More Animals

TEAM Englewood – Week 4

I like to teach the animal persona poem everywhere, so here’s more – this time from the 9th graders at TEAM.

Ms. Dube – 9th Grade
5th Period
“A Poem Written by a Owl”
by Javaris W.
Let me hear food
my face is sharp like this
so I can hear food.
Let me hear food.
I’m supposed to hear
miles away, please
let me hear food.
I ask the mouse
make one noise
I ask of you please
I am one of the best
hearing birds in the world
Please mouse
one small noise.
So I can eat.
“Poem written by a bee”
by Nailaesha
It’s about that time I go sting somebody.
Wait a minute, I’ll die if I do.
I could steal some tape and keep it stuck.
Humans like swatting people, dat ain’t cool.
But I can’t die today, I gots me a honey bee waiting.
I needs to go get fly so I can put my mac on.
Maybe I should wear my hair slicked ot
permed or flat or curly or like it is.
Gots to smell good for her, let me
dip in some of dat human stuff.
So I see her, she looking some’ awful
tlm bout her ma jus died for her
so she tlm bout protect her.
Nope dis ain’t gone work sweet
heart, I gots some time left you
on yo own bee nah buh bye.
Man living in dese hives
ain’t no joke.  I’ve seen
so many of the homies go
down dey dropping like flies
they ain’t even have to sting
But it don’t matter I’m going to college in a maserati.
I can’t drive though.  I got harsh memories I
saw my ma go down could’ve saved her but I didn’t
(I mean I was so young, I was 30.  I got a long life ahead)
I’m surrounded with rotting woof everywhere look
dis branch getting old.  I’m moving.
“A poem written by a ant”
by Amber T.
I am a itty bitty littler ant and love eating plants
there’s a lot I can’t do
I crawl everywhere.
i go in the cracks in the sidewalk.
If I see anyone bigger than me I would
probably think to myself oh crap run; run, run
I enjoy my itty bitty self in the summer.
I saw another itty bitty person like me
I could not do anything because I’m itty
bitty too.
I feel bad for myself now I’m little I am
Sometimes I would crawl in the wrong
spot and I see big feet just stepping on
other itty bitty ants like me.
I love crawling on plants in the summer time
because it’s my time to shine baby yeaaaa!
A poem by an Angry Loving Bear
by Karriem W.
I hate my little brother he’s always following me around and asking for things, telling on me, breaking things, taking things UGGGHHH!!!
(at this point, I, Robbie Q. Telfer, was told to say aloud “I want to punch your little brother in the face!”)
Okay you will not lay a finger on my sweet little brother.
Ms. Dube – 9th Grade
7th Period
Written by a Roach
by Eric C.
I love the food you leave me
But I hate that you scream
When you see me
I don’t get it you feed
me you give me a place
to stay.  It’s really like we’re
roommates but I come free.
I only hide to take a rest.
How date you call me an
annoying pest, just wait wait
and see your kids are gonna
grow up and be just
like me.
Written by a Hawk
by Marcell D.
I’m a hawk soaring over
the skies.  Yeah I’m the
fastest.  Hey!  What’s this
I hear about the cheetah
being faster than me, he not
doing nothing but pushing
those four legs, I got
two wings so I’m like
WHAT!  Cheetah… mmmhmmm.
I like flying over shopping
malls so I can poop
on y’all humans sometimes
I like flying over parks
taking little kids
ice cream out their hands I hate
when it rains.  It makes
my feather push up like
a bush.
A poem written by a bed bug
by Phedra J.
I creep at night
sleep the day
when humans get up
I run away
Sometimes I cling
and get carried away
from person to person
house to house, no one
can see me not even
a mouse.
I suck your blood
till I can take no more
now your bed is infested
so i go out the door
ha ha ha he he he
I can see you
can you see me?
Ms. Dube – 9th Grade
8th Period
A Poem written by a Raccoon
let me go eat some garbage
why are there buildings everywhere
what if i wore human clothes
I creep out at night and run on the roof
I look like a bandit
I scare people
I have some weird foam coming
from my mouth.
I have two black eyes
I’m not getting beat up.
So, unprompted, Jerale and Bryan wrote a battle rap between a tiger and lion and the kids voted by applause who won.  Jerale went first (I’ll semi-edit the swears.)
Poem written by a Tiger
by Jerale C.
I’m lost and I see a lion
I ain’t lying so I got to kill em
He try to run so I got to get em
I put these claws in his effin fitted
He sweating and he can’t take the heat
Have him looking like a rug
then the flies come and (POOP) on him
I put my teeth in his effing neck
When I walk off ain’t no looking back
Cause I have no effing regrets
Cause I’m the most savagest cat.
A Poem Written by a Lion
by Bryan P.
I was a savage, I am a savage
at a young age, killing tigers wasn’t average
Everybody doubt me, underestimate what they do
you wanna torture tigers let me teach you at my school
You can find me in the streets I make everywhere my home.
I’m running the city so get up and pass the throne
I put on support and give all my homies work
Tigers is some liars so I just put em on a shirt
I catch em, I get em, I got em, I spilt him, hawk em
down like my cheetahs, now I gotta fur coat for my winter
Imma winner, I’m the best, I’m killing the rest
Touch my lion family imma leave my claws in his chest.
It was a close bout, but the audience said the tiger won it.  Mostly because the lion kept laughing at himself.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.