour of school.

In my world, everybody has 100 packets of potato chips.


In My World
Apnasa C.

In my world I want no fighting
Inside me I feel family all together.
In my world life is same.
In my world I want no killing.
In my world love each other.
In my world don’t be scared.
In my world be brave
In my world big children have life
in my world Dad and Mom live
Don’t talk too much.


Oliver B.

In my world trees grow out of people’s
heads. Inside me I feel the roots tickle me.
They would grow and grow and I couldn’t
stop laughing.

In my world cats wouldn’t have claws.
So they couldn’t climb trees on my head.
And their paws would tickle you so much
you couldn’t stop laughing.

In my world you laugh forever until….
you die.


Lacey V.

In my world everyone is nice.
Inside me I feel happiness and joy.
We never cry about things.

We have fun learning time at a school,
With LOTS of extra free time,
And everyone gets off on their birthday!

We eat both candy and healthy foods.
We all get plenty of rest.
No car exhaust can ruin the air.
Our only weather is sunny and snowy.

Inside me I feel happiness and joy.


My Own World
Ethan B.

In my world everyone is nice.
Inside me I feel fine
In my world every food is healthy. nobody hurts any body else. School
was not even invented and I’m rich!


My World
Milo D.

In my world there are no hornets
Inside me I feel very refreshed
all the video games are there
No one gets sick
No bad things

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

imaging with my grandma
Khaliani M.

In my world I would have a big house with a big backyard and lots of dogs.
Inside me I feel happy and warm and safe, I feel like I have a billion of dollars because I can imagine playing in my backyard and playing with my six dogs and take lots of pictures of my grandma when she is sewing.  I can imagine watching my favorite tv shows on a screen so big.


Sumea World

In my world I want it to be cute
Inside me I feel happy there will be no killing in here and no fighting too
it will be full of happiness and friends
there will be a lot of candy too
I love my world so much
love you all so much


my world
Ines I.

In my world there are rainbows
Inside me I feel like unicorns
candy for all
my rule is you don’t have to pay for books
and lets stop the corona virus


Laila’s world
Laila R.

In my world you are always welcome to stay 🙂 you can eat candy any time of the day.
Inside me I feel that I am happy and free. I want all kids to have toys and be as happy as me.
All kids get extra recess so they can explore and play.
If your mom or dad says it’s time for bed and you are not ready you don’t have to do what they say.
My world will be just right for kids everywhere.


Fun World!
Samantha F.

In my world there are pet dinosaurs
Inside me I feel HAPPY!
The kind of dinosaur that I have for a pet is Triceratops
Everyone could talk to animals
when it was snowing it would snow ice cream
instead of cars people ride unicorns
Everyone has a big backyard to play in
there is a big pool in the middle of the city shaped like a heart
there were flowers everywhere
This is my beautiful fun world


My World
Greyson R.

In my world I can play Minecraft all day
Inside me I feel proud and happy with all these creations I made
Pets and people would live forever
There would be nice weather
Day and night never give you fright
In my world there are no monsters
You can eat all the desserts you want and never get fat
Everyone would have infinite money to buy things and help poor people
In my world there are no rude people and no bullies
In my world you can wish for anything, like pizza and it will come true


weird world
Tarik P.

In my world everyone is nice to each other
Inside me I feel great, no fights
No more police lights
Cats are banned
People can walk on walls
Trying to sneak into a movie?
Just turn into a popcorn!
On halloween, no more buying sweets for the kids
Just wait for the rain!


my world
Almin T.

In my world it is lovely
Inside me I feel lovely
I want to go on the beach, have a break. I want a pet dog.
I want my friends to be nice
I do not like people poor but I want them to be rich
I want the ground to be soft.


I feel like playing
Sirish A.

In my world there are trees and plants
Inside me I feel like playing games with my best friend.
I feel like playing with my sister
I feel like playing with my dad
I feel like playing fun things with my family
I feel like playing games with my sister


Don’t do bad things
Said N.

In my world nobody does bad things
Inside me I feel: great
I am sunny

I am cloudy
I am mad




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.