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The poets from Logandale have cooked up some delicious poems for you. Enjoy their recipes on how to make a great friend!


Room 306


good friend

By Daniel F.


0 lbs of kindness

35 grams of fun

100 ounces of trust

15 cups of helpful

40 gallons of funny

Mix it until you get a positive feeling and bake it at 350 degrees for 45 minutes

And you will have a good friend


How to make a Friend 

By Karianey G.


First you need a bowl then you need

10 ounces of loyalty,

5 liters of kindness then

20 cups of trust next you need

15 gallons of understanding

30 grams of caring,

25 tablespoons of fun

12 quarts of fairness and

40 grams of happiness last but not least

2 pints of magic, then you will stir all of your ingredients and when you’re all done you have a Friend.


How to create a horrible world 

By Heidi H. 


Get at bowl mix

1 cup of evil

6 tablespoons of darkness

3 pounds of jealousy

4 teaspoons of grudges

Bake it in the oven for 45 minutes at 345 degrees (Fahrenheit)

Let it cool for 10 minutes then

Frost it with anger

And serve it to the world.


How to make the greatest world 

By Alondra H. 


First in a bowl mix up 10 cups of respect

With 1 ½ gram of happiness

And a pinch of trust

Secondly mix in 3 tablespoons of health

And 2 teaspoons of fun

Last but not least add in 3 grams of understanding

And a sprinkle of communication

On the pan sprinkle 5 cups of equality

Then pour your mixture into the pan

Bake it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes


How to create a best friend

By Michael M.


2 Cups of kindness,

½ tablespoons of sassy,

4 spoons of mischievousness,

⅓ cups of gratefulness,

50 spoons of funny,

½ of helpful,

Pour in 100KG of annoying, happiness

same amount, charming and good 60g.


How to bake a best friend

By Jose R.


First you add two eggs of friendship, put a pinch of hugging and mix to your friend, now for the fun part put two cups of trust, now for the funny you can do whatever amount so go crazy, 1 stick of nice, and 1 cup of sassy, 2 tablespoons of stupid and annoying, 1 liter of lazy, now you got your best friend but before its ready you gotta bake them 340 for a boy 400 for a girl whichever after that



How To Make The Right Friend 

By Jessica S.


We first add 3 eggs of kindness

A spoon full of sugar of fun

A cup of responsibility

A bit of salt of mysterious

And stir it up

And add a cup of trustworthyness

Together with a cup of courageousness

And lastly, we add a cup of intelligence

And now you got yourself a friend that will last forever.


How to make the world better for our children 

By Jiajie Z.


Open up the fire let the water boil

Add ten liters of happiness stir for one minute

Add 20 kilogram of trust decrease the heat

Add 400 cups of understanding increase the heat

Add 100,000,000 milliliters of conversation close the fire for five minutes

Add 1500 ounces of society

Add 3000 pounds of kindness

Add 400 grams of love turn on the heat

Add 50 tons of fun

Let it boil forever.


a perfect society

By Roger V.


10 gallons of happiness

3 teaspoons of criticism

Pounds of understandings

Stir until it boils

Add some millimeters of kindness

Pounds of equality

Kilograms of fun

Liters of respect

ounces of equality,

and there that’s how you make a perfect society


Room 302


How to make a new society 

By Kevin M.


  15 liters of trust

100 pounds of support

35 gallons of happiness

20 cups of communication

5 liters of good humor

9 teaspoons of caring

10 tablespoons of loyalty

22 milliliters of emotions

7 bowls of dependability

Bake at 365 degrees and,

Enjoy a new society


How to Make a friend 

By Luis S.


First of all, you need to fill a giant pot with 10 tablespoons of kindness,

You then add 15 liters of loyalty, then add 16 gallons of support.

For a great friend add 20 cups of support, add 24 pounds of caring.

Next, fill the pots up with dependability, and mix it with intelligence,

Cook on the stove understanding.

Then in the oven heat up communication.

Put in teamwork on the pan

Finally mix it all together and you get your best friend or great or amazing friend.


Room 315


How to create a friend

By John B.


First stir 2 liters of love in a bowl

Then add 3 teaspoons of agreement

After a few 15 minutes add 20 milliliters of joy

And once 5 minutes have passed you add 3 gallons of honesty

To give the recipe more success you will need to add 30 cups of excitement

20 cups of trust

30 cups of fun

10 cups of success

And 5 cups of support

Then bake in the oven for 2 minutes.

Then you add the final 3 ingredients

Which are

2 pounds of madness and 2 pounds of sadness

Then you add 3 teaspoons of sugar to make him be in a good mood

And then you have created a friend.


How to

By Luis D.


First imma put a teaspoon of love

A Pound of happiness

20 quarter of trustiness

30 gallons of loneliness

10 liters of hugs,

A milliliter of connection,

A sprinkle of discussion,

40 cups of disagreement,

5 ounces of tearness

90 meters of respect.


How to Make a good bond with siblings

By Selena F.


45 gallons of happiness

10 tablespoons of kindness

Thousands of pinches of disagreements

And stir the bowl until very fluffy and soft

Add 4 gallons of bonding

Whisk tablespoons of love and humor very thoroughly in a separate bowl

And in that separate bowl…

Mix 4 ounces of compliments

15 gallons of criticism

Whisk very thoroughly and pour into the first bowl of mixture

Put in oven for all eternity until moldy.


How to make a good bond with your dog 

By Arichely M. 


13 liters of love

35 ounces of respect

20 tablespoons of happiness

Whisk till the batter is full with trust

5 pinches of rudeness

2 Quarters of loyalty

8 Pounds of faith

Then into the oven for 360 years


How to have fun 

By Michael R. 


10 pounds of happiness

5 liters of excitement

Mix together carefully

Add 3 cups of creativity

Add a pinch of impatience

Add a tablespoon of exhaustion

And your done


How to Make A Good Friendship With Your Sibling

By Melissa T.


Tablespoons, Quarters, Cups, Pinch, Liter, Teaspoons


Pan, Spatula, Bowl, Whisker



Kindness, Trust, Love, Arguments, Care, Respect, Humor, Honesty


First, have your sibling right beside you

take 15 tablespoon of kindness

9 quarters of trust

1 ½ cups of love

20 FULL pinches of arguments

2 liters of caring

4 teaspoons of respect,

Then pour all that in a bowl

In a separate bowl we’ll mix humor and honesty together

Pour that in the bowl and mix it all together 

Then cook it on the pan and flip them with the spatula to make a good friendship with your/our sibling(s).


How to make an outstanding friend 

By Aileen Z.


First, fill up a tablespoon of thoughtfulness

Find a person who shows affection

Next, get 50 ounces of loyalty

Mix together in a bowl of trust

Get 10 cups of humor

A pinch of truthfulness

A liter of understanding

And 25 pounds of kindness

Lastly, put it in the oven at 350 degrees



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.