Metaphors, two ways

During our 3rd poetry session at Waters Elementary, we tackled one of the most omnipresent forces in poetry – the metaphor! First, we listened to “Firework” by Katy Perry to find the metaphor there. Then, we read “Dreams” by Langston Hughes and “Frost” by Valerie Bloom. After talking about what we liked and disliked about each, students began writing their own metaphor-laden poems. Take a look below!

Ms. Smallwood’s 6th Grade

Poem: A Crazy World
by Theo R.

The world fast moving, and quick to act like a powerful
jet shooting through the sky.
Like a fiery bullet blasting forward,
or a harsh gust of wind hearing right for you.
My home is messy, like the soccer player,
or a big pile of trash.

6th grade is annoying, like a pet peeve that just
ruins your brain,
or a weird little brother.
My family is loving, like a warm blanket wrapped around
me, or a nice cool breeze in the summer.

Math Class
by Zoe N.

My mind is confused. It is missing
a puzzle piece.

My paper full of doodles. It is  bowl
of soup about to spill.

songs in my head are firecrackers
in my mind.

Blank Sheet
by Audra M.

I’m given a blank sheet.
This like a pen tip.
I start drawing quickly.
As quick as a blink.
A face looks like a squished potato.
The hair is fluffy like overgrown fur,
Time goes by within minutes.
It feels like I fast forwarded.
My paper is now covered like a tattooed body.

Metaphoric Poem
by Sydney J.

when I go home
I am safe
my bed is comfortable
my room is my own
the kitchen is joyful
the living room is comfortable

Ms. Hooper’s 6th Grade

My Mind Is…
by Charlie H.

The world is complex.
a hard math question

My home is relaxing.
When I walk into my home
my body gets filled with joy
and happiness.

When I enter my home
I see my family. My family
is nice and fun.

I go to my PS5 and
play video games. My mind
is video games.

by Penny M.

The world is scary, like a giant watching
my every move.

My home is cozy. My parents hugging me like
bears each time I enter.

My heart is wonky like a half-baked cake.

My mind is confusing, like an
intense game of Jenga.

6th grade is stressful. Each
day that I get home
I have a skyscraper of homework
waiting for me.

Freddy Fazbear
by Nathan G.

Freddy Fazbear is cozy, he is as
cozy as a warm blanket.

Freddy Fazbear helps me stay sane.

Ming Hao helps Freddy Fazbear
feed me and Kevin.

He helps get past 6th grade.

6th grade is like the bite of ’83.

It hurts my head.

Ming Hao is like a fancy restaurant.

He is as fancy as a nice gentleman.

Mr. D’s 6th Grade

by Reeve S.

My mind is busy
my mind is traffic during rush hour
My paper is boring
My paper is a house during Covid
6th grade is hard
6th grade is un-finished math tests
My heart is racing
My heart is a race car
My home is chaotic
My home is sibling fighting
The world is crazy
The world is downtown streets

The Journey of Life”
by Ronan H.C.

Life is a cave of mysteries
You enter without a map, but start to learn to adapt
The foggy path starts to become clear.
And when you find your light and near the exit,
you begin to remember.
All your memories start to
become clear.
As you find your way out of this
world, you start a new
journey and enter the dark, a new tunnel of
light appears.

by Riley D.

The world is timeless
like a never ending
story. My home is chaotic
like 2 siblings fighting.
My heart is racing like
a kid running the pacer test.
6th grade is crazy like a test
on a friday. My mom is loving like
a voice filled with kind words.
My paper is gone similar to the
squirrel on the tree. My mind is
blank as an empty box filled with

by Owen O.

The world is an unsolved mystery
My home is good like a good old piece of candy
My heart is an apple, very red
6th grade is annoying with the terrible homework

The world is like my brain spinning in circles
Fortnite is like very fun when I take down the sweats
I get happy when I get V-bucks so I can buy stuff
Life is great with your parents by your side



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.