Make My (Poetry) Day

Great to be back with the students at Skinner West! Everyone was excited and eager to kickoff poetry. I introduced myself as well as the program and went over what to expect for the next ten weeks. Some students demonstrated a sophisticated degree of familiarity with poetry and its terminology, but I emphasized that the most important thing was to try writing something every week and to have fun.

Our first poem for discussion was “How Poems Are Made” by Alice Walker. We identified the poet’s use of personification and metaphor, and considered why she made repetition such an integral element. We decided it was to emphasize certain ideas, but it could also be just for the sound of those repeating words and/or phrases. We also talked about never assuming the speaker of the poem is the poet, but ultimately decided that the deeply emotional feelings in the poem made it seem as if it was personal.

After some brainstorming, the students wrote their first poems about something you make.

Ms. Kawa, 4th Grade

Wind and Air
Sophia C.

I create the wind
I hide in the air as I
take the hopes I have
and spin them to

I smile at the lightning that
breezes past quickly

I fly past the ocean
through the wind.
The air I create flies through
the bird’s wings.

I breathe, hide, lie, and dream
inside of the air that I create.

As the wind passes through
my gray-white hair.
And lets the campfire shine.
Moves the trees side to side
and they create the hard waves that
hit the beach.

I close my white eyes to sleep
as the air I create circles around me.

What I Make
Genevieve D.

I make,
things that grow to be bigger than me.
Like a tree,
and the way it towers over me.

I make,
things from paint,
and more.
The paper,
keeping every trace of what I make.

I make,
myself grow,
and learn about everything around.
I eat to grow.
I learn to grow.
I sleep to grow.

I make,

Melvin J.

Video creation
takes a little time

Don’t post weekly.
Promised dates
Thrown out the window

You’ll do it tomorrow
You’ll do it on Wednesday
During the weekend
Next week

Last posted
Five months ago

You want to
But you don’t
You won’t

Days gone by
Weeks gone by
Months gone by

No videos

How Drawings Are Made
Emmy K.

To most people
drawings are made with a pencil
and a paper.

drawings are made with feeling
and emotion.
And a pencil and paper.

Drawings can be sad or happy.
Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Purple. Maybe even gray. Or all of it.
Colorful and pretty.
With feeling.

Drawings are made with feeling,
and passion.
Not just a pencil and paper.

Struggles of Invention
Jackson M.

I want to make an invention
that is really super rough.
But I’m going into tension
because it’s really tough!

And the items that I need
are really expensive to get.
Do you disagree?
Are you sure? Wanna bet?

But then, out of nowhere,
this idea made my day . . .
I think I could sit there,
crafting with some clay!

Cookie Laughter
Aidan S.

Laughing with mother
stirring the batter
I feel hungry.

Brother is small
sitting on table,
tasting the cookie dough
tastes yummy
he says.

Making balls
out of cookie dough
laughing when
brother spills.

Cookies in the
oven. We hear
cookie laughter
from the oven.

Hot cookies
freshly cooked.
Out of oven.
Waiting to cool.
Cookie laughter
from the world.

Ms. Nelson, 4th Grade

Avani B.

Snip, snip, snip
when working on
the craft nothing
comes to mind
just your creativity
and happiness.

Splat, splat, splat
when working on the
craft nothing comes to
mind just curiosity
ans ideas.

Cora B.

I make drawings
I use pencil

I make art
I use many materials
I can use pencil or paper or color
I can use paintbrush or canvas or paint
it doesn’t matter
whatever I make is art

I make crafts
I use clay, paper, cardboard
I use whatever I have
I use whatever I can

I Have to Make a Poem
Claire L.

I have to make a poem
but I don’t know what to write
so I’m just staring
at a loose piece of lined paper

Red, white and blue
plus my name on top
and some other things too

I have to make a poem
but I keep dozing off
and my orange water bottle
seems to be talking to me saying

A lined piece of paper
red, white and blue

Baked Cookies
Andrew P.

I open the oven
Fresh cookies glare at my eyes
I try holding it in
But forcing me to grab them.
The chocolate melts in my eyes.

Fettuccine Alfredo
Evieca S.

Grab a pan
butter and melt
onions garlic
sizzle till burnt

Milk pours
black pepper
sea salt
and Italian seasoning
jump in, not too much

More milk is added
followed by parmesan
heat until all is melted

While all is cooking
boil some fettuccine

Hannah W.

To knit the mind
With dreams and decisions
Thoughts to discover
Thoughts to find.

To grow the seedling of your heart
To plant the flower of your mind’s eye
Let the vines grow
To touch the sky
Bloom the colored flowers of truth.

Find the river of your dreams
Let the stream flow
To the ocean and beyond.

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Kaylon G.

I make cake with
the milk that comes
from cows.
And the eggs
from chickens.

Then you mix it
and bake it.

Jane K.

As I sew my sweater the little
hole that I got from wrestling
Jameson, it’s itching me quite like
how the sweater itches me when I
wear it.

Itching me to talk to Jameson about
what happened our fight. But I keep
sewing my sweater. The sweater is bright
red like a fresh picked apple. I feel
like Jameson is in my head itching and
itching. Itching so much I am going
to explode. That bright red apple is
how red my face gets when I
talk to him.

I feel itchy so itchy.

Pyramids of Mud and Rock
Anikka L.

Pyramids pf mud and rock
They are made with care
They are only made with mud and rock
The rock is sculpted into big blocks
The mud is placed onto each block

With none to spare
It is placed very carefully
Pyramids made with mud and rock

How to Make Friends
Noah S.

Be kind
Be nice
Be friendly

Never treat them badly
Help them when they need
Never ignore them
Never tell them what to do
Don’t treat them worse than
Other friends

If they have an idea
Don’t destroy it
Lastly make them happy
Not sad

Valentina S.

I made an airplane
out of paper.
It was very neat.

Riddhi S.

All of the colorful rubber bands
All mixed in one
It makes a colorful blob
And all the different colors
Make pretty patterns
All are unique
You can make different things
Making bracelets can let your freedom run
You get the innovation to think about what you love

Ms. Lyons, 4th Grade

Ariana A.

Making Chicken Alfredo I do it all
the time. My brother helps me
make it. It smells so good, makes
me feel like Robin Hood.

Eliana E.

Waking up smelling food
Smells the scent of tea.
Seasoned pancakes on a plate
Next to them a side of whipped cream.

Making milkshakes with vanilla bean
Fruit catches my eyes.
Eating chocolate pancakes while I drink
Then I go watch TV.

The Airplane
Jaden J.

Paper airplane. Paper, you fold it. Then
you can start throwing it. Then it
can start flying, as it is going
to be very fun and funny.

Jordan M.

I can make a poem
I can make a plan
I need a hand to make a poem
I need my mind to make a plan
I can make a rap
I need a beat
and do not forget me
I got a plan and I got a beat
let’s make it happen why not
let’s go in 1, 2, 3.

Eloise P.

Music is like a poem.
Music is like a heart-
Music is full of color.
Music makes a rainbow
upside down.
Music is the sound of
You tap the keys and there
it goes.

Amber T.

I want to show love but not
too much. I want to make love flow
how far will it go. I wanted to try
new things but not anymore.
The beat to my heart is just does
not stop.

Ms. Makris, 4th Grade

Elsie C.

Thoughts are dreams made from your mind.
Dreams are surprises made from confidence.
Artwork is a piece made from hard work.
And food is made from any ingredients.
You can make whatever you want
As long as you have a thought.

You can make tools, like a shovel
Just from things like metal.
You can use your mind to think
And make anything, like something you eat.

You can make something, like a house,
Or make a jacket for a mouse.
You can craft clothes out of wool,
Or invent your own fan that keeps you cool.

New World
Christopher D.

Solving the
A new

The bird
To be

The bird
Where you
Will learn
A new

Eloise M.

Crack the egg
Pour the flour
Yet, get the water.
Now you have to wait for them to get

Pour the butter
Drizzle the syrup
And awaken your hunger.

Sit while you wait a bit longer.
And now you can devour.

Elena O.

Decisions are decisions
Everyone has to make decisions
I always stress making decisions
Decisions are hard
Decisions are stressful

You need a mind
You need thoughts
You need yourself
Decisions are decisions
All your thoughts go into it

Decisions are a once time thing

Ella R.

You can make friends.
Good friends.
Bad friends. Lovable
friends. Hateful friends.
Mean friends. Nice friends.
Close friends. Distant
friends. Real friends.
Fake friends. Best friends.

A friend.

Ainsley W.

Quilts and quilts
You can knit quilts to keep you warm
You can use quilts to hang up
You can use quilts for carpets

The quilts can warm you
Like the hot fiery breath from the fire
They can make you happy
Like winning an award

The quilts can feel soft
Like the fur on a kitten’s back
Or they can feel rough
Like a hard wood tree
Quilts and quilts



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.