Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers

This past weekend was Mother’s Day, so in anticipation of it we read and discussed Jane Kenyon‘s lovely short poem, “My Mother.” This seemingly simple, story-like poem is actually deceptively complex. For example, we talked about the speaker in the poem; is it a boy or a girl, and how old are they? How can you tell, and why does the poem end unexpectedly, with the narrator saying, “Sometimes when she goes downtown, / I think she will not come back”? As far as the mother goes, where has she been, and why; what does she bring back with her, and what is she doing that “always takes her far away, even though she works / upstairs”?

When it was time to get out their pens and pencils, students were asked to write a poem about someone in their family, responding with a variety of choices and approaches to the idea.

Ms. Carlson
Room 316

David B.

Super mean.
Is not the best sister.
Super obsessed with Cats.
Tomorrow’s next veterinarian.
Enjoys Rainbow Looms.
Ready to have fun.

My Father
Franklin H.

He has eyes that see like a hawk.
He has hands that move like lightning.
He has minds that spin like a wheel.
He is the ultimate boss of the house.

Noah J.

I always have fun when you’re around
it doesn’t matter even with no sound
I always know when you’re there or not
I hear when you comb your hair
stop worrying about looks
you already know you’re not a cook

My Sister
Benjamin K.

My sister
is smart
with long,
red hair.
She is
7 years old,
and in
first grade.
She is
very crazy,
and loves
to do
handstands and
She is
very sweet,
and very
fun, funny
and annoying.
She loves
macaroni and
cheese, eating
with me.

My Mom
Emilieanna M.

My mom supports the house by herself
Only her making money
My mom still manages to be funny and fun

Mom Haiku
Luka P.

Dear Mom, I love you
You are fun to play with, too
You are really kind.

Emma R.

I pick her up
I put her down
she hugs me
till I pop

Sometimes I
wish we were
never apart

Sometimes I’m
in my room
watching her

Mr. Chau
Room 220

I Love Mom
Niel D.

I love my mother to pieces.
She loves me more than I like
writing theses. If I love her
stew then I love her too.
I love you mom.

Connor H.

My brother is super
annoying he is so weird
he always cries he is
boring. My brother is
a bonehead. He is so
uncoordinated he’s a

My Mother
Milan J.

My mother is very nice.
Works her hide off day and night.
She would do anything just for me.
I think my mother needs
a break from me.
I love her to death no matter what.
That is something that won’t change.

Ariyonna M.

Oh mommy, mommy, mommy
oh how I love the love
you give me every day
even if I’m mad at you
for making me do my chores
I love you anyways.

My Annoying Sister
Keshan R.

My annoying sister she bothers me the
most!!! But I love my family and
sister like a bear’s cub.

My Dad
Praniksha S.

My dad is the best dad for me
and I love him so much and
my dad also loves me very much
and he is the big gift for
me a lot of and for me
my dad always says to me
I am a beautiful gift for
him out of this world

My Mother
Izerick Y.

My mother comes back from
a trip downtown to the dime store.
She has brought me a surprise.
It is still in her purse.

Mr. Cox
Room 312

About My Beautiful Mom
Xavier A.

My mom is so beautiful
she is also cool
one day she’s going to be a queen
and get to rule

My Family
Summer F.

My family is like many different things
My dad is like a door, stubborn & open to anything
My mom is like a clock, always going around the cycle & starting over
My sister is like a rock, hard in the head & small
And I am the person who wrote the poem
you are currently reading

My Mom
Charlie H.

My beloved mom is the bomb. She can really go
boom from time to time but when she isn’t
going boom she is as nice and sweet as
apple pie straight from a 100 degree oven.

Jordan T.

I’m laying down in my room
When I hear a giant boom
I see the most annoying thing
My brother who thinks he can sing

He thinks he can fly and dance
But all he can do is prance
Although he can’t be beat in how
He is sweet

Oh, My Dear Mother
Kaila W.

Oh, mom
how you love me so
but how I wish
I wanted everything though

Oh, my dear mother

My Brother
Corina W.

My Brother,
smarter than me
who wonders,
who sleeps,
who eats.
The wonders
that guide him
will come
back for

My Sister, Emily
Brendan X.

Emily, you are so annoying
stop annoying me
you talk about Barbie all day.

Can you please stop?
You are so annoying.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.