My Wishes

The 4th grade poets from the after school program at Howe School of Excellence wrote about their wishes. After studying several poems by elementary school students from other school about their wishes, the students from Howe discussed and wrote about the things they wish for. The wishes included material and non-material possessions as well the places they want to visit and the careers they aspire for. Enjoy!

Rosa A. 

I wish for a bag

I wish for a puppy

I wish for a cat

I wish to go The Wall

I wish for a fish

I wish to ber a lawyer


Brazil W. 

I wish I could fly

I wish I had a lot pets

I wish I had a lot of candy

I wish I was new at school

I wish I read a lot

I wish I was home

I wish I was in Colorado

I wish I was a great reader


Milani W.

I wish had music

I wish for a fox

I wish I had a dog



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.