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Last week, we read Wendy Xu‘s “Inventory for Spring.” One of the first things we established is what inventory means (a complete list of items, such as the contents of your desk); I then asked how (or if) Xu’s list related to spring the season, as suggested by the title? Since each line begins with the word feeling, we discussed how each feeling was conveyed, thinking about—for example—how “feeling rich” could pertain to money, but also rich in the sense of plentiful or abundant. Some of the vocabulary was elevated, so I made sure to define words such as deceitful, insufficient, redundant, and conspiring for anyone who was unsure of their meanings; since feelings themselves are hard to grasp or explain, the general consensus among students was that the poet chose her language deliberately, as a reflection of the speaker grappling with their emotional state.

Spring officially began on March 20th, so the prompt this time was to write a poem telling how you feel about spring.

Mrs. Brown, 4th Grade

Ready to Spring. Out of Spring
Ireland C.

I am feeling resilient for the
new days
ready to Spring out of Spring
into Summer.

The burning sun resentful
for all the sun burns he gave.
The leaves fall on my head
in Spring and my nose is itching
from pollen.

Jahlani E.

Spring come along
we waaaaant you to come here.
We are cold Spring help
us ouuuuuuuuuut.

The Feeling of Spring
Ellery K.

The season of Spring
you can hear a peaceful ding
I got a fancy ring
that is made of Dessert Delight

It feels like air
but luckily mo one despairs
I watching a movie about spears eating pears.

I would play
the whole day
my brother way playing with clay
then we died that day

It was only our souls left
eating an ice cream bowl.

Spring Feelings
Grayson K.

When I see Spring I feel happy because the warm weather
has arrived. I am happy that I get to do more fun stuff
I love that baseball has arrived—Go Spring.

Mara M.

Feeling happy spring is coming
Feeling excited trees are coming
back. More pools. More allergies!!
Spring goes summer comes!

Gianni M.

So happy when the snow melts
when the leaves come back and the
sun comes out. When we go out
side for recess. So happy
but my allergies

How I Feel in Spring
Tori P.

Feeling calm from watching the sky
Feeling happy from looking at the flowers
Feeling peppy from running in the sun
Feeling amazed by the sprouting flowers
Feeling excited for break and
overall I love spring.

Spring Feeling
Claire R.

I love spring. There are beautiful flowers. It is
warm outside. All of the trees are
green. I think spring is awesome!
Some things I like to do in spring
are go to the park, swim in the pool,
and go on vacation to my Michigan

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

Spring: The Ring
Sydney B.

Feeling sneezy, and a little queasy
Feeling relaxed, oh nevermind.
Feeling dizzy, and REALLY sick
Feeling uneasy, and again queasy
Feeling bad, and kinda rad
Feeling with no meaning is what I do,
cuz I don’t wanna make a bunch of
hullabaloo. I get really sad when spring
comes around the corner like a
creep, cuz man I’m just tryna sleep.
I wish the sun would understand,
instead of being so annoying, like
a 3 year old band.
I try and try to get some
sleep, but my mom is waking me
up with a shake, I’d rather have the
drink. Spring is like a horror
movie, me the main actor, maybe like
The Ring, oh spring.

The First Spring of the Year
Deshontay B.

Spring is great because the
baby trees grow big and tall.
Spring is wonderful leaves change
Spring is nice because the air

Spring has a good smell in

the air.

Spring Cleaning
Katie B.

Feeling like a statue with a phone
forget it I say, forget it

Feeling like a sad dog begging
play with me, play with me

Feeling like where is summer
I say, I’m bored

The Swing
Sophia K.

It sat there.
No one touched it.
Days and weeks and months
and years. I felt the
nice breeze on my
A chill ran down
my spine.
It told me to touch
the swing.
The nice sun reflected on
the bright clamps that
would hold me

ran past it
no one dared
touch it.
But they
didn’t even
know why.

In my mind I knew the birds would
fly away and all the kids would gape.
So I did it.

Norah L.

Cold, but warm
the park, but a loss of ice cream
heat, but jackets
dark nights, but happiness

birds, and chirps
animal birth, and eggs
growth, but still small

Trees, the leaves have grown
to their final size but tiny.
Leaves, their shade bringing
joy to humans as the warm
air hits the

butterflies, how they
flutter with joy.
Carelessly floating without
a care in the world.

Spring, it has finally come
birds and bees insects
galore. I can’t wait for
next year I wish for more!

Spring (calming)
Rileigh M.

you wake brush
your teeth and put on
your shoes and head
outside you hear
birds singing their
beautiful songs in
a minute or later the
flowers that you
planted awhile
ago bloomed grass
began to grow
bees began to get
the honey.

Harrison S.

I sure don’t know much

about spring but I do know
I have pretty bad allergies almost
like a napkin in the lava

and a snowflake hitting a

flower, it all changes. As I

wait another 365 days I know

this time will last

Brooke S.

Feeling very itchy when spring has finally come.
My allergies are appearing like goosebumps onto
my skin.

Feeling very happy that we are getting closer
to summer.

Feeling very happy that school’s almost over.

Feeling very antsy that I can now play outside.

Feeling very joyful to see the sun beaming
in my eyes.

Feeling very calm that the wind is slowing

Feeling very nice not to be pale anymore.

Feeling very antsy that my cat won’t
be very prancy.

I Don’t Know the Title
Vedika S.

Meow goes the cat
Woof goes the dog
Moo goes the cow
Yum! goes the child eating honey
Yuk! goes the child eating vegetables
. . . goes the trees
Tweet goes the birds
Phone tapping
Wing flapping
Flower blooming
Pets are grooming
Warm sun
More fun
Yelling kids
Spring vids

Mrs. Rupp, 4th Grade

Spring Feelings
Jordyn B.

Summer and spring mend in my head
Mosquitos insert my skin like a pin
Playing outside in frilly dresses
Having fun by making messes
No school for a week
Then it’s time for the pool and treats
Glasses of lemonade
but remember no classes everyday
My feeling is neutral
Spring is peaceful.

Preston D.

I like spring
the temperature is just right
I like spring
summer comes right after
I like spring
I can wear short sleeves and shorts
I like spring

Maxim F.

Spring is good.
It is warm.
Nice and cozy.

Spring, Spring, Spring.
Rushing here.
It is exciting.
New ideas.

Feels warm.
Feels cool.
Has everything in it you need.

Spring, Spring, Spring.
Spring, Spring, Spring.
Spring, Spring, Spring.

Makes my feelings spring up!

Carter H.


I hate spring
All the heat
The bitter sun who’s just waiting to betray you
Now winter, with its fulfilling breeze is amazing
Spring is bad with filthy animals and…


Feelings about Spring
Sarah K.

Feeling like spring is sunny
Feeling like spring is joyful
(Yes, it is)
Mosquitos bite,
and they will this night,
but don’t worry, just put on some bug spray!

Feeling like spring will bring big showers.
Good for all the tiny baby flowers.
Pink and blue,
Play pranks with glue
Sing with the trees!
Or with the bees!

Spring is nice,
Gambling with dice
Out in the open!
No, don’t join in.

Spring Thoughts
Brooke L.

I like in spring, the weather
I like that you don’t need coats
I like walking my dog
I like riding my bike
I like playing in the backyard
I like rolling down the window & the air
I like going to the beach
I like spring vacation
I like getting new spring clothes
I like celebrating my sister’s birthday
I like celebrating my grandma’s b-day
I like celebrating Easter
I like swimming at the pool
I like the sun shining
I like dogs in my neighborhood
I hate bugs
Spring, SPRING, SprInG, SpRiNg
spring, and SPRING

Spring Fever
Yvonne L.

It’s spring!!! All the joy!! Ahhhh…..


What’s that tingling feeling. Why am I spinning?
What’s that burning: why do I feel faint?

I think I KNOW

I have spring fever. Call 9-1-1. Help! AHHH!
Take me to the Emergency Room. Helpppp!!

Benjamin M.

Feeling happy that spring is here
Feeling sad that there is more rain
Feeling hungry for food
Feeling happy for cleaning
Feeling grateful for a home
Feeling bored for doing nothing
Feeling happy summer is almost here
Feeling sad for spring cleaning

Spring Break
Winston P.

Spring break is almost coming
School is going to cancel soon.

I can’t wait that spring break’s
Coming! First was April Fools,

Then it’s no school on Friday,
Then spring break coming.

My Feelings for Spring
Ethan T.

How I feel about spring is very special. It
is my 2nd favorite season. Summer is the first.
I don’t like spring because my mom’s allergies
kick in. it is so annoying you always get sick so
I guess that’s not special, oh well. I don’t like spring
because it’s not special.

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Leon D.

The plants are growing
can’t stop showing
so I give a shoutout to Leon in Chicago

Benjamin H.

Spring in near
Spring is fun
you get to jump all around

all the time you’ll stay the whole time.

Tanix L.

I like spring because it
is close to my birthday
and I love
my birthday.

Eli M.

I like spring because it is warmer, my birthday
in April, baseball starts, I get to play in the
park more, the days seem longer.

Jamier M.

What I think about
spring is basketball
playoffs and the second
when I can play
and eat all the food
and just play basketball
when ever

The Spring
Carson P.

Relaxing, stop and think
let your mind gaze.
Stop, sit, stay.
Come and use no brain capacity
get something and live.
Get happy
get creative
feel what you want to feel
do what you want to do
freedom is spring.

Russell P.

I like spring
flowers bloom spring break
and skateboarding

Spring Is Here!
Christian T.

tingling to your nose, making it

My Favorite Thing about Spring
Andrew W.

Sure I may be allergic to pollen
but still I like spring because it
has beautiful weather I like the
smell of some flowers and plus
on easter I get candy! But yes
spring is the best season even
if you’re allergic to pollen plus for
you people who are allergic
to pollen stay away from it and
where it comes.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.