List But Not Least

At the halfway point of our residency, it was time to introduce a poem unlike any we’ve seen so far. “Living in Numbers,” by Claire Lee, is an example of a list poem. As one essay defines the form, “It’s not enough for things to just be listed. They must have a relation to each other, tell a story or offer commentary.” Lee’s example contains four stanzas, which seem to repeat; but on closer inspection, some things remain the same, while others change, with numbers going up or down. We discussed how some of the listed items interrelated, creating a kind of numerical portrait of the speaker. We also identified the poem’s use of simile, as well as hyperbole, and engaged in some really deep and introspective analysis. The students then tackled their own list poems.

Ms. Kawa, 4th Grade

Food I Love
Gigi D.

I love
because it tastes good, like apples, mangoes,
pears, and more.

I love
pasta, especially with the good red

I love
burgers, mainly because of all the toppings.

I love
sushi, I don’t know,
I just love it.

And there’s a lot more.

States That I Hate
Zion I.

Bad states.
Worse states.
Worst states.
Really bad states.
Some states are good, some bad.
Small states are bad.
Rhode Island.
Hot states are bad.
Arizona is bad.
Texas is bad.
Wacky states are bad.
Ohio is bad.
Very bad.
Number of states I hate:
The end.

Stuff I Want to Do
Emmy K.

I want
to join 3 orchestras
to have 4 dogs
to earn 5 first place trophies
to learn 6 languages
to see 7 four leaf clovers
to make 8 friends
to win 9 competitions
to be in 10 concerts
to read 12 encyclopedias
to visit 14 places
to draw 1,234 drawings
to be happy infinity times.

Books I Like
Nikhet S.

The Wild Robot: A book about a robot.

Famous 5: A book about 5 kids.

Kid YouTubers: A book about a kid and YouTube.

Rippy Damon (not published): A book about a kid in the Rippiverse.

The Ripoff Adventures (not published): A book about a kid in the Rippiverse.

Matthew T.

Eggs, 20,
Fridges, 50,
Air conditioners? 72,
Eggs with bacon, 20,
Bacon, 51,
Fruit, 0,
Furniture, 0?
Freeze dried food, 0,
Covers, 0,
Televisions, 5,
Happiness, 0,
Newspapers that aren’t sad, 2.

Doomspire Dilemma
Joaquin W.

Friday, March 17, 2023
Number of wins: 26
Number of KO’s: 304
Number of tricks: 3
Number of quizlet screenshots: 309
Times I touched grass: 10
Piano practiced: 5 times.
Happiness: 9/10
Hands hurt: 7/10

Saturday, March 18, 2023
Times when I responded to Dischord in 5 seconds: 1,011
Number of forehead insults: 30,197
Number of wins: 42
Number of KO’s: 362
Number of tricks: 10
Piano practiced: 7 times.
Happiness: 8/10
Hands hurt: 8/10

Ms. Nelson, 4th Grade

Fav’ Skills
Taylar B.

Back Walkover—7/10
Front Walkover—10/10
Back Handspring—11/11
Back Tuck—100/100
Double Twist—1,000,000,000/1,000,000,000

Hareen F.

Life can seem long.

Life is short.

Things I’ll Never Do Again
Ibi H.

Ask for something I want
Make a fake friend
Talk to my haters
Cry over my friends
Think about my insecurities
Care about things people say about me
Have a breakdown
Comparing myself to other people

My Favorite Food
Skylar M.

French Fries
Chicken tenders
Five Guys

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

A Seed to a Flower
Elodie G.


Grade: 2
Pets: None
Glasses: None
Teachers: 6
Cousins: 8


Grade: 3
Pets: 1
Glasses: None
Teachers: 8
Cousins: 9


Grade: 4
Pets: 1
Glasses: 1
Teachers: 10
Cousins: 11

Bob the Skeleton’s List
León H.

how many times I was resurrected: 1
how many times people screamed at me like babies: 199
how many times I fell apart: 0
how many times a dog has chased me: 1
how many times I was resurrected: 9
how many times people screamed at me like babies: 2,153
how many times I fell apart: 8
how many times a dog has chased me: 8

Shower Thoughts
Aslan K.

If you stepped on the brakes and the
gas pedal at the same time in a car,
would you take a screenshot?

A circle has 2 sides,
inside and outside.

What would happen if Pinocchio
said his nose wouldn’t grow?

Why are cookies called cookies
and bacon called bacon
if you bake cookies
and cook bacon?

Nightmare is the word for a
bad dream,
so what’s the word for
a good dream?

The Shopping List
Noah S.

1 pack of chips
2 bags of crackers
3 gallons of milk
4 new water bottles
5 packs of yogurt
6 yummy meatballs
7 packs of pencils
8 bags of french fries
and lastly
10 frozen pizzas.

Ms. Lyons, 4th Grade

My Favorite Foods and Least Favorites
Ariana A.

My least favorite food
would probably be baloney. Something I do
like is honey. But chicken Alfredo is my
absolute favorite.

My List of Fun Times
Nishka B.

This is my list of fun.
The number of times I went to
the waterpark 23

The number of times I played with friends
27,999 The number of pizzas I’ve eaten

The number of times I scored in
soccer 726 The number of times
my dad watches sports 1,000,000,000,000,000

Cities I Would ♥ to Go to
Eliana E.

Tokyo, Japan (at least 2x)
Phoenix, Arizona (at least 1x)
Denver, Colorado (3x)

Moscow, Russia (5x)
Kiev, Ukraine (3x)
Paris, France (4x)

Cheshire, England (3x)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2x)
Sacramento, California (1x)

Rocco S.

Broken bones: 2
Skin modifications: 2
Scars: 247 (I made this up)
Cavities: 1
Concussions: 0
Dislocations: 2
Scars ripped off: 6

Ms. Makris, 4th Grade

Animals I’ve Seen
Elsie C.

Bees with a weird top hat
coming from a jungle: 0
Cute bulldogs with a bone in their mouth: 3,965

A small cat that came from a colorful
street in Mexico: 1
A little tree frog that was found in the
sand in Wisconsin: 1
A fuzzy hamster that lives in a cage with
a loving owner: 3

A bunch of fish that live in a safe home
with no owner that treats them nicely: 59

A cute little guppy with a unique
pattern printed on their scales: 92

Eloise M.

Days I lived: 3,285 days
Pictures I drew: 83 pictures
Bones broken: not one
Friends: 3 friends
Days of school: 1,552 days
Schools attended: 1 school
LEGOs made: 17 LEGOs
Pencils lost: 205 pencils

Moved: 0 times
Airplanes been on: 57 airplanes
Years lived: 9 years
Felt tired: infinity

Now this was set in 2023

Number of Things I Lost!
Elena O.

Everybody loses something
I lost a water bottle
I lost a coat
I lost a friend
I have cried for losing something

Losing things are the worst
I feel sad
I feel very stressed
I feel like giving up

Everybody once in life
loses something

Lamarcus T.

I’m proud of everyday when the sun is shining like melting
ice cream

When the moon rises it feels cold or warm glowing
ball from a daisy

The sun is so beautiful it is like a shiny

States to Visit
Ainsley W.

Florida’s known for its fiery weather
Illinois known for its rainy beast
Canada known for its cold hail
And well Wyoming I don’t know.

But Wisconsin’s known for its snowy bombs
North or South Carolina I think it is peaches
And well that’s all I can think of.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.