Love, Skinner-style

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, for our fourth class we read “love is more thicker than forget” by E. E. Cummings. I asked the 2nd graders if the poem looked unusual at all, and after last week’s discussion of Emily Dickinson, another poet with her own unique writing style, it was easier to spot Cummings’ lack of capital letters and punctuation. I asked why he might have written his poem that way, which segued into talking about his word choices, in particular, moonly, sunly, and unbe. Deciding that they were made-up words, I asked what exactly each word meant? For example, does the sun or the moon always look the same? What might a “moonly” sky look like? We also discussed the use of slant (or half) rhymes in the poem, the poet’s use of opposites, and his concepts of love as “think” or memories as “thin.” Can we express intangible things that way? It was another exhilarating discussion!

The prompt was to write a poem about something the students love. Here are some responses.


Ms. Ellis
Room 221


Love Is More Than Just Power
Luke B.

I love my Dad I love my
Mom but most of all
my brother he gives me
love all the way to the sky
sky high I try to love him
back but my love
was hidden in a sack.

Robert C.

I like Star Wars that is a video
game. I like crunchy broccoli with

melted cheese.

My Fish
Terrance M.

I have the best
fish ever my fish is

Zachary R.

Alexander is like
a fish that is a man
with a dirt bike and
a smart man that
knows every single
thing in the whole
wide world them Mike
came in then they
had a biggest
party because Mike
loves to party with
his brother then
they danced and play

Destiny W.

He is sweet and nice and handsome
he is the boy I like some much
love can never stop it is in the
sky Henry is in my heart he can
never get out.


Mrs. Beaudry
Room 217


Kaleb N.

I love sheep.
It is so chubby.
But not muddy.
Sheeps are white and black
and fearless in macc.

Aadi R.

Some things I love are
my family because they
are helpful and nice.

Another thing I like is video games
I like them because they are
fun and awesome.

I also like snow sports
because they are
active and fun.

My Stuffed Ducky
Olivia S.

I love my Stuffed Ducky more than anything
it outshines the sun and in my heart
although I’ve got life but I wish my duck did too.

Love of Fun
Trey T.

Fun is wonderful
Love is cool

it can be anything in your soul

Rainbow loom, iPads, they’re all fun
but, love, love is cool

And everything is endless until love is done

Rolando V.

I love pizza, it’s so saucy. I like pizza it’s not
glossy. The pizza’s toppings are so small. A deep dish pizza
is very tall. The thing that makes pizza the best is
all of it is free if you take a rest.


Mrs. Rupp
Room 219


Mekhi B.

If I saw a giant TV with
a real life sized controller, I
would be playing day and night.

Gabrielle E.

Puppies puppies everywhere.
Puppies puppies everywhere with
purpled colored hair. Puppies with
polkadots and fans.

What I Love
Alice F.

I love something with big and small,
something with old and new.

I love something with people and animals,
something with friends, joy, bewilderness and

Guess what I love.
My family!

My family is my favorite.
What else could I love?
Nothing, of course!

Do you know something else I like?
I like candy too.

But I said, “I LOVE My


Sydney N.

Today I’m standing here
and I feel something.
I feel that I love
someone close. My mom!

She helps me when I’m sad
even when I’m mad, I can
always depend on her. I also
love my dad.

He’s always there when I
need him, but most of
all he’s not too small. I really
love them so much. I’m
the one they love so

Mariama P.

I love art
It clears your mind
It’s beautiful to see
It’s wonderful to find

Art is great
It helps you see
That what’s on the paper
Is what you can be

Art is wonderful
Art is beautiful
Art is something
That helps you dream.

Love Is So Powerful
Cara R.

My senses
I taste
my favorite food.

I hear
they cheer
the team scores a goal.

I smell
the snow
so fresh, its glow.

I touch
the smooth,
the rough,
the rocky rocks.

I see
I love

The Thing I Love the Most
Brandon W.

What I love is an island it is called Bungu.
I love it very much.
It is very fun to play on.
The island will touch you on the finger.

It likes people that bring it food.
It lets it get in a good mood.
The people play with trees
and hop like fleas.

You can’t go on the island if you’re mean
or else you’ll have to eat a magic bean.
If you don’t wear the color yellow
the island will call you fellow.

Remember not to read a book
or else you will get shook.
If you bring something that is
blue you will get the flu.

If you are not able to afford
pay it by buying a board.
You can play in the sky
if you learn to fly.

If you don’t bring a bat
you will get smacked by a cat.
You must feed the island
only at your own speed.


Mrs. Stone
Room 216


I Love Everything
George F.

I love mom and
my games I love everything.

My mom is cool.

I Love You
Adriana M.

I love you
you are the
best thing in
the world

I will give
anything for
Valentines even
an Xbox

But remember
love is stronger
than stress, Death
and sadness

O’Mani P.

The thing I love is watermelon
because they are juicy, sweet,
when you eat it the juice comes
on your mouth. They look like the
shape of a banana. You can act
like it is a mouth. I love

The Thing I Love
Calvin R.

My thing is a car, it’s called a Bugatti.
It has 4 wheel drive. It comes in black,
white, and blue. It goes 297 mph. It
cost 1,700,000 dollars. It has 2 tanks
of nitro. Also leather seats. The doors go
up. it was built in 2005. it has a small
engine and red or green rims. The origin
is France. They make it feel elegant and

Mira R.

I love my grandma
she has 3 homes
she lives by the
ocean in
I love my grandma



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.