My Heart Sparkles When It’s Excited: Heart Poems at Darwin

At Darwin, we talked about hearts. We saw a picture of what a real heart looked like, but then we talked about what we thought our hearts are. What do they look like? What kinds of feelings do they have? Is there an animal that we think our heart is like? Our poets did such a wonderful job with beautiful, compelling poems about their hearts that I picked more than the average number to publish today. As I read these poems, I both saw my own heart reflected in this as well as admired the grand and larger-than-life yet also gentle and small pictures our poets drew of their hearts. I invite you find your heart in these poems.

Ms. Garcia, 2nd grade, Spanish

A World of Feelings

My heart feels funny and juicy
kind of like an apple and
full with feathers and
time, like every spec of dust
in a bucket with water
washing by the shore
and sand washes by
it 19 times I’ve had
this feeling and it still takes
effect with the world
on my knees and water
right beside. it rides a pony.
and I’ve watched it wash
by me with a horn
and love and sadness but
it still hangs on til it starts
all over and it still
is riding over the moon
and following the pattern
over and over while it still has
the time while it hang
on it would wade and wade
with all of space
and it falls a sleep in the

I think my heart is
a blue jay. My heart
can feel happy. sad. nervous
and confused. My heart
feels like a blue jay when
I am happy. My heart
is happy when it is
sunny. My heart is like
a rainy day when i am sad.

Mi Corazon

mi corazón es como una fuerte tortuga.
mi corazón brilla en la noche

mi corazon sabe a elabo con mucho azucar
mi corazon brilla como un diamante

mi corazon es pequeno como un gatito
mi corazon es como arcoiris brilliante

mi corazon es como un esponjoso conejo
mi corazon salta cuande esta emocionado

mi corazon encuenta amigos facil
mi coraon es delicado algunas veces

mi corazon se esconde cuando tengo miedo
mi corazon se escondo cuando tengo pena

yo quiero mi corazon
yo amo mi corazon

mi corazon nuca se duerme
yo le ado a mi corazon

mi corazon mi ayudarce respire
mi corazon mi ayuda no morir

mi corazon le ayuda mi cuerqo
mi corazon me ayudar consegir mi suenos

mi corazon mi compaña
mi corazon es como slime

nunca void matar a mi corazon
mi corason es mi amigo

my heart is like a strong turtle.
my heart shines in the night

my heart knows how to elaborate with a lot of sugar
my heart shines like a diamond

my heart is small like a kitten
my heart is like brilliant rainbow

my heart is like a fluffy rabbit
my heart jumps when excited

my heart finds friends easy
my heart is delicate sometimes

my heart hides when I’m afraid
my heart is hidden when I’m sorry

I want my heart
I love my heart

My heart never sleeps
I loved my heart

my heart my help breathe
my heart my help not to die

my heart helps my body
my heart will help me to get my dreams

my heart my company
my heart is like slime

never kill my heart
my heart is my friend

My Heart Is An Eagle

my heart flies like an eagle
it has feathers. fluffy.
it flies around like a happy heart
wit big eyes, just like a heart. a big eagle
fights for its prey just like a beating heart
flies like a heart that wants
Fly, fly my heart, like an eagle
My heart is sad because it’s no eagle. Just a heart.

My Heart Is a Cat

My heart purrs when it’s sleepy.
My heart runs when it’s sad.
My heart cries when it’s hurt
My heart laughs when it’s funny
My heart’s sad when it’s crying
My heart joy when it’s sad.
My heart’s mad when it’s for a nap.
My heart’s fun when it’s happy.

My heart is happy.
The animal of my heart is a dolphin.
I love my heart. It makes me happy, sad, mad.
My heart, it gets sparkles when it’s happy
My heart is like a flower. It makes everybody happy.
My heart, it’s like a star
When I wear stuff I like, my heart is happy.
When I wear my favorite shirt, my heart is happy.
My heart feels like a fish when I am nervous.

My heart follows what it thinks

My heart is an eagle soaring in the sky
it loves food but does not like to sleep
but it loves to play with others
it does not like when they mess with others
but even if they’re bigger, he still asks them if they want
to be his friend. it sometimes gets
a feeling. not very often, but we don’t know
what that means. my heart follows what it thinks.


Ms. Garcia, 2nd grade, English

My heart is feeling horrible and also
good though because it is a good day.
and i will be good
so so good and i feel
like a good student.
and i feel like a good… i don’t know what else my heart feels today
good today. a good student. My heart is like
a killer whale today.

My heart is running.
My heart is fire.
It’s warm. My heart is a dinosaur.
My heart is a zebra. It has two colors.

My heart is burning it feels like it’s
racing my heart feels like a werewolf
when it is angry I am creative when
I speak with my heart
my heart feels silly when I hear something

My heart is like a cheetah because
every time I meet someone new
my heart is running around all the time
I love saying hi.

My heart is a lion because when I’m
mad, it feels a lot
my heart, it’s a dinosaur because when I
run and when I stop, my heart feels like it is
My heart is a shark because when I stop
running, it feels like it’s biting me
My heart feels like it’s running like a cheetah
My heart is a giraffe

My heart beats fast when I run
My heart is rainbow
My heart looks like a fish swimming in water
I have a heart like a fish.
My heart is sleeping now

My <3 is a zebra
My heart is a unicorn
My heart is a pig because I like to get messy
my heart is a heart that says be kind
my heart is a baby shark
my heart tells me not to hit
people when i get mad and be
proactive and be nice, girl.

My heart is a cat
My heart is a dog
My heart is a bird
My heart is a pig
My heart is a cow
My heart is like water
My heart is like mud
My heart likes playing
My heart likes to eat
My heart likes to fly



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.