“my mom said it means Love from the sea.”: The Sound & Name Game

‘I celebrate and sing myself…’-Walt Whitman

Students explored sounds and names through a series of prompts. What is in a sound… and in a name? We talked about both! 3rd graders came up with all kinds of sounds they hear day in and day out. In the upper grades, we began by reading the poem ‘a boy named Jack’ by Jacquline Woodson. What occurs in the naming of someone or something? How does it sound when spoken? How does it feel to be announced or announce someone by their name? Who speaks the name as you do?

Lesson Note: ‘…the name a person bears through life is something [they]….carry, and it is sometimes the only thing others have to judge you by before they meet you. Your name travels ahead of you like a portent of things to come, a thing from which others make assumptions about people.’-Tim Lockwood, Writer.

Ms. Williams, 5th Grade

This love of mine
by Ralph M.

“My love will follow him long
after I’m gone” is what was expressed when I was born.
Ralph was his name given
to me. The best part of me
started here. My father’s love
through his choice. My parents
agreed on it. Sometimes it
is hard to connect me to
it because of the love.
I battle with my anger
that takes over the light
put inside of it. Ralph
to me is “the one chosen
for-longlasting love”

My Name Poem
by Deaudre T.

If my name were a color
it would be green

My name comes from family.

My Name Story
by Harmony R.

if my name were a
color it would be blue
I don’t know what my
name means
I wish it were Michelle.
My name is Harmony
I don’t know if my
name matches my personality.

7 Letter Name
by Armaney S.

If my name were a
color it would be
my name means Faith
I like my name because
it means faith and
it’s unique
there are 7 letters
in my name.
My parents were thinking
of a name for me
so my
just said to them
what about Armaney
so it went from there

Baby Blue
by Penelope H.

If my name were a color it would be
baby blue cuz if you’re my
friend they can’t mess with you
no lies I’m all truth, like the sky
baby blue.

Mr. Peachy, 7th Grade

First and Middle Name
by Tamiyah T.

My mother named me Tamiyah
The color of my name is blue
My aunt gave me my middle name
the origin is Greek
love that my name is different
from others. Something I don’t
like about my name is
it’s never pronounced right.

My Name
by Darius R.

His name is so pure it represents
the color white. His mom gave him
that name to this day still doesn’t
know. His name from a king
who lived long ago. it means

The Color Royal Blue
by Jada M.

My name is the color Royal Blue
and my mother named me after her favorite
color i like my name because its different from
other peoples and my name is made outta air
and water.

by Charlie V.

My name is the color
green and my name
comes from my mom and
I don’t like my name
my name is made out

by Taaleeah C.

if my name were a color it would be green and
black, considering that green is my favorite
color and black is what most people describe
my people by their skin tone.

I have 7 letters in my name. So for 7
letters I have 7 books. My name is made
out of air. If i could rename myself I
would be named Taeyn–green considering
that taeyu is somewhat close to tayn which
means earth so my name would be made of air
but means earth.

Earth like the grass down below, the color green is
the color for a name that can never be forgotten or
pronounced. Coming from a prayer in the words of a mother.
It could be a run-down engine in my heart, so hard
to handle the truth of our names. Tired but never really
tired more of a sugarized child that is always far
from sleeping, and never wants to sleep for tomorrow’s new

Ms. Turner, 6th Grade

Importance of a Name
by Malik M.

Golden the color of my name
Meaning rise to fame. Ye things
shan’t stop me even in the face of
trouble giving up my be considered
by in my head I know I’m a winner

Things may be hard, call me a diamond in rough
and although I’m chilled I’m super tough
I’ll always try my best because I know
I’ll succeed even in the worst that’ll
make me bleed.

Golden is the coming from the Bible
Though I may not be worthy, I’ll still wait
his arrival. Though people have troubles, I will always
know that like a shooting star, I’ll always

My Name
by Jaycob H.

My name is Jaycob
The Y in my name comes from a nickname
My mom gave me my name
I like that nobody else got my name

Who says my name the best
I think it’s me
Because I know how to say it.

My Name Is
by Payton E.

My name is blue in color
My name means village warrior
I really like my name it
makes me feel like I have a
meaning. Some people think
I’m funny, cheerful, smart, and
athletic. Can you say the same?

My Name Means: To Have Faith
by Hope W.

My name is gold in color.

My name means spirit. Can you say
the same? When I was little I dressed
up as Princess Hiddle. I love the
color gold I liked a lot of
things even liked to fold. I was
so funny and I loved me
some honey. It was so sweet
and I loved the heat.

Color Me Purple
by Journey Y.

My name is purple in color.
My ambition shows more than others.

My name also explains my creativity.
My name is better than others—

Flawless Names
by Ahmari W.

My name is black in color
Holy Bible, NY names from the bible.
My name means holy
People think my name is a good name.
Describes my mindset.

Ms. Swinehart, 3rd Grade

by Tyrone M.

At home I hear my mom calling
my name for lunch.
Out side I hear birds.
At school I hear my teacher
on the phone.

The Bell Ringing Makes Me So Happy
by Ronell P.

At home I hear
…my phone
…my games
…my cat meows

Outside I hear
…the birds
…the cars

At school I hear
…the bell
…the teachers
…the kids playing

I Hear
by Eric W.

I hear music
I hear kids playing
I hear a bell ringing

by Ariah R.

I hear my phone rining by my friend
My sister calling my name
My mom and dad laughing.

by Angel O.

Oustide I hear my cat
I hear the birds
I hear my mom
At school I hear kids yelling
I hear the bell!

Ms. Williams, 6th Grade

The Name Change
by Marie B.

When I was born, I was named
Marie, my mom said it means Love
from the sea. And I
was named after my grandma. Also, I love my
name because it’s short and sweet.

My Name
by Darrell W.

My name’s color would be red

the element would be fire
My name comes from my god dad
what I like about my name is short
and calm.

Sparkle Like Gold
by Chanel S.

My name is* Chanel *
This meaning of it is golden star
Notice how there’s stars around my name
It’s because its Royal and unique
so while I’m walking around
The stars above me make me shine
*Like a golden star. *

by Ayana N.

My name is the color
magenta it comes from a song
it’s a beautiful flower
my grandma gave it to me
form an African-American tribe I like
my name since it means beautiful
flower and my name matches my
personality its a nice name and
a beautiful name

Jackqson B.T.

I will be there one day
and be the best out of every
body and everybody says I’m scared
but I will prove them wrong.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.